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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Flora, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Are they bothering you now? Sounds like they back off when confronted. I think they are financially motivated. I see no other reason they would attack people at random. They may think you have money even if you don't. It's very weird behavior for people to just stalk people for no reason.

    No, they didn't have resources to use people I wouldn't know. I also called the very top people regularly to let them know I wasn't putting up with it. Calling the top organization makes a record. I also wrote to them frequently also making a record. Eventually they coughed up. Took 6 months.
  2. Flora

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    It's not financial. They know exactly who I am. They know I have no money. And harassing people won't get any money out of them.

    I also am sure it's not random. I think they are using me to harass someone else.
    Here's a theory....
    What if they hated my old friend and wanted to get back at him for some reason. They knew he wrote a few letters to me, telling me that he still loved me. They knew he and his wife seperated, and they knew I later separated from my husband. They then decided to try and terrorize me , knowing that he would find out about it. They thought I would just disappear in fear, and they didn't realize I would fight back and figure out who they were. Now they are screwed because they know I know they are criminals, and if arrested they would be disbarred, lose their medical license, lose their jobs...etc.
    Just a guess, but I bet I'm getting pretty close to the truth of it.
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    What's the current situation?
  4. Flora

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    Well, they don t do something every day... other than bullying me on another forum (and of course pretending on that forum that they have no idea who I am) If I ask them why they are attacking me there, the bullies will claim its because I'm a "libtard" or something similar. When I say bully, I mean they post things insinuating that I'm a pedophile or a criminal....baseless assumptions like that are posted about me there.
    I only post on that particular forum because it had information on cults, and when it seemed as though the stalkers had followed me there, I decided to keep posting there to see if I could figure out what their motive was .
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    How do they keep following you around? How would they know you came here?
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    After I was severely harassed and bullied on the forum connected to the facebook group, I later posted on another forum (about cults) which is a totally different topic of conversation than the first forum I was bullied on. However, the same type of uncalled for bullying started up on this second forum, and one of the people posting there has made a reference to the name I used on the first forum. The bullying comments on the cult forum sound exactly the same as the comments from the first forum.
    And the facebook people have stalked me to 2 different SM accounts (both my SM accounts were under aliases, not my real name)
    So obviously they are stalking me somehow.

    I suspect they have followed me to another site as well, but they were unable to bully me there because the site is moderated. But what happened there is that someone made up a new user account and used the same name I was using on that forum ( the difference was that one name was capitalized a bit differently) and then she started posting a very dramatic and fake sounding story (with references to stuff the facebook people knew about)
    I told a moderator about this (as I didn't like that the name I used was now being confused with her story), and the moderator refused to do anything. So I closed my account on that forum. Here's the weird part - when I closed my account, I was BANNED from reading the forum (I can access it only if I use a different IP) I find this totally bizarre. ..why block the IP of a former member who closes an account?
  8. This really does sound strange!! I agree with you that there is more going on than a random series of events; but can you honestly say that you have NO recollection of having ANYTHING to do with "the wrong sort of people"? And this would be something that has been going on for too long, and would be too expensive to be the machinations of a jealous wife. There are probably private investigators who specialize in cases of planned harassment by groups, but they would probably be very expensive. Even a psychiatrist might help you see certain things that your mind is making you overlook. And don't completely give up on law enforcement even though some cops dismissed your concerns; there might be prosecuting attorneys or investigators who are trying to build cases against the kind of groups that you suspect. But FIVE YEARS of this is really strange. I don't know if I have said anything helpful to you. I am just writing what came to my mind. But please post more about how this develops because it is a very interesting case.
  9. Flora

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    I have never been involved in any cults or political groups, nor have I ever been involved in any criminal organizations. I don't think anyone I know well has been involved with any of those things, either. Since this all started shortly after contacting my old friend, I have a feeling it's linked to him. And I really have no idea what hes been up to, since he was out of my life for so long. He apparently has not talked to his old highschool friends for at least 10 years, either (as his one old friend told me)

    Some other odd things that connect it to him -

    *3 fake-looking SM accounts opened in his name since December 2016. He had no SM pages before this. There are only a few pics of him with his wife on these pages, and I can see some have been photoshopped, and that the others are a few years old, but just posted as though they were recent. Obviously, this is not normal (who photoshops their wife into the picture and posts it as a FB profile pic?)

    * The woman whose husband had threatened to sue me (who is one of the women I met on the private fb group) is obsessively interested in my old friends life. I had told her his name once, and she remembered it, and she searched out his social pages...I know this because the bitch mentioned to me that he has a new grandson.. obviously she was reading his SM pages to see this. She isn't supposed to know him at all, so why is she so obsessed with him? And with my life, too?

    * Also, when I tried to contact him again after all this started, he implied there was some kind of danger to me.

    * Another thing that recently happened (I check my old friend's SM pages to see what is going on with his family) is one of his kids had a fire recently in a camper they were staying one was hurt, as it occurred when they were out . But they were not sure what caused the fire. I hope it was just a freak accident, and not some kind of targeted harassment.
  10. I was thinking that the old saying "you need a good lawyer" probably applies to you in this situation. I imagine that you came to a chatroom for former Scientologists in order to find a precedent for your problems, and there are probably criminal lawyers around who know of similar situations; although you might have to work and be patient in order to get a referral to one. About the only possible motive that I can see for this harassment is that some people really think that you know something damaging to them, and that they want to be sure that you know that they have you under surveillance, because they are afraid of exposure. Maybe this former friend of yours is into something so deeply that the fact that you contacted him and talked to him made you seem like a danger; but even that seems like a stretch. Well keep posting; this is actually a pretty good group of people.
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    Sheila, I suspect you are very close to the truth with your guesses.
    Since these people have been very secretive, I had no idea at first what was going on. Of course, I can see now why they did that, because If I had known anything to begin with, I would likely have been able to get some evidence against them in some of these crimes. For example, my phone was stolen from work, and I didn't even report it to management....even though I had a suspect in mind. At the time the phone was taken, I had no clue at all that there were a group of criminals involved in this. I thought, at the time, that one of my coworkers must have some mental health issues, so I just let it go....

    Sheila, since some of the people involved are in the US, and some are in Canada, it makes it more difficult to try to even build a case against them. And they know I have no money (,these are the same people who befriended me on a private chatroom group) so they are aware that I'm not financially well off.

    Also, one of these people is a lawyer himself....the one who tried to intimidate me with a lawsuit.

    I have a feeling you are right about my former friend (or perhaps his family) being involved in something nefarious, and that is why they went after me. If they were watching him, they knew then what he wrote to me.....hard to know what their motivation really is, but I do know that this lawyer's wife (the one who is obsessed with my old friend) is determined to make me believe it was not my old friend who I corresponded with...that i was mistaken about his identity. Then she claimed last March that she contacted my friend to tell him I was stalking him.
    This alleged phone call occurred after I started to post my story, and these people went nuts and started trolling me on twitter, and when that didnt scare me, they phoned me, and one of my relatives, in a bid to intimidate me. One of the intimidation tactics was her claim that she had contacted my old friend and told him that I was stalking him.....(keep in mind these are 50 year old adults doing this shit!!)....
  12. Hi Flora
    I am sorry for my awkward writing at the beginning of my last message to you, I was a bit pressed for time.
    I am glad that you think that my guesses about your situation impressed you as probably being close to the truth about what is going on in it. (it's always nice to hear that your instincts are good you know.) But another hunch that I get is that even if you won't succeed in making a case to prosecute these people, you are facing this situation too much on your own, that you should have some sort of professional person on your side about it. If nothing else, having such a person might help you emotionally by limiting the anxiety that you are probably experiencing, and to make you feel more resolute about confronting this strange harassment. When you said that these people are fifty years old, the situation makes a little more sense to me, because by this time they probably have a lot to lose, and anyone who is even possibly a threat to their security would probably seem to be very dangerous to them. Well I hope that at some time you will have a clearer picture about who "they" are; their tactic of making everything ambiguous must be driving you nuts by now. Keep in touch.
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    Yes, they would have a lot to lose if their actions against me were to be exposed.

    For example the website where I first met these people (before forming the private fb chat room) was a forum operated by a doctor/author. He has a practice in NYC, and he has an internet presence, and has written at least one book.
    This guy obviously participated in the bullying that went on against me on his forum. Of course he pretended to have nothing to do with it (says he didnt notice it was happening because he was too busy) but as soon as I decided to fight back against the bullies, he quickly noticed THAT, and decided to suddenly monitor the forum. Hmmmm

    Then, after I spoke with one of the former FB group members, and asked them for answers (they refused to acknowledge that they were involved, and claimed I was crazy) this doctor started to delete the comments on his website. He ended up deleting over 1500 comments, with no explanation. Then he disabled people from posting further comments. Odd, right?

    I've also been "informed " that these people may be followers of Stefan Molyneux. If you all are not familiar with him, just Google him. He's considered a cult leader on Canada (though his following is worldwide) and he's a big Trump supporter, and he's featured Roger Stone on his talk show a number of times....apparently he's pretty chummy with him. Now, after it became apparent that Stone would be indicted soon- guess who deleted all comments from his online forum? Yep....Mr. Molyneux.
  14. Hi Flora
    Yes, it does sound like these people might be involved in a racket, or rackets, and that as a group that they aren't big necessarily, but have some resources and connections. In Japanese literature, there is a theme of seeing how the forces of darkness are much closer to your own life than you ever thought that they were. (After Dark and South of the Border West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami come to mind, but every one of his novels works with that theme.) I am still wondering what makes whoever they are continue to think that you are some sort of a threat; as I said the whole thing sounds very strange.
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    Yes, it's strange, and puzzling. What most people who know about this can't understand, is why I continue to fight them. Most people are under the impression that if I just leave them alone, all will be well.....which, to me, is like saying if you ignore Ted Bundy or Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer, they won't hurt you anymore...(even though they did try to kill you last week....)

    I'm guessing these people (as a group) consist of a number of sociopaths, and a larger number of brainwashed people who will blindly follow along ....which is why they are like a cult.

    Right now they are gaslighting/bullying me on another forum, where they behave very similarly to the way they behaved on the first forum . Someone else who knows about them mentioned the article on gaslighting that Mike Rinder posted a few days ago, and mentioned that it fit these harassers well. So I decided to post that article there for them to read- immediately one of them pipes up that I'm the one who is gaslighting, that I do everything in the article, not them. This is their typical accusation, but they can never provide examples of how I'm doing the things they say I am.
    I wouldn't even bother interacting with them, except that if I fight back, and make fun of their mistakes ( such as the times they tried to trick me and failed) they seem to become more and more unhinged....which might be a good thing, as they make more mistakes when they are rattled. And that's really the only way to get any evidence on them, when they make mistakes.

    But it's hard to know what I should really do in regards to how fight them, it's all guess work.


    Reminds me of plays by Webster, early 17th century englishman, dark dark and darker, and everyone addicted to intrigue for its own sake. Fascinating reading; just stretches my sense credibility that for no real reason evil people are doing so much to you. The depth of their evil isn't incredible; just the length of time, the convolutions and the amount of resources involved--all to frighten someone totally innocent, and for no cause at all? Forgive me; it's not impossible, no, but the likelihood is very slight.
  17. Flora

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    Hi Christopher
    What do you mean by the likelihood is very slight? Since these people did do it, (starting in 2013,) the likelihood is 100%.
    Considering that I have guessed at some of harassment incidents being connected, when they may have been random events (which I've admitted is a possibility) that still leaves a ton of bizarre incidents that are not guesses.

    These things are not guesses:
    - a lawyer and his wife tried to intimidate me by threatening to sue me (when they really don't have a strong case against me) and then backed off when I didnt back down.

    -these 2 have stalked me online by some method and for some reason (and I have proof that they have.) For example the lawyer found my second Twitter account which is under an anon name. Obviously they were searching for it some way. Why are they so obsessed with me?

    -these 2 first called my ex-husband and told him I was harassing them, they called me to tell me that they had reported me to police, (a lie, of course) and threatened to call my employer and have me fired. Obviously these were intimidation tactics. Would a normal lawyer behave this way?

    -the doctor who operates the forum where I met this lawyers wife, deleted 1600 comments after I emailed the lawyer. Was he destroying evidence? Certainly appears to be why he did it.

    Another woman (who showed some connection to these people) contacted me with a wild story about a Satanic cult harassing her, and claimed they were harassing me, too. She went as far as opening SM accounts to document the fake harassment she claims she was experiencing. (All a lie- turns out she was never harassed at all) She obviously wanted to scare me with this fake story. What kind of person does that?


    My post was not helpful. That is true. Neither was it very polite. For those I apologise. Reading that thread was very interesting, yes, I just found what you told us inherently unlikely; not because people cannot be that evil; but they seldom expend that much effort unless they have serious motivation. You have given us no clue as to why they are doing this. That is all; and, why are you telling the story here? What can anyone here do or say to help? Good luck of course, no one would want anyone to suffer the way you have.
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    Hi Christopher,

    I don't know where you got the idea that people don't expend much effort at doing destructive things unless they have serious motivation, but there are no studies to support that idea and frankly, if you take a closer look at this idea, it doesn't make any sense and falls apart easily.

    Insane people do destructive things because they are insane. The idea that it takes a lot of effort for them to do these things is false. Think about it for a minute: A crazy person finds it easier to follow what his disturbed mind tells him to do than to fight it. That's their pattern of behaviour. Changing that pattern and getting a disturbed person to think sanely takes tremendous effort, though.


    Okydoke; there is no point in arguing. Wish you well, and shall read your posts with interest as i have done