NEW Documentary: Scientology; Mysterious Deaths - REAL STORIES 2017

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    This is a NEW video posted on Mike Rinder's Blog by an anonymous SP.


    I cannot believe all the DEATH in this tiny, minuscule group - Scientology and Narconon.

    Flo Barnett - found with three gunshot wounds to her chest and one to the head - don't think that was a suicide as Scientology claimed...sounds more like MURDER. Flo Barnett was Shelly Miscavige's mother - she had left the Cult and was doing Scientology in the Indie field.

    OSA - Shame on you for contributing to the LIES Scientology Spins. I hope you stay in Scientology for eternity. You deserve it!

    In my opinion, now that I have read all of the FACTS - Lisa McPherson was driven insane by David Miscavige. She was neglected and driven to madness. She was murdered by the Church of Scientology. The evidence was destroyed by Staff members - orders from David Miscavige. What a sinister cult that is so evil - it is beyond belief.

    Here is the video I don't think many people have seen it. One fact I just learned is that David Miscavige's twin Sister - Alcoholic and Drug Peddler / Addict - Denise Miscavige Gentile - was Kyle Brennan's AUDITOR :omg:

    Kyle Brennan was found dead but they did not reveal the gun powder residue on his hands from the investigation.

    I believe Scientology murdered Kyle Brennan and has killed other people in the name of "all of Hubbard's and Miscavige's" 8 dynamics.

    The Biggi Reichert Story is unreal.

    I wonder what caused those burn marks on her scalp? The belief in the BT's?

    Someone knows and I wish the truth would come out regarding her murder.

    It is true - just when you don't think Scientology can get any worse - it does.

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    Sounds like murder to me as well.

    And considering that there is no statute of limitations on murder, could this be a possible motivation for CoS keeping Shelly in solitary confinement? So she doesn't ever decide to speak publicly about this subject?
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    Scientology murders people covertly and overtly. I am totally convinced of that.

    Lisa McPherson
    Biggi Reichert
    Kyle Brennan
    Flo Barnett
    are just tips of the huge iceburg very carefully masked and hidden by the "tech" of L Ron Hubbard

    OSA - I hope you stay in Scientology for eternity and may karma bless you abundantly

    in other words - FUCK YOU OSA
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    And please don't forget Susan Meister on the Apollo.
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