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Discussion in 'Reconnecting with Old Friends' started by free1996, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Tuppence

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    I knew Juanita Garcia, she moved to NYC for a bit in the early/mid 80s with the Lipton girls (Justine and Jennifer?) Would love to know what happened to them, Juanita helped boost my confidence and show me some things I could do that I never thought possible. RARELY if ever had a negitive word to say to me.
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    That's awesome! Jackie Bloomfield i dont remember. Jade Kevenaar is out of the SO, but not out of Scn. Andrea Clark got married to Fed Tisi. I am not sure the final outcome, but I think they ended up divorced. I think Andrea blew the SO. She was on the RPF at the same time as me in 99 or 2000, but I think she got out. Jake Hopwood - superbuff dude with the rosy cheeks!! I have no idea what happened to abs and him! These three are all in Cine, Seth was a grip (lighting guy) as far as I recall, Axel was part of one of the video shoot crews, and Kim Fries (now Leach) was something like Cine Stills and Video Shoot Dir
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    Rose Zimmer, later Rose Rooney, later Rose Wing and finally (that I know of) Rose Conrad? She was active in L.A. after being on staff in Mpls.where she finished her 5 yr contract and never "blew" no matter how bad were the times.
    I wish we could get past using that Scilon term "blew" as it just has weird connotations, perhaps by design.
    Quit works in the rest of the "wog" world just nicely.
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    Fernando Estrada.