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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Flora, Sep 15, 2018.

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  1. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    This post speaks miles.
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  2. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Does it? Care to elaborate?

    You know what else "speaks miles" boys? It's the comment one of you made about harassment making me feel important. Considering the huge numbers of women who are harassed, stalked and murdered by men (usually by their ex-partners) that's a very inconsiderate and callous remark.

    I wonder how "important " those women felt? I wonder if their survivors are glad their loved one was "important " enough to kill?
  3. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    From what you have said in your many posts on this forum you are fighting some kind of battle against an enemy which apparently is mainly white men. Now you seem to be trying to stir up the same kind of trouble on this message board even though the only link between you and scientology seems to be that scientology hassles people and you say you are being hassled.

    I agree with those who have said you seem to enjoy being involved in this drama and yes, I'm a white man so I'll probably be added to your enemies list. Such is life I suppose.
  4. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Explain how I'm trying to stir up trouble. I wrote a post describing how these trolls continue to track me down in Twitter, and for some reason members here (and yes, they all appeared to be men) decided they needed to tell me that I must be paranoid and that I must be inventing the story to make myself feel "important".
    So, when I disagree with their opinions that means I'm trying to stir up trouble? Lol.

    I certainly hope all you guys who decided to write abusive posts towards me today will one day experience for yourself the "importance " of being criminally harassed.

    Obviously you dont even know my story of how this all started , because these people began to criminally harass me before I even had much interaction with them....I didnt even know who was committing these crimes at first. So how in the world could I have caused the "drama " when i was totally unaware about what was going on at first. It started in 2013, and it took me until 2017 to start to figure out who was doing this stuff.
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  5. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    What I am saying is that none of this has anything to do with this message board. You are obviously having problems elsewhere but you have brought them here and you seem to want people here to get involved with your drama.

    Not only that but in your recent posts you are suggesting that some of these perceived enemies of yours could be here on this forum. That sets the stage nicely for you to ramp up your arguments and cause more people here to get involved.

    You are ranting about "white nationalists", "misogynists" and "Trump supporters" and generally getting people here agitated. I agree with those who have said you should get off social media if it's such a problem. Barring that, at least stop bringing it to this message board.
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  6. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Ranting now?
    I usually dont post on other threads or engage anyone unless they engage me first. You can check my posts and see that this is true. So the people who chose to respond to my posts made the choice to engage me, not the other way around.
    And if you are interested in learning about how alt-right forum moderators have been caught abusing their authority, just Google the topic. I didn't say that they were doing this on this forum for sure, I said it's a possibility.

    Social media isnt the problem. Social media didnt steal my property, vandalize my vehicles, or try to terrorize me with lawsuits. The problem is the criminals who committed those crimes against me and my family ( and against at least a few others that I'm aware of.) They use SM as a platform, but SM isnt responsible, the criminals are.
  7. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    You have no proof that the stealing and vandalizing have anything to do with your SM interactions. You just assume it is so. And it is highly likely that your assumptions are invalid.

    SM isn't the problem. Your interactions with it are bringing you problems. If you stir up shit then don't cry about shit being thrown at you. You want to keep it going, so have at it. Keep poking the tiger if you want. It's a free country.
  8. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    No one on this board came to you, you came to the board. You can't manufacture consent. You can't claim you were contacted first because that just isn't true.

    People can't chase you all over the internet unless you provide the way to do it, stop blaming others for what you cause. If you don't like the answers then don't stay.

    People can't find people they don't know. You say they attacked you without you knowing it. I don't believe that.
  9. Flora

    Flora Patron

    I didn't say anyone here contacted me first. You're putting words into my mouth. I said that these guys who replied to me yesterday (and decided they inexplicably needed to insult me and insinuate I'm a liar), had no reason to reply to me. The only reason they replied to my thread was to insult me. I never posted on any thread they were involved in - the appeared to seek out MY thread for the sole purpose of disagreeing with me and insulting me.

    I couldn't care less if you believe my story or not. I know it's a true story( as do other people) and the opinion of those not involved means absolutely nothing to me.

    I posted here because one of the other people who has been harassed by the same people who harassed me, keeps making claims that these criminals are connected to Scientology. I didnt really believe her (as I have yet to find a connection myself) but I thought I would post here and see if anyone had heard anything relevant.
  10. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    Unless you know who those criminals are, no one here can help you. They can't guess who they are and you stated earlier the woman has been lying to you. Whatever answer you are looking for is not here because you can't name names or point to anyone specific.

    The best suggestion you got was to quit Social Media but you don't want to. There is no way you can be tracked on the internet without leaving clues. The only ones who can track you are those you give information to and the government. The clue may be your posting style, words you use, phrases you repeat often, manner of engagement with others etc. If they can figure out who you are online then they can figure out how to find you. You leave yourself wide open, no one can help you when you want the fight.
  11. Flora

    Flora Patron

    You don't seem to grasp the situation. These people already knew who I was PRIOR to the SM harassment. This is obvious from looking back at everything that happened and when it started.
    So, logically, if they started this prior to any SM engagement, then it was not caused by SM engagement. (And even if it had been, they would still be criminals and I would still be innocent, correct?)
    No matter how you slice and dice this whole scenario, it will always add up to me being 100% innocent and them being 100% guilty.

    And I do know some of their names - since they tried to sue me they actually had documents sent to me by a process server..
  12. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    You're a misogynist, freethinker.
  13. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Flora, when I'm wound up or worried, these are some of the natural supplement remedies I've used that have helped me:
    Melatonin - always a good standby
    5-HTP (for a good night's sleep and feeling refreshed)
    Chamomile tea - Add honey, it tastes better. Great for taking the edge off.
    Tylenol PM - Okay, not quite natural, but AWESOME stuff! Always does the trick.
    Glucosamine - Fantastic for muscle relaxation and recovery, but you have to take it regularly to get good muscle results.
    Valerian Root - The stuff is amazing, better than melatonin. Too bad it's so stinky but hey, just swallow it and get it over with.

    I'm not going to judge whether you are being harassed or what could be done. This is just a forum, we can't see what's going on except it's clear by your comments that you are upset. I hope this helps. Have a nice day (and try not to call members names here any more. It's not cool.)
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  14. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Thanks Sheila
    I've tried most of those supplements before.
    Yoga and meditation are also excellent.

    I'm actually not upset in a stressed way. If you think that I'm stressed due to these people constantly tracking me down on SM, I'm actually not. That doesn't bother me, as I think it just provides a little more evidence that proves that they are oddly obsessed with that just gives more evidence to use in case they ever do pursue their legal threats against me again.

    The emotion that you perceive as "upset" is probably closer to disbelief or shock, as I guess I find it sort of shocking that someone would actually seek out my comment thread just to insult me - (a women he doesnt even know.) It's especially shocking to me in light of the fact that I've described how I've already been harassed....replying to someone strictly to insult them is just not something that I would ever consider doing. Why seek out a person you don't even know, and who has never responded to you before , just for the purpose of trying to insult that person?
    But I guess that's just me. IMO, even if I really thought another person was mistaken or delusional about their harassment, I wouldn't address posts to them just to try to belittle them.

    Freethinker- I reread your post, as I was in a hurry earlier and had missed some of it. I believe this latest twitter "stalker" was able to find me so easily because he's probably really one of the original bullies from the old private chat group.
    It would have been easier for one of those people to locate my new account because they probably kept a record of who I followed on my previous account, and then they probably kept checking the accounts they thought I would follow. That makes sense.

    But what puzzles me is why they have invented a new sock puppet account and are now pretending to be someone whom I don't know, (which is what I suspect they are now doing.)

    But I was just trying to point out that it doesnt matter if I am on SM or not - as I'm quite sure they started to harass me prior to the chatgroup. This means they knew my identity already.
  15. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Thanks for letting me know, Flora. I hope things go better for you. I'm sorry I don't have more helpful advice.
  16. TomKat

    TomKat Patron Meritorious

    In the mid-90s I read a Wall St Journal article detailing the types of activities that members of the Church of Scientology perpetrated against the IRS. I don't recall all of it but it was harassment of IRS employees which even included the killing of pets. The end result was the CofS getting a religious exemption from the IRS.

    A decade later I started hearing of "gang stalking" of mostly middle age women who had affiliated with politically liberal causes. Sometimes this extended to so-called electronic harassment. There was never a connection to Scn in these incidents, but it is quite possible that Scientology was the original inventor of a practice that was later adopted by people connected to the military industrial complex.
  17. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Hi TomKat
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've heard the story about how Scientology harassed the IRS . I think other cults have borrowed some of their harrassment techniques now.

    The gang-stalking story is a myth being perpetuated by alt-right hate groups...its a way to re-direct the blame to another group, and to incite fear in people.
    BTW, I had no political involvement (,liberal or otherwise) and was never involved in any online groups either. I usually voted liberal (as did most Canadians in the last federal election) .....but no reason for me to be targeted for political reasons.
  18. George Layton

    George Layton Silver Meritorious Patron

    There are those that post here that are older white men and are conservative minded. I've read post that while using the acronym SJW serve it up as Marty does his ASC or as hubbard did his WOG, and like minded folks agree with it. Like a James McGill Buchanan school of thought frame of mind in some of the political threads. Should they too stop bringing that message to this board?
  19. Flora

    Flora Patron

    Hi George
    I usually don't even look at any other threads on this forum, so I don't even notice other peoples comments, political or otherwise.
    I don't think people should stop sharing their political views here, if that's what they want to do.

    I only mention the Trump supporters because the people who harassed me were all big Trump supporters (though I suppose they are really white nationalists who latched onto Trump in recent years)....and of course they are highly misogynistic as well. So when I notice any man "barking orders " at me in an authoritative condescending tone, I liken it to these harassers.
    But feel free to talk about your political views here- I won't read the comments or reply to them anyways.


    Flora, I have no idea if this will help; and as I have been away from here a fair while, I don't know the details, but, perhaps if you decided to take yourself and your troubles a little less seriously, perhaps even laugh at yourself and the whole mad thing, it might help a lot, and in many many ways. i am not venturing an opinion on what you have been saying here, just giving the best advice I can think or right now. Best of luck of course