New Documentary Short - The Outside: Suburban Scientology

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    New Documentary Short - The Outside: Suburban Scientology.

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    Nightingale Films

    Published on Aug 24, 2018

    Scientology is known around the world for all the strange things that they believe in and practice. Most of the documentaries focus on the American side with the likes of Tom Cruise. But this is the first to show British Scientology and how it is closer than you think.

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    Information from Incredulicide on WWP:

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    Inspired by Louis Theroux's style, Joe Hoyle decided to do a British-centric documentary on Scientology, and sat down with ex-scientologists to talk about their experience. He went to a protest at the founders home of Saint Hill Manor during the biggest Scientology event of the year. He also talked to a current member of Scientology for their views on what he had heard.

    The full film will be released next month.

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    Thanks for promoting my film. It means a lot! Oh, by the way, my names Joseph Kennedy, not Joe Hoyle. But apart that, great!

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