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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by LookingBack, Dec 19, 2016.

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    I've been to a couple. The service is written for where the coffin is removed near the end. If this doesn't happen, then the minister has a problem: I mean, he can't change Hubbard's wording, can he? What I remember is the minister just did the whole thing rote. Even without the grief that thing is so chock-full of incomprehensible shit anyway I doubt many noticed by the end (apart from anyone who had word-cleared the damn thing beforehand).

  2. Veda

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    This Scientology funeral service, only at the end, briefly addressed the person (in Scientologese, the "thetan"). "OK ____[insert name]____, you'll be fine. Go," etc. No mention of how to avoid "implant stations," etc., and other "between lives" unpleasantness.

    Over thirty years ago (January 1986), the, then, "First Loyal Officer" of Scientology, and its de facto leader, Pat Broeker, announced the new upper upper OT levels, which climaxed with the top level where one would learn to do what "LRH" had just done, which was to "causatively discard" his (healthy) body.

    According to "First Loyal Officer" Pat Broeker, "LRH" had "written up" the ultimate climax (suicide) level, and this was to be studied prior to "dropping the body," and then completed after dropping the body.

    Mention of Scientology suicide climax OT level begins at 6:34 thru 8:50.)

    I recall, in February 1986, listening to a recording of a highly trained Scientology executive and mission holder being absolutely giddy with joy and anticipation over "getting up to OT 15, doing OT 15" (the [suicide] climax level) "and going and being with Ron."

    That "level" has yet to be delivered, as far as I know.
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    A Scientologist is someone who started out pursuing a promise of freedom of thought and an ability to communicate effectively but over time is completely unable to do either. The entire culture is built upon censorship. Censorship between Scientologists and non-Scientologists (read: Wogs), and between each other. A Scientologist isn't permitted to try to explain Scientology to anyone - that's called Verbal Data. Any such queries are responded to by directing the person to an LRH reference. They can talk about how great it is and that they had wins but they cannot really explain it.

    They are given a set of rote "explanations" which are designed to respond to a pointed question but if you try to dial down into the details and things that don't make sense then the presentation quickly breaks down into "You need to read....blah blah book, listen to such n such lecture on CD, or take a course."

    Anyone who is unsympathetic or remotely hostile to Scientology and who is closely associated with a known Scientologist can be expected to be written up as a potential PR problem or it can come up in an auditing session or sec-check and then referred to Ethics for "handling". This can seriously complicate the relationship between your spouse and his sibling.

    These kinds of encounters were awkward 30 years ago and I have to believe that they are feeling much more under siege and defensive now. At least before the internet Scientologists could expect most people to be pretty unsophisticated about the subject but now raw public know more than they do.

    I think from what little I know of your situation I would suggest a tactful light touch and avoid pressing the issue. I could be wrong and it may call for exactly the opposite but unless you have a good lay of the land as it were I'd play the diplomat while you scope it out.
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    After you die, avoid angels (and other mainstream religious manifestations -- see Billy Joel quote below) and try to reincarnate as soon as possible.

    The way to select a body to be yours for the next lifetime is to flow admiration towards it. Avoid putting attention on desirable bodies or you may end up selecting it by mistake. Do not agree with the idea that you've been bad and deserve a less desirable body -- go for the best whether you've earned it or not (according to the concept of karma). Pay attention to race, gender, and the new family's finances.

    Alternatively, get away from the vicinity of Earth as quickly as possible, but that is easier said than done. There's a screen around Earth that keeps thetans from leaving, and I for one don't know how to get through it.

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    Oh my goodness.
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    Your "absolute certainty" about this is a bit disturbing. You seem to have pretty much made up your mind about these things. How so? :coolwink:
    Please understand that I'm asking this from a slightly ironic viewpoint but would appreciate further explanations for a better understanding of how you arrived at these conclusions (or very firm assumptions).

    I don't believe in the supernatural at all, or shall we say that is my official statement. (I would like certain entities or influences to exist. :biggrin: ) I have no warm feelings for the esoterics and quack mania that is holding (mainly) certain "casts" in its firm grip, and which is dominated by a thoughtless and gullible absorbing and swallowing of any shit that some quack and/or loonie (often it's both) writes or actually tells in lectures. However I can't say I've made up my mind about "the spiritual plane" 100%, mainly because I think the "we can't (yet) know" argument stands in the way of "100% certainty" on either side...
    Firm agnostics are lame and often cowardly, though... IMO...

    Unfortunately certain brain blurps do produce feelings of "absolute certainty" (of belief) or ecstasis, euphoria... that seem to make facts unnecessary or meaningless. Which sort of messes up the game... :p

    Confabulations of eremites high on mushrooms (or of George Lucas :biggrin: ) and explanations that science rendered obsolete meanwhile, fail to deliver arguments for the supernatural, yet some assertions keep being not falsifiable. For now I say, okay, I might as well keep playing around with all the archetypes and, though not "believing", maybe "dreaming" would be a better description of my affinity for religion or should I say mythology. :confused2:

    That's my stance on this, but if you want to feel rebellious, I also can click "WTF" and "huh" on your post. :wink2:
  8. Helena Handbasket

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    My basic process is to look at the world the way it is today and ask, what would have to be true in order for the world to be like this? This question has led me farther down the rabbit hole than I originally thought possible.

    I reached these conclusions about the between-lives area years ago. More recent are the ideas in my thread, The Red Pill . With these new ideas I finally get how this universe works -- and therefore can claim the title of enlightened.

    What can I say? It is as it is.

  9. Enthetan

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    If the sibling's family is mostly on staff, then the odds are that they will not have funds for any sort of burial/cremation. In that case, if your husband offers to handle the arrangements, it's likely to be accepted (provided that husband is in good enough communication with sibling's family that he's even notified of the death -- in cases of disconnection, the disconnected are not generally notified of anything)

    In that case, there might be two services:
    1) a minimal Scientology wake, where the body would not be present, and
    2) whatever funeral/burial services your husband arranges for his sibling, which Scientologists may or may not show up for.
  10. zenwarrior

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    Those were the days my friend
    Wes and Susan Becher
    Tom Ondreika Cathy McMurray
    Susan and Frank Davis
    Eva Blake and her daughters Bambi and Bonnie
    Carlos Cornier
    Charlie Vega and Suarez
    Joe Cruz
    John Hansen
    Pat and Debbie ward

    Bart and Bruce Dobin
    Neil and Nancy Levin
    Bob Cucurullo and Paula Quigley
    Judah Doreen and Pam Keeler
    Big Mike Spallino
    David and Habi Henderson
    Isabelle ---- depends on who she was married to at the time

    over on Day
    Tony and Wesley Falcaro
    Susan Krieger
    Kevin and Hara O'Hare (still in and hopelessly brainwashed)

    all good people who thought we were doing good
    There was no Interweb to look up that it was all total bullshit but i figured it out and said so
  11. phenomanon

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    O Darling girl, I can give you a Pass.
    PM me.
  12. LookingBack

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    Now another of the relatives is on the Freewinds for a month.
    Doing what, I wonder?
  13. LookingBack

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    So can I assume this relative is doing OTVIII, or or there other things that go on during a month-long trip? How much does OTVIII cost?
  14. ThetanExterior

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    The Freewinds does various study courses, not just OTVIII. There is no way of knowing what someone is doing if they go there.

    I don't know what OTVIII costs. Prices change.
  15. Lone Star

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    Once upon a time I went to the Freewinds. Most likely what your relative is doing is an OT Hatting course, not OT8. Unless you find out that he or she was on OT7 and completed it.

    Another thing your relative could be doing is the Key To Life course, which takes a long time. Of course they say it's about a month "check sheet time", but often it ends up being months plural, even on the ship. At a "regular org" the KTL can take about a year and longer. It involves a ton of clay demos. You practically clay demo your whole life, among other things. I never did it thankfully, but I know quite a few who did.

    If your relative is there doing KTL then he or she will come home in bad financial shape. Unless he or she is wealthy and can absorb such a huge hit to the ol' bank account and credit card balances.
  16. LookingBack

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    Hmmm...perhaps it is Key to Life. The reported end date of this person's trip is vague, which I find bizarre. How can a person go off on a boat trip around the Carribean not know when they are coming home?? Of course this person is not at all forthcoming about details of this trip. What would be some good questions to ask? I am curious and am good at playing naive.
  17. Enthetan

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    With ANY major Scientology service, the length of time it will take is open ended. At some point, they may decide the person is "bogged", and in need of "repair" auditing or sec checking. They may decide that he's "out ethics" and needs to do an amends project. Lots of stuff could happen to turn it into a multi month ordeal.
  18. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    To Zen warrior: I remember some of those people..the O'hares are at Int..and their "little" boy( man now) also Brendan o'hare..very sad. I remember the Dobins....they had a little boy Named Judah who would later go on to Marry Josie Romero Dobin...they had kids..they are all hardcore still in.
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  19. Lulu Belle

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    I thought I remember hearing that KTL has disappeared into the same abyss as the Briefing Course.

    (Both are long courses that give people an excuse to not pay for intensives of auditing for years...)
  20. Enthetan

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    Paula Quigley went to AOLA, was an auditor there, and died of lung cancer around 2007.

    Mike Spallino went to AOLA as well some years ago, don't know his current status.

    Neil and Nancy Levin were at OSA Int as of 10 years ago