Nan McLean's story.

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Sharone Stainforth, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Sharone, thanks so much for posting the videos. It took me a couple of days to get at them and complete listening due to a busy schedule but I am so glad to hear what Nan had to say. It's a startling, well documented story and I am certain the senator and committee appreciated receiving it.

    Nan, welcome to ESMB! :thumbsup:

    There is a new thread announcing your arrival. Do come and post a hello there :)

    Yopu have been a hero and an inspiration for me ever since I learned about you years ago from Gerry Armstrong posts on alt.religion.scientology.
    I am so sorry yourt family went through all that. Thank you for helping expose scientology to the world.

    Mary McConnell
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    Hi Nan,
    Welcome to ESMB. I have just looked at your remarkable Xenophon submission videos. You are certainly one courageous and tenacious woman. As you have probably discovered, we aussies realise that the battle has only just begun. Your videos have made it very clear to the Australian Senate committee that the criminal abuses are not only worldwide but are comparable to the extreme behaviour of the various sadistic regimes.

    I am pleased that you have not only survived, but are foremost in the reckoning that will inevitably be experienced by the CofS.

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    Originally posted by anonymary:

    You are most welcome Mary, how could I not post these videos by Nan. Thanks must go to Sponge on OCMB though for posting them in the first place.

    When I think of all the people hurt by this organization that pretends to be a church......... and I know there are so many more that we have not heard.

    The depths of deprivation that this organization has gone to, to cause harm to it's loyal supporters is beyond imagination.They desrve every bit of PR that can be mustered.

    Next stop, America.
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    My understanding is that in Canada, we have de-facto separation of church and state, as opposed to the United States, which has de-jure separation of church and state.

    Strictly speaking, as far as I am aware, there is no governmental oversight on what constitutes a 'church' in Canada; anyone is free to believe anything they wish, pretty-much without interference or hindrance. What is regulated is charitable status, which is granted (or withheld) by Revenue Canada. Now, it appears that there is a public good criteria which must be met in order to be granted charitable status.

    The primary person responsible for the Church <spit> of Scientology not being granted charitable status is Gregg Hagglund, who has been dubbed Canada's wise beard man. With the help of other persons, Hagglund put together three 3-ring binders of materials, primarily consisting of the Co$'s own documents, which resulted in the failure to receive their charitable, tax-exempt status. Hagglund's role is outlined in an Eye Weekly article:

    Hagglund always at the frontlines. Conspiring against Scientology for over a decade, Hagglund believes the org’s Canadian branch is nearing the end of its rope.

    “With all the negative coverage they’re getting and their shrinking membership, [Scientology] is really losing ground in Canada,” says Hagglund. While the church claims to have nearly 1,000 members in Toronto, Hagglund contends that number is actually dwindling around 250. He points to the org’s old, decaying walls as a sign. “It’s like kicking a dead horse – or rather, a sick wolf. They may be down, but they still have teeth. Their international organization, especially in the US, has been going after people pretty aggressively, trying to find out who’s supposedly running Anonymous.”

    Hagglund acts as a ‘sensei-figure’ to Anonymous, rallying members through various YouTube videos. He claims this has led the church to suspect him of being the group’s head conspirator. But he insists he is merely the group’s "ambassador"; he files a Notice of Demonstration with the police every time before the group pickets. Furthermore, he says it’s impossible for him to be Anonymous’ leader because they simply don’t have one. Anonymous doesn’t consider itself an organization; it operates on an “on-your-own” basis, with all decisions reached by consensus over the internet. This anarchical structure allows the group to avoid being bitten by the church’s notorious lawsuits.

    Hagglund claims to have had first hand experience with Scientology’s teeth. His battle began in 1996, when he says the church sent him threatening emails after he criticized its practices on the Usenet group alt.religion.scientology. Hagglund reacted by picketing against the organization while working with others to stop its bid to get charity status in Canada.

    “I put together this huge presentation for Revenue Canada, went there, presented it and they subsequently did not get charity status.” Among arguments against the organization attaining the status, he says, “they have internal documents that actually say charity is a bad thing.”

    Once Scientology caught wind of this, Hagglund alleges, the fangs came out.

    Here are some video from Gregg's YouTube Channel -- his handle there is TorontoSP:

    Exhibit One: The Revenue Canada Brief

    Exhibit Two: The Picket of My Home

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    This is good news. When I was in Vancouver in the 70's and 80's, the CoS was considered a church in that they could register ministers with the gov't and marry people. A lot of work had been done by the GO on "religious image". There was always s'pose to be someone wearing a minister's collar. We had Sunday services, even if they were only 5 minutes long with 2 people in attendance(which was often the case).

    Tax exemption was another matter. I was never directly involved in this, but I believe they lost a bid for tax exemption in BC in the early 80's.

    In TO circa 1980, if you got married, you had to have a courthouse ceremony prior to the wedding or it wasn't legal.
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    L E G E N D

    . . . wow! We really are in some fine company!!
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    Great vids! So happy to have you here, Nan! WELCOME!!


    THANK YOU for all you are doing to help us expose the horrible abuses of the Church of Scientology.
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    If anyone has not yet watched the videos linked in the OP, you should do so.
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    Nan, thank you so much, your courage and tenacity are exceptional. :)
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    I was there, a staffer at a "mission" in Ontario at that time. I remember some of the players: Harris, McCainey and a few others. Just mentioning the McClean's name was usually followed by comments of pure contempt and hatred. We were all so thoroughly indoctrinated, programmed and completely brainwashed that none of us questioned the downward flow of hate from the Toronto "org" toward the McLean's (and others). A lot of criminal garbage came down from that Toronto "org" and it's attached "G.O." operation. I participated in some of it myself, glowing with pride in the knowledge that I had helped to "save the planet" and do some dirty work ordered by the "Guardian's Office" that other staff would not do. I was there. I saw it. I did. I remember it. I will not forget. I will not forgive. :no:

    I publically apologize to you Nan, and your family, for the awful thoughts I had and terrible words I spoke against you and yours. I was lost. I am better now and all that I can give to you is: I am sorry. :unsure:
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    Welcome Nan :)

    Great video - Thank you for posting it here Sharone.

    A warm welcome to you here on ESMB Nan :happydance:

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    Hi The Great Zorg,

    I'm naturally curious and would like to contact you as of course it would be interesting to compare notes together. Will write a PM later on this evening.


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    :bump2: for newbies to read.
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    Thank you for bumping this story - it is so important for people who just left this cult to see that it was not only their own life that was ruined by Hubbards crazy ideas. It can help them to get free from his "Soul Hacking" much sooner.

    To the newbies I recommend the essay by Caroline Letkeman about Hubbards "Soul Hacking" :

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    Bump :) Nan's story is truly one of conviction and courage.
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    :bump2: Excellent testimony from Nan to Senator Xenophon about her life inside $cientology. This lady is a true heroine. :clap:
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    An amazing story.