NEW BOOK - Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology And Fighting For The Woman I Love

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    It's called mid-life crisis. It's usually not as extreme as Bruce/Caitlin Jenner, an even bigger FLAKE. As long as there attention-seekers with no ability to introspect, it will go on.
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    Even animals have a percentage rate of's a very very very normal and boring phenomanon happening in the real life.
    I don't get why people are so concerned about what sexual activities other adults are doing or the gender of the meat body they play with, neither I understant how they believe they have to agree or disagree, support or not support it..I mean it's none of our business...

    80% of people have ever thought of doing gay activities or did it at least once.

    Actually, I am presently doing it with a female (actually 2 females)..while I am typing this post, :D
    (I have lot of meat body energy these days)
    So I though let's make an unprecedented FLAKE experience.

    Lets go


    What a scandal

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    Oh La La....

    But what a confusing picture it makes...:p
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    To be honnest, I am peacefully drinking a hot tea, reading ESMB like an old girl
    and too old to go into such experiments :D
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    Without sugar I hope lotus! :biggrin:
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    CommunicatorIC, we get it. She hired you to promote the book. Mission accomplished.
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    This Lesbian Escaped Scientology. She's Now Ringing the Alarm.

    The Advocate: This Lesbian Escaped Scientology. She's Now Ringing the Alarm


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    For decades, Michelle LeClair was a faithful disciple of the Church of Scientology. Giving her time, money, and relationships over to the secretive organization, LeClair was a convert of the highest order. But when LeClair met a gay woman named Charlie, her life was upended and her eyes began to open to the church's many questionable practices. In her new memoir with Robin Gaby Fisher, Perfectly Clear, LeClair describes her escape from the church's clutches and her enduring love for Charlie. LeClair spoke to The Advocate about the memoir and why she calls the Church of Scientology a "cult" that's complicit in "conversion therapy."

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    What does your spirituality look like now?

    I was baptized Episcopal. Obviously, All Saints in Pasadena [Calif.] is one of the most amazing churches out there and at the forefront of gay rights. That’s kind of our home now. Tina, who is Charlie in the book, is Episcopal. Ed Bacon, who was one of the priests that was there, really helped walk me back down my spiritual path. I tell you that I will never be dogmatic about a religion again. I do not believe anyone has the secret to the universe or knows all. I cannot tell you that I believe that the Bible is 100 percent true. It is a beautiful, accepting place for me now, and I want to have something spiritual.

    I believe in God. I believe that there is a much greater, powerful something out there in the world, but I cannot say that the Episcopal Church is better than a synagogue. I have some amazing Jewish friends that I think are just some of the most compassionate, wonderful people. I read a lot of Buddhism and Tao and Hinduism. Mark Nepo, who is a writer, who is one of my very favorites, combines all religions in his writings. I would say that I am not a seeker so much as I am a sponge. I pray, I meditate, I try to follow what I believe is the truth. I believe that loving everyone for who they are and not being judgmental is truth. I believe that silence will help you find the voice that you’re looking for. I think being a compassionate person is one of the greatest gifts that we can have. That’s what I’m trying to teach the children. As long as they see love wrapped around them, I think they’ll be able to find their way and we’ll find our way. I think love is my greatest religion.

    With LGBTQ people, it’s sort of just assumed that they’re not religious, for good reason, because churches and other institutions have been so resistant to us. It’s a shame because there is a desire for so many of us to be spiritual but we don’t feel welcome.

    So true! I have found a beautiful home at All Saints. It is the most accepting and loving place that I have ever been inside of church walls. I have met many, many gay couples; they do gay weddings. It’s been a beautiful place. I know that there are many other churches that are just as accepting. I think that it is important, especially for the gay community to realize that spirituality is something that touches us all. Whether you only believe that there is this universe that we all have connection in, or if you believe that there is a higher power, if you believe in Jesus or if you don’t, I do think spirituality is something that is important in our lives. Sometimes we have to make sense of why are we going through. I believe in karma, and I hope that anybody who is hurting or has been wronged by a religion will not give up on this wonderful universe of love and that comes from somewhere.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    Being gay in Scientology: How Michelle LeClair got out.

    While this article certainly addresses Scientology and its teachings regarding gay people, it also places MIchelle LeClair's story in a much larger contemporary non-Scientology context.

    Big Think: Being gay in Scientology: How Michelle LeClair got out

    DEREK BERES 05 October, 2018

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    * Michelle LeClair survived rape, violence, and surveillance, and is now speaking out against the Church of Scientology.

    * In her new memoir, Perfectly Clear, she details her harrowing story.

    * The church promotes a culture of submission and fear, she says, and is seeking new avenues to retain member

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    Although it is not about Scientology, I believe it may be worthy of note the book by Tena Clark, Michelle LeClair's life partner, was published on October 2, 2018.

    Southern Discomfort: A Memoir


    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    For readers of beloved memoirs like Educated and The Glass Castle, a riveting and profoundly moving memoir set in rural Mississippi during the Civil Rights era about a white girl coming of age in a repressive society and the woman who gave her the strength to forge her own path—the black nanny who cared for her.

    Tena Clark was born in 1953 in a tiny Mississippi town close to the Alabama border, where the legacy of slavery and racial injustice still permeated every aspect of life. On the outside, Tena’s childhood looked like a fairytale. Her father was one of the richest men in the state; her mother was a regal beauty. The family lived on a sprawling farm and had the only swimming pool in town; Tena was given her first car—a royal blue Camaro—at twelve.

    But behind closed doors, Tena’s life was deeply lonely, and chaotic. By the time she was three, her parents’ marriage had dissolved into a swamp of alcohol, rampant infidelity, and guns. Adding to the turmoil, Tena understood from a very young age that she was different from her three older sisters, all of whom had been beauty queens and majorettes. Tena knew she didn’t want to be a majorette—she wanted to marry one.

    On Tena’s tenth birthday, her mother, emboldened by alcoholism and enraged by her husband’s incessant cheating, walked out for good, instantly becoming an outcast in society. Tena was left in the care of her black nanny, Virgie, who became Tena’s surrogate mother and confidante—even though she was raising nine of her own children and was not allowed to eat from the family’s plates or use their bathroom. It was Virgie’s acceptance and unconditional love that gave Tena the courage to stand up to her domineering father, the faith to believe in her mother’s love, and the strength to be her true self.

    Combining the spirit of poignant coming-of-age memoirs such as The Glass Castle and vivid, evocative Southern fiction like Fried Green Tomatoes, Southern Discomfort is about the people and places that shape who we are—and is destined to become a new classic.

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
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    Former Scientologist Michelle LeClair claims she was targeted for being gay, but church denies allegations.

    Fox News: Former Scientologist Michelle LeClair claims she was targeted for being gay, but church denies allegations

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    A rep for the Church of Scientology told Fox News in a lengthy statement that . . .

    "Contrary to myths spread by Ms. LeClair and her publishers as they try to sell her book, the Church has no position on sexual orientation and told that to Ms. LeClair at the time she came out. The Church is on record as being opposed to discrimination of any sort, including on the basis of sexuality.”

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    'Poster girl for Scientology' claims she was harassed into leaving sect because she came out as a lesbian

    Mail Online: 'Poster girl for Scientology' claims she was harassed into leaving sect because she came out as a lesbian

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The Church of Scientology has adamantly denied LeClair's claims, and says they had nothing to do with her legal troubles.

    * * *

    'Contrary to myths spread by Ms. LeClair and her publishers as they try to sell her book, the Church has no position on sexual orientation and told that to Ms. LeClair at the time she came out.

    The Church is on record as being opposed to discrimination of any sort, including on the basis of sexuality.'

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    When I checked Fox News this morning....there were 4 stories about Scientology, on their main web page.

    I thought that rather remarkable.
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    VIDEO: Out-FM Scientology Special Promo.

    Tune to Out-FM on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 on WBAI/NY 99.5FM or for a special on Scientology. The special will feature Michelle LeClair, author of "Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology And Fighting For The Woman I Love."

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