New bid to turn Royal Fleet Club into Scientology church

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    Plymouth Live
    New bid to turn Royal Fleet Club into Scientology church
    Nine years after buying Devonport hotel, the Church founded by Sci-Fi writer is hoping to turn it into Scientology hub for the South West

    By Carl Eve Crime Reporter

    Nine years after buying the Royal Fleet Club, the Church of Scientology are once again applying to restore it.
    The church, via its agents Paul Butler Associates, lodged a planning application with Plymouth City Council requesting consent for the "comprehensive repair, refurbishment and change of use of the Royal Fleet Club to enable its conversion to a place of worship and religious instruction"

    The request by the organisation which is referred to in documents as the 'Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc', has stated that the planning application will also include "ancillary communal and administrative uses" and will require "associated external alterations, landscaping works and various signage".
    After buying the Royal Fleet Hotel – formerly the Royal Fleet Club – from Midlands-based businessman, Kailash Suri, in the summer of 2010 for an estimated £1m, The Church of Scientology outlined ambitious plans for the 114-year-old site in Morice Square.

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    The article includes a picture of ESMB members Billy Drummond and John McGhee protesting the plans.