Never public: L. Ron Hubbard Jr.’s devastating 1972 takedown of his father and Scientology

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    Never public: L. Ron Hubbard Jr.’s devastating 1972 takedown of his father and Scientology

    [Nibs and his Dad]

    We were inspired last week when author Alec Nevala-Lee chose the date of his book release to make public for the first time a really amazing document from Scientology’s early history. And since we had a book of our own come out this week, we thought we’d do the same.

    In [...]

    [​IMG][Nibs and his Dad]

    We were inspired last week[.......]

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    I found this most interesting:

    Paulette Cooper Noble • 3 hours ago
    I wrote every word and nibs was supposed to split the money with me but he kept every dime. No character just like his father



    Harpoona Frittata Once_Born • 14 minutes ago
    He was another perfectly manufactured victim/perpetrator product of his father's ultimate mindfuckery - both the hapless victim of his own father's towering evil and complete disregard for anyone but himself, and a junior sociopath in training, taking his direct instruction from one of the most evil men who's ever lived.
    As a result, we're almost obligated to have compassion for him as one of the very first 2nd gen cultists, while simultaneously despising him for his "bottom bitch," fawning adulation for his father, long after he knew for certain that he was a liar, a cheat, a bigamist, a spousal abuser and the author of just soooo much fiction presented as ultimate Truth, which he knew with complete certainty was utterly false.
    Lucky we're not in $cn anymore or our black-and-white thinking implant would require us to see Nibs as either one or the other, but never as the complex, many-faceted individual which he so obviously was.
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