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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Flora, Sep 15, 2018.

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  1. Flora

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  2. Flora

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    So, the harassers have once again staked me to a new Twitter account. They had previously mass trolled me on my old account, which I then closed. I later opened a new account using an anon name, but once again they have found the account.
    The guy who found it had re recently opened a new account (using the same name he used on another forum), and then he started "liking " my tweets.
    I've just ignored him so far, which is probably annoying him, as I suppose this stalking game is supposed to intimidate me or something.

    I've also found some new info that links a malicious group alt-right trolls to the Toronto area (where coincidentally some of my harassers are from)...apparently these trolls are Canadians who are linked to the Kremlin. I wouldn't be surprised if the people who harassed me are connected to these other Canadian trolls.
  3. PirateAndBum

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    OMG, he liked your tweets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a vicious troll
  4. Flora

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    Huh?.. I never said he was a troll BECAUSE he liked my tweets. I said he was a trying to intimidate me. He stalked me and found my account (which he should have no way to find)....then he liked my tweets to show me that he had once again stalked me and once again located my anonymous account.

    Is this so difficult to understand or are you just being difficult?
  5. PirateAndBum

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    The latter
  6. Flora

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    And why would you want to do that?
    Not to be rude, but why would you want to further harass someone who has been stalked, harassed, vandalized & threatened in various ways....
  7. Edwardo

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    Maybe he thinks you are paranoid, and are unconsciously making up stuff to make your life more interesting and important.

    I’ve done it myself in the past, and hopefully am not still doing it.
  8. Flora

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    I'm not sure what you've invented (and frankly I don't care)....not because I'm a mean person, but because I don't care to insert myself into other peoples issues. That would include not making claims about other peoples reality (unless there was a good reason to do so).
    Hint: cruelty is NOT a good reason.

    BTW, it's a fact that this person stalked me somehow (however he did it, I don't know) because he is obviously the same person who harassed me on another forum.(he states his identity in his twitter bio, so it's not paranoid delusion or imagination on my part) and my account is anon.
    So obviously he found me somehow.

    How am I "making up" this?
  9. PirateAndBum

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    You seem to be quite paranoid Flora. You insist on fighting back. If this bothers you so much why not just get off SM for a while and chill.

    If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen.
  10. PirateAndBum

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    He found you somehow... And just how do you think he found you? Perhaps because you are tweeting responses to the same places you were with your other account?

    If you think your machine is hacked then I suggest you wipe it and start with a clean install of your operating system.

    One thing is for sure -- it isn't the scilons that are harassing you.

    If it's a bunch of white supremacists - then perhaps you shouldn't be frequenting their haunts.
  11. Flora

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    Hmmm....what am I paranoid about? Since this person did stalk me to Twitter, that's not paranoia, as it actually happened.(Paranoia is when you imagine things that didnt happen, correct?)
    And of course I took a screenshot to prove they did stalk me.

    Hey Pirate, maybe the screenshot is imaginary
  12. Flora

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  13. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Excuse me??
    I don't take orders from misogynistic men, thank you very much.
    (And that goes double for Trump supporters).....hope you're not one of those, too.
  14. Wilbur

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    I haven't read all of this thread, but is it possible that Flora has been caught up in some sort of experiment in psychological warfare?

    Either that, or she finds herself in an extreme state of psychological distress, or else is simply a bored troll.

    I knew someone in Scn who, upon leaving, thought that he was being stalked by the CoS. There didn't seem to be any good reason for him being stalked, as far as I know, but he was convinced they were following him around. I believe he was taking drugs, which probably didn't help his state of mind. He was never in an important position in Scn, and nor did he spend a lot of money in the church, as far as I know.

    My local org seemed to attract its fair share of nutters. I saw a number of them come and go. Mostly, they were gotten rid of fairly quickly, but one or two seemed relatively sane until Scientology upset their life (which it has a tendency to do - the push to do extreme things like join the SO or take out big loans can unbalance a person's life, especially if they are balanced on a knife-edge to start with).

    I found myself that my life was somewhat chaotic just after I left Scientology, and it took me a few years to balance things out again after I left. I can imagine someone less balanced might well be tempted to commit suicide after leaving the church, if they can't deal with the spiritual and mental chaos that is apt to swirl around them for a while after they leave.
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  15. Flora

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    Btw...I know how they probably found my account...but this person claims to be unconnected to the original harassers (but then he began to harass me just as YOU did) by claiming I must be paranoid to believe anyone had ever harassed me.

    Then this guy (after claiming I was being paranoid about someone stalking me) stalked me himself.
  16. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Wilbur - it's a type of psychological warfare, in that they befriended me first in a private chatroom and then gathered info on me.
    Then when I figured this out and started to post about what they had done, they tried o intimidate me with a lawsuit.

    The legal threats were made by one of the original chatroom members. They didnt follow thru with it, and I'm guessing because they know they would be exposed as liars and criminals.
  17. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    Well, then if there's no obvious motive for it, and you aren't a member of some group that they might be trying to attack, then it's quite possible that there's no reason in particular why they singled out YOU. You might have just been the unfortunate one that happened to get caught in their web.

    Why not just stay off social media like Twitter for a while, and stop letting them play with you. (What use would an anonymous Twitter account be anyway.) Life can be lived perfectly well without going on social media. They will probably lose interest in you if they can't find you online.
  18. Wilbur

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    Also Flora. I had a bunch of experiences about a year or so ago, where some surreal things were happening to me (I posted about them on here a bit). I didn't feel I was hallucinating, and the experiences seemed to be real. Strange coincidences, and it seemed like a loved one was reading my mind, etc. Some bizarre stuff. However, at the same time, I knew I was physically unwell.

    Although I don't think the experiences were hallucinations . And the person involved agreed that some of the facts I had observed had actually happened - it's just that they disagreed with me as to my interpretation of those facts. So I knew I wasn't hallucinating or imagining those things.

    HOWEVER, I also knew that the fact that I was physically unwell was somehow precipitating those strange things. So it seems to me that, if you are not well in yourself, then you can be a sort of magnet for strange and unpleasant occurrences. The point is, if this sounds familiar to you, then perhaps your solution does not lie in the direction of trying to 'solve' the mystery. Perhaps it lies in the direction of getting yourself well (whatever that means for you).

    I don't know what your health situation is, but I'm just telling you what I experienced, in case it rings any bells with you. If you are unwell in some way, or have a chronically bad sleeping pattern or eating habits, or if you are drinking too much, or not exercising enough, or whatever, then that can have a big impact on what you attract to yourself in life, in my opinion. If that fits your situation, you might be better off addressing THAT than worrying about people who are trolling you on the internet. You might just find that that situation goes away if you fix whatever else is going on in your life.
  19. Flora

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    Well Wilbur, I am pretty sure I know WHY they continue to go after me. It's because they are a group of egotistical, narcissistic, misogynist men, who just are unable to accept the fact that a group of women are kicking their asses. It's a huge ego blow to these guys, who are used to only dealing with their little pathetically dumb puppet wives. (Sorry to say this about these ladies- who were given every chance to do the right thing , but didnt....)

    While there is still some mystery surrounding why they started this, the only reason I'm trying to find out that information is for evidence...and I believe these criminals should be punished and should compensate me financially. Also, they should be prevented from doing further harm to more people.

    Did you know that these White Nationalists have actually been noted to work as moderators on many popular forums (though of course they try to hide their true beliefs.)
    So I bet there are a few hanging around this forum as well.
    Why in the world would I just give up and let them continue to spread their propaganda?
  20. Wilbur

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    Well, OK then. Continue fighting them, if that's what you want.