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    good post and thank you.....The divorces in Scientology are really unbelieveable. I did not know this was not normal...until I met some people from other "churches" and they don't know many people who get divorced ....but in Scientology - divorce is SOP...

    The Chaplain and EO want the Scientologist to get the divorce over with without any courts or HE& R - so if you were naughty - you will pay and pay and pay....I know - it happened to me too....:p

    Guilt is a built in mechanism in all human beings....Scientology capitalizes on it...

    If you do something wrong - it is amazing how the Tech leads you to punishing yourself....hard!

    I know of a Scientologist whose wife divorced him.....after she was caught having an affair .... and he had to pay her 1/2 of his income for eternity....

    He blamed himself that she had the affair.....he was always gone....

    so it all depends if you feel guilty or not...

    Scientology teaches you that "you pulled it in" and this fucks with peoples minds...it is so cruel...

    if you feel bad about a mistake you made - you will offer yourself up as a martyr....and hang yourself on the cross...or hang yourself...as some Scientologists have done :(

    Other churches do not act like this. My friend - who is catholic - just goes to confession in a booth - for FREE. Tells their sins to a Priest - who does not see who the person is...nice and confidential...just get it off your chest. The worst thing that comes out of that is the person may have to say a few hail Mary's and Our Fathers...but THAT IS IT! Done!

    Scientology - will not only make you pay for transgressions in this lifetime...it will also make you pay for transgressions you think you did in past lives too...which is all fabricated by you and your imagination...

    Scientology MAA's are trained at Flag to comb the folders and find something the Scientologist did to make them pay FLAG - this happened to quite a few people. One guy had an affair when he was 18 with a married woman...he got that overt off and years later - FLAG picked open that scab and wanted him to pay... he left Flag and never went back...eventually left Scientology and I think he got declared (which is a badge of honor).

    Flag - what a bunch of Fuckers!

    Scientology is Fucking Cruel and Fucking crazy!
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    In a Scientology divorce, a lot depends on who the org values more. The spouse who is easier to get regged, or who is on staff, will generally get the better treatment. One woman I know got offloaded from the SO with her toddler. Her husband who stayed in the SO paid her no child support. She couldn't even apply for welfare, because the welfare authorities would have gone after him for child support for her.
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