Nxivm studied and replicated Scientology

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    Nxivm studied and replicated Scientology.

    The Hollywood Reporter - Her Darkest Role: Actress Allison Mack's Descent From 'Smallville' to Sex Cult


    By Scott Johnson, Rebecca Sun

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    Around 2009, one former member close to Raniere says that he actively tried to replicate Scientology's outreach tactics to improve the profile of ESP as a legitimate class. (While Scientology is recognized as a religion in many countries, including the U.S., Nxivm is not.) Nxivm had gotten some bad press that year and saw a wave of defections. Its website was shoddy, the marketing poor. "The group's leaders were studying Scientology and saying they wanted to be more like them — more visually appealing, more streamlined, more like the cool kids," says this former member. "And they wanted people who were attractive and compelling; that's why they went after people like Allison Mack." As Ross says, "She was the Tom Cruise of Nxivm."

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    Hauntingly similar to Scientology in many respects except for the sex angle. Hubbard hated bad PR and considered sex in the ranks to be a major source of trouble. “Unauthorized” sex was generally punished severely.

    This following quote I find to be so familiar and disturbing - the inclination to try to compartmentalize “the good things” from the “bad” and to make excuses for what was obviously part of a cleverly calculated system of indoctrination.


    "Some people are starting to say, 'What I learned was good, the technology was good, but as with Scientology and David Miscavige, the leader is bad, Keith Raniere is bad,'" says Ross, who says he is in touch with a number of the recent defectors.
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