Oh No! Crazy Shit NOI say about Scientology....

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Out Ethics, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. Out Ethics

    Out Ethics Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    An NOI posts on Social Media...a photo of the ten hundred boxes of LRH Books and lectures just arrived at their home:

    NOI Muhammad #1 Says:

    "So guess what was waiting for me last week when I landed in Ideal Morgue City?

    You've guessed it, an Auditors dream (well at least one of them :))

    All of the Basic Books and audio line up of Mr. L Ron Hubbard

    Thanks to my hardworking sister, an NOI Muhammad #2

    Let the journey continue!!!!

    Does anyone want to join me?

    NOI Muhammad #3 responds:

    Fumei Fu Mei

    (whatever that means)

    NOI Muhammad #4 chimes in:

    "Not training in our Idle Morgue (names it) but seriously considering my purification there

    NOI Muhammad #2 responds:

    come and get me....lol

    NOI #5 Muhammad pipes in:

    #1 Muhammad I have the same gift!

    It's in the shed...

    I couldn't keep it all in the house

    NOI #1 Muhammad says: Allahu Akbar! Beautiful.

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  2. Out Ethics

    Out Ethics Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    More social media NOI posts about Scientology:

    "We thank Allah for the turn out to the Event we had at The Church of Scientology

    What a way to end the old year and start the New Year!

    Thanks to "Scientologist named" for your help and support.

    Way to go X Muhammad, Y Muhammad and O Muhammad all NOI auditors and P Muhammad, A Muhammad, James Muhammad and others for your recommitment to the teachings and the technology!

    *Special thanks to Sis. N Muhammad who, through her works and sincere efforts, I was able to her to assist some of these and other believers to receive their basic books and lectures!

    Let's keep going.

    And Go where He,

    The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan says Go!"

    The first names of the NOI "Muhammads" have been changed to protect ME! :p
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    Your thread title reminded me of this video:

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