NEW Movie: The Spellcasters - Hollywood, Scientology, The CIA and the Truth Movement

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  1. strativarius

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    Re: NEW Movie: The Spellcasters - Hollywood, Scientology, The CIA and the Truth Movem

    Oh yes, the Corgi paperbacks were the ones I was reading too. Unfortunately, the only thing that I remember about them was his appeals for dosh towards the end. His books were very popular at one time so it's hard to see why he had to plead poverty - must've worked I guess.
  2. Jump

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    Re: NEW Movie: The Spellcasters - Hollywood, Scientology, The CIA and the Truth Movem

    I read a few in high school but I don't recall the cash pleas. Maybe I never got to the end. Even then, I got pissed off by the pseudoscientific word salad of light resonating with sound and differing colours having certain effects .. interesting but :screwy: :tumbleweed:
  3. Lillywhite

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    Re: NEW Movie: The Spellcasters - Hollywood, Scientology, The CIA and the Truth Movem

    Just to be clear I haven't provided any video. The video wasn't created by Scientology out of Hemet. It was created by a Dallas based researcher Josh Reeves. He has a history of independant documentary film making. He isn't the only one to point of these connections take a look at Nico Haupt's research here - Joseph Atwill, Dr. Erik Karlstrom and others on the podcasts here get into some of the interesting connections. When you take into consideration the Macy conferences on cybernetics and people involved connected to MK Ultra then back to Tavistock and then Hubbard's dianetics being described as a bridge between cybernetics and semantics. Then creating a cult based on it. I think it's pretty staggering information to be considered. I believe the whole falsified history created by Scn of Hubbard and by himself is not just based off his delusions, exaggerations and blatant extravagant lies but to cover up the connections behind Scn.

    Also about the eerie familiarities please explain that to me in specifics as I've not watched Scientology propaganda videos before and if you have anything I can take a look at for comparison it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. George Layton

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    Re: NEW Movie: The Spellcasters - Hollywood, Scientology, The CIA and the Truth Movem

    Because some of the material may have validity to it does not necessarily make all of it valid. Delusional thinking can seem to lend a credence to ideas. one can argue that parts of these ideas expressed may be based not on fact but on misunderstanding. Look at the ideas put forth in scientology. It is necessary to develop some delusional beliefs to be a scientologist. One example is the belief that you are saving the world, that is not a fact. People are led to believe that if they have an experience it is reality but that isn't true. The experience is reality, for the simple fact that it has been experienced, but that does not make the experience valid in it's interpretation. It is a real experience but does not necessarily validate the belief that one derives from the experience. scientology is built to interpret your experience and define it to create certain beliefs that are not all true. The content of this film could be misrepresenting ideas, that might very well be delusional, as valid facts.
  5. strativarius

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    Re: NEW Movie: The Spellcasters - Hollywood, Scientology, The CIA and the Truth Movem

    Looks like T. Lobsang Rampa (the [strike]plumber[/strike] unemployed surgical fitter and son of a plumber from Devon) also came to the attention of our friends. Here's an excerpt from one of his books:

    "I am highly amused at the behavior of a little group of people in Adelaide, Australia. I call them the ‘Apes of Adelaide’. These are a little gang who have been in trouble, it seems, with the police. Now I had someone write to me, telling me various things in confidence, and asking did I recommend these people. I wrote back and said, No, I did not. Since then I have had dozens of obscene letters from these people, and every so often I get, perhaps, nine or ten which say, ‘I hereby disconnect from you.’ It strikes me as rather amusing because we have never been connected, so how can one disconnect that which has never been connected? I am informed that this gang have a requirement now that anyone who joins them (poor unfortunate soul!) has to put a name, any name, to one of these pre-typed slips and mail it off to me. Well, it's good for the postal authorities. It's also very good for the police, because I mail the whole lot back to the police at Adelaide, complete with the envelopes, so they can keep a file of these names and the handwriting, as those police have informed me they are investigating this little gang. I await developments with the greatest of interest. So—Apes of Adelaide—I send you my greetings, and I am still puzzled how we can be disconnected when we have never been connected."
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  6. lotus

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    Re: NEW Movie: The Spellcasters - Hollywood, Scientology, The CIA and the Truth Movem

    T. Lobsang Rampa ( a brit named Cyril Henry Hoskin )
    was a Tibetan Lama
    as Dr Hubbard (a merican called L Wrong Hubtard)
    was Lord Mettaya :duh:

    2 fabulators & foolers!
  7. CommunicatorIC

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  8. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    PODCAST: Josh Reeves | Scientology & The Hollywood Machine

    PODCAST: Josh Reeves | Scientology & The Hollywood Machine.

    Scientology discussion begins at approximately 33:20.


    Josh Reeves | Scientology & The Hollywood Machine


    Published on Oct 24, 2016

    Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks Texas' Rock Wall, Scientology and the Hollywood machine with guest, Josh Reeves.

    We know the world is largely run by unseen hands- in a vast web of international corporations, banking oligarchs, secret societies, think tanks, bloodlines, religions, disinformation agents, and alphabet agencies- and it's not an easy task to deconstruct. As soon as we examine the power and influence of one far reaching network, we're exposed to another with dominion over a different sector of societal control and the pattern repeats until our dying day. Yes there are many hands in the cookie jar and today we're going to look at some threads on this spider's web that haven't been brought to light as much as others. Today's guest is a great documentary maker and all around master of multimedia and he's put together some really great films that avoid rehashing the same old conspiracy 101 bullet-points that cover well sourced information that's hard to find any where else.

    Want more Josh Reeves? Check out his website The Global Reality where you can find his works "Spellcasters", "Secret Right Volumes 1 & 2", and "Lost Secrets of Ancient America".

    Want to hear more THC? Become a plus member and gain access to the additional hour as well as the THC forums! If you want to stay connected to The Higherside Chats, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check out our YouTube channel, find us on Reddit, or review us on iTunes. Thanks for the support, and until next time.

  9. Victoria

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    Re: NEW Movie: The Spellcasters - Hollywood, Scientology, The CIA and the Truth Movem

    I think this movie is being catered to a specific group of conspiracy thinkers who seem endlessly fascinated with Scientology, but never able to make any sense of it. And you get a few speakers who are exes, thrown into that mix, like Peter Moon, who would just as soon like you to believe he really dose have some secret OT powers.

    This movie is inaccurate, but probably worthwhile for the target market.

    Im really disappointed in Jim Marrs. I used to really like his style, and he has a great personality.
    I heard him on the Jeff Rense show the other night, just out of curiosity to see how he'd manage to drop his Battlefield Earth plug in.

    He he managed it, going on and on about square feet of sound effects ect. Rense practically swallowed his own tongue, asking Jim, "You have got messed up with $cientology have you Jim"?

    I guess Marrs can use the money, and gets paid per plug or something. Gotta put food on his family, as he become increasingly irrelevant.
  10. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    PODCAST: Trump Scientology & Hillary Witchcraft - Josh Reeves

    PODCAST: Trump Scientology & Hillary Witchcraft - Josh Reeves.

    Discussion of Scientology starts at approximately 13:30.



    Freeman Fly

    Published on Oct 30, 2016

    Beyond the gatekeepers, a mind war boils. Josh Reeves explores how Satanism, MK ULTRA and Scientology play into this scary election? Learn how Donald Trump is 1 degree away from L. Ron Hubbard and that Hillary uses Black Magic for Mind Control. This election is rigged and the psychological warfare was established 18 years ago!

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