New blog about leaving Scientology by Carmen Llywelyn: Losing My Religion

Discussion in 'Great Web Sites and Links' started by CommunicatorIC, Oct 3, 2015.

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    It's a great blog, short and sweet and devastating to the reputation of Scientology.
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    Excellent start, keep writing Carmen.
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    Carmen has sacrificed much, but in doing so she earned her freedom from the diabolical cult!

    All power to you Carmen, you are loved and supported!

    And, as for the lying sociopathic cult that has been trying for years to terrorize and fair game you--they are despised, debunked & dying.

    I was going to add a castigating ad hominem about Jason Lee here. But then I realized "I'm better than that" so I decided not to mention that thing about him being a fair-gaming cult zombie and drunk who used to physically beat Carmen.
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    There are a vast number of whistleblowing stories about Carmen, Scientology, et al, if you Google it.

    Example article at GAWKER:

    --snipped from article--

    In an interview with the Naitonal Enquirer she says Jason "was a drunk who beat me up" and forced her to join Scientology. "I foolishly allowed it to take root in me," she says. She describes hanging out at the Hollywood Scientology Center with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and says Scientology is why the pair divorced:

    I lost my manager and my career. People didn't return my phone calls. Scientologists followed me down the street. They took pictures of my kids. They'd stake out my house, wait until we came out and follow us. They came looking for me to scare me, I was nearly suicidal.

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    I agree Freets, seems though she maybe burned out a bit getting that blog together (hope not) and is resting, hope she a least hangs around lurking here-and-there, ergo the BUMP!


    Dear Carmen, where ever life has taken you, I hope you are well, happy, found love and a great life, you are awesome!

    Sincerely, Ogs
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    Good first bump. It looks like you've been deep into the rabbit hole.