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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Flora, Sep 15, 2018.

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  1. Flora

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    I dont believe there was any set up involved in the initial contact with my old friend. I'm the one who contacted him, and I only did so after our mutual friend died,(obviously that was just a random event) and then later after having that strange dream about my friend, (another random event), and both events would be impossible to set up.

    However, some of the things that began happening a few months following this initial contact , do seem to be a set up.

    An example would be this private facebook group, which I'm positive was a set up used to try to get some private info from me. These people obviously would have known my identity prior to the FB group, so I'm not sure what type of info they were hoping to get on first I thought they were hoping to hear about an affair and then use it to blackmail me, but obviously that wasn't it.

    I almost think they hoped that if they tormented me long enough, I would just kill myself ( and that likely IS what they were hoping for)... but I bet they didn't think I would turn the tables on them and start investigating them.

    I have been told by another person who claims to have been harassed by them too (and she does have emails sent to her from the same accounts that harassed me) that they probably have some very high political connections. She may be correct.

    She has either been harassed as well, or she's lying and wrote the emails herself, but I tend to think she's telling me the truth. Another interesting fact is that she claims that David Miscavige is somehow connected to them.

    I've not seen any connection to Scientology myself, so I take that accusation with a grain of salt. Is there any talk of Miscavige being involved in politics? I've looked for info on that, but I couldn't see much to suggest any connections there.
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  3. freethinker

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    Scientology is involved in politics. Whether Miscavige is or not is unknown. They don't usually go after people who have not been in Scientology unless they consider them a problem PR point. There is something here you are missing and it is most likely something you are dismissing as either not important or you just don't believe it, but this whole story has not presented a motive yet, but is filled with intrigue. Has to be a motive, there always is. You are ignoring some important point because you have convinced yourself it isn't important. The only way Miscavige would initiate something against you are a major threat, or you have a lot of money. If you had a lot of money, harassment would not be the best way to get at it. However if your old friend was a flame and initiated contact to seduce the money out of you that might be possible. Then your husband cut it off. Then weird stuff happens possibly to get you to contact old flame to seek info... but that is a complicated scenario and you would have to have lots of money or connections to money. The pieces are there but you aren't putting them together because you have prejudiced against possible scenarios being possible. Open your mind and reject no scenarios until it proves impossible. When a puzzle piece doesn't fit you have the wrong piece.
  4. Flora

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    I'm up late and just noticed your reply, Freethinker....
    I think you're on the right track when you mention motive. I've been trying to understand their motive since I first realized the facebook group people were likely the ones harassing me. At that time I thought it could be some kind of blackmail scheme or that one of the FB ladies was a sociopath who decided to harass me for fun, and had convinced some of the others to participate. I also considered that my old boyfriend's wife had somehow gotten involved (and I still that she is probably connected)

    I'm not wealthy, and neither is my old boyfriend. And I'm sure he would definitely not initiate this to try and get any money from me...hes not the kind of guy who would do that.
    And you're right that harassment would not be the best way to try and get money out of someone ..but harassment could be used to scare someone into keeping quiet about something they are trying to hide.

    Another thing I discovered was that these harassers were using craigslist to post racist propaganda, and apparently they started doing that a few years before I became involved in this. That story was in the local news here when a local citizen decided to go to the news media about these hate-filled racist craigslist posts, and he was subsequently harassed, slandered and threatened in various ways for his efforts to ban them from craigslist.
    Apparently these alt-right groups have a reputation for extreme I think their motive in harassing me is somehow connected to that, and I really do think my old friend was involved with one of these alt-right groups.
    I dont think he is really racist himself, but these groups promote themselves as "patriotic" and of trying to protect Americans and Canadians from Muslim terrorists, and from overspending on immigrant s....its a lot of propaganda and they suck people in with the lies and propaganda. Also, if his wife and her relatives were involved , he could be dragged into it.
    I have an idea that if he were involved with one of these groups and then he decided to leave the group, that he could be harassed for leaving.
    One of the things suggested to me by the other woman who I mentioned earlier ( the one who had also recieved harassing emails) was that I was being used as "bait"...and I wasnt really sure what she meant by that.
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  5. freethinker

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    Are you an immigrant? How could you be used as bait? Did you get a private investigator? A group that stirs up trouble for political reasons has a specific target. Do you belong to any group that supports an opposing view to their ideology? It could even be facebook posts expressing a particular leaning as regards immigration? It could be as simple as saying they should be left alone or that building the wall is a stupid idea and waste of money. It can be any kind of trigger when you have a group mentality going on and it only takes one to rile the whole group because they are looking for these things intently and are determined to find them, even if they aren't true.
  6. Flora

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    I'm not an immigrant and I've never been that outspoken politically. Yes, I've posted some negative stuff about Trump, but the harassment started prior to Trump running for president. So, I don't think they would go to all this trouble to harass someone just for posting a few negative remarks about Trump.

    The meaning of the term bait, as used here, was never really made clear to me. After considering it for a while, I assume she meant that either I was bait to keep my old friend involved in the situation, or that he was bait to keep me involved. I tend to think I would be the bait, only because I can't see any reason they started harassing me in the first place.
  7. freethinker

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    Have you had a new way of looking at this? Have you talked to that friend again because she seems to know something? Or, is she too scared to talk? You should have lunch with her without cell phones and find out what you can. Has the harassment changed, or is it still the same?
  8. guanoloco

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    Is the motive here a jealous wife or something? If this is the case...unless she's the cult's highly suspect that the group would target you.

    Hubbard was the cult leader so personal slights and vendettas were all about Hubbard. If anybody else pulled clout that would "endanger" Scientology's repute and they would be summarily declared and ousted. That is to say that Scientology doesn't get wrapped up in personal vendettas unless the current cult leader is the person. Scientology would be directed at a target of Miscavige's jealousy but nobody else's no matter how high up they were in Scientology unless it was Tom Cruise or some celebrity.

    My guess is that all cults will operate, more or less, the same way. Cults are the result of some leader's selfishness and agenda. By that method alone they won't take up anybody or anything that doesn't exactly match that agenda or the leader's selfishness.

    Scientology almost 100% goes after "apostates" to keep them quiet and then it targets critics with as much effort as it can muster these days. From what I understand that's pretty much all Scientology has ever done. My guess is that other cults do the same. Control members and ex members and then go after critics but they really only hit the influential critics.

    Unless you fit the bill as one of these targets the cult attack might not make sense.

    Hope that makes sense.
  9. Flora

    Flora Patron

    The woman I was refer to claims harassment by the same group of people (or at least she has emails from the same harassers) ...she lives across the country from me. I never knew her until she contacted me, which was after the harassment started. She contacted me at that time and claimed I was harassing her - so i dismissed her as being one of the facebook members using a different identity.

    She has continued to send me emails ever since then, but the emails dont say much....she tells me about how she was harassed, but she also keeps I insisting I'm one of the harassers, (obviously she must know I'm I'm not sure what she's trying to do here)
    Here's something weird- one of the previous fb people just followed this woman on twitter. The ex - fb member is using the same account she used last spring to harass me on my old Twitter account.
    Not sure what's going on with this new development.
  10. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    The woman may actually be an instigator and not a victim. Can you trace the emails to source?
  11. Flora

    Flora Patron

    I been looking into cases of harassment by alt-right groups, and this harassment seems consistent with those groups... and I know these people are very anti-Muslim, I'm pretty sure these people are involved in that.

    I'm not even sure if my old friends wife was involved in the harassment, but if she wasnt, they made it appear that she was....Another thing- I'm not even sure they are still married, because of the apparently fake SM accounts that opened in his name. These accounts have only a few pics of him with his wife, and almost all of those pics show evidence of editing - they appear to be edited to add the wife INTO the picture. That is obviously not normal...who posts a pic like that? Why go thru the trouble to edit her in? No recent pics of them together? I notice he doesn't appear in pics posted of a family event, either.
    Another odd thing I noticed in these pics is that my friend had a tattoo recently added, and the tattoo corresponds to a nick- name I've used (could be coincidence)
    It's all very weird!
  12. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Yes...I have her identity, and she had posted pics of her neighborhood and outside her house (she posts the cars that she claims are parking in front to take pics of her house ) and I was able to confirm the location on Google street view, and it matches the address listed for her name. So I'm pretty sure she is who she claims to be.
  13. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    What is she doing about this? People in cars sitting outside your house is serious stuff.
  14. Edwardo

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    This may be paranoia. I’ve seen it in others, and In my younger days I experienced it myself.

    On three occasions I built up bizzare conspiracies that were not actually happening.

    Partly it was because my life wasn’t going well and so the conspiracies helped me avoid looking at reality. Partly, they made my life more significant and intriguing. And partly it was because of the side effects of trying drugs.

    It might be worth asking someone you trust, or seeing a doctor.

    If I’m wrong, I apologize.
  15. Flora

    Flora Patron

  16. Flora

    Flora Patron

    I dont know if she's done much about it...other than she takes pictures of them and sometimes posts the pics. She seems to think that the neighbors are involved with all this. She could be crazy...I dont know. I know she claims the neighbour is deliberately doing things to annoy her and to vandalize their car.
    I know on a few occasions one of those licence plate reader cars was sitting in front of her house for hours -(it was one of the cars with all the cameras on the hood) ....could be used to take pics of things other than license plates I guess. No idea if that's all just paranoia.
    I know she also gets tons of hangups calls from various phone numbers (she takes pics of the phone numbers on her incoming calls)., and she has had emails from the same people who harassed me.
  17. freethinker

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    She seems to want to play the victim role. I don't know what interest they have in her but if they are monitoring her and she isin contact with you, then that may be the connection. They are tracking her and whoever she contacts. Tell he to stop contacting you unless she has real information that can be acted upon. See what happens.
  18. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Yes, They are interested in her, but they started harassing me before she contacted me.
    I contacted my old friend in early summer
    2013. The weird stuff started in Aug 2013 but I didn't think I was targeted at that time. I became part of this fb group around the end of 2013, and then I started to be bullied by these fb people several months later. After I started to realize something very weird was going on, I was contacted by this woman around fall 2015. So...they obviously started it well before she talked to me.
    However, I get the impression she may know something about my old friend . She's claiming to not know his name, but I dont believe her. And before my old friend stopped contacting me he mentioned, very cryptically, things like he wanted to "take off and leave town" and that I wouldn't believe what was going on in his life. At the time I thought he meant that he was fighting with his wife. I dont know his wife, I've never met I have no idea what she's like.
  19. freethinker

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    We're talking 5 years here. That's a long time for this kind of thing to be going on. I dumped the Cult of Scientology and they bugged me for about a year. I then went outside when they came to my house and said very loudly, "My neighbors don't like seeing you come around here and will likely call the police." They stopped coming around after that. Then I got a refund from them and they don't call me either. Your situation is different but you need to let them know some how or way, you aren't putting up with it and it will be worse for them if they continue.
  20. Flora

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    It sounds as though your scientology harassers were not really being secretive about their activities. They were hanging around your property, and you knew their identity...
    But what has gone on here is very secretive and passive aggressive. Its been 5 years but I didn't realize I was targeted until about 2 years in....and I thought at first it was just a jealous wife and maybe some friends helping her on this fb group. It wasnt until summer 2017 that I really figured out there was a big group participating in this...not just a small group of crazy women.

    These people obviously know that I know that a big group of harassers is involved, and they went nuts back in March, when I started to document this story on SM. They heavily trolled me at that time, then when their SM attacks didn't work on me, they started with the legal threats. That didn't work.
    What's next?
    I dont know, but it sure is interesting how they very recently used one of the troll accounts they attacked me with in March, to start following this other woman (the one who also claims to be harassed by them)
    She knows they are now following her, and she hasn't blocked them yet.
    I'm curious what their plan is here...