My training and auditing experiences at Miami org 1981-82

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  1. dexter gelfand

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    PC folders

    Hiya Blipperino, there's a world of difference between violating the PC's confidentiality as a weapon and questioning a technical action in the folder. If you're saying that the folders aren't or weren't secured, that's true, but how secure can they ever be from the people charged with keeping them?

    It would have greatly surprised me to find out that the CoS was doing this sort of thing when I was auditing for them. I trusted that a higher standard of ethics was maintained, and sadly I was wrong.

    Love, Dex
  2. Infinite

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    Those the same logs Marty helped write?
  3. Good twin

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    The DSA at that time was a woman who eventually routed off the post because of her chronic illness. But....she is still alive today and doing well as far as I know.

    I just want to say that I beleive that you didn't cure her illness, but you increased her will to live. That is valuable. It's probably stupid to bank on it as much as we did while in the cult, but sometimes it was enough to turn a person around at least past the point of giving up on trying to stay alive.

    If It is the person I assume you helped, she did and continues to get medical care. She is still involved with the cult. She has healthy and beautiful kids. Whatever you did. It didn't hurt her or kill her.

    That's all.

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    You are a sweetie pie, GT.
  5. Arthur Dent

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    The "laying on of hands" is as old as dirt. Man has always wanted to help man. Just like Dex did. The assists are merely a method of that, even if Hubbardian. Dex was young and enthusiastic at the time. Now he's a tad older, wiser and well, still enthusiastic.

    Auditors are trained to give the next command even if the person tries to die right in front of them! But now, with all the data to hand,
    the church's extremist policies and practices, I am sure Dex would seek appropriate medical help first for someone if needed.

    Dex has always been a good egg with good intentions.
  6. Good twin

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    Hi Nex! :biglove:
  7. Wisened One

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    I liked that DSA. :yes: VERY nice, down-to-earth person!! :)
  8. Enthetan

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    The facts of life about admin posts is that people get posted to them largely based upon demonstrated willingness and ability to do what their seniors demand. Those who refuse to do what their seniors demand, even if they can cite policy, get removed and replaced. What you wind up with, then, is a situation where Ethics, GO, and OSA terminals get told "This guy appears to be an enemy -- find out all his crimes", and they go do it. Even including going into PC folders. And the auditors and C/S's won't even know about it happening much of the time, because it's an HCO or OSA cycle and the tech terminals may be judged to not have "need to know".

    It's not done as "SOP" for people still in good standing, but I know it gets done on people who the GO or OSA wanted to "handle", and I know it happened in EUS back in the early 80's.
  9. Boojuum

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    Hi Dexter

    Any more stories? Your writing is very good.
  10. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    my thoughts on touch assist...its like poking a bear........and eventually you get so annoyed that nothing at all is happening besides someone repeateadly poking/touching your only way out is to say you feel better in a very convincing way. I remember once I wanted to try stick it out until I actually felt better...many hours passed with the same end result just wanting it to be over lol
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    Gentle tap on the shoulder ... you are "necro-ing" threads all over the place. You are posting in threads that died 6-11 years ago.

    To find out when the thread died, look at the bottom-left of the last post. This thread says: Boojuum, Nov 7, 2010.

    You are trying to engage people who moved on nearly a decade ago, or who have been banned many years ago.

    I thought someone should mention it.

  12. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    thanks...My thought is to give light to things that happened and share the experiences...and yes...they happened long ago...and then people commented about them years ago(2010 and earlier)........but Im just sorting it out now..and not afraid -now-................sorry if its too little too late for you (; I recently gave up on trying to connect with family still fully brainwashed and loyal to it, who have always "disconnected" bfoe the mere reason I dont want anything to do with it and dont want to think like them and that is recent for me (recent but a lifetime)
    maybe those past people will check back in.........or someone else will have witnessed the story and add their two cents.....which they actually have thankfully and put more puzzle peices together for me. My entire childhood was stolen, raped and pillaged by people who call themsleves the most ethical people on the planet. And Im doing this more for myself(and others) just to sort it all out and put the puzzle peices together and for no other reason.