Out of Body with perception? Still like the idea?

Discussion in 'Human Potential, Self Discovery' started by Veda, May 11, 2019.

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    I found the 3 books by Robert Monroe on OOBE to be quite interesting. If you use your google-foo you can find free pdf versions on the net.

    1. Journeys out of Body
    2. Far Journeys
    3. Ultimate Journey
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    Jesus, a

    You must have been a scientist!
    There are 2 main doors to open in our attempt to understand life and human beings:

    • $cientology (Dr Hubbard works)
    ( ah ah...I am kidding...Poor Birdie..he thought I came back to my senses...lol)

    More seriously:

    • Science ( biology, anthropology, physics..etc. .Darwin la théorie de l'évolution
    • Philosophy ( religions, to be or not to be, God, les discours de Platon)
    But one way or the other, if we are made of a spiritual nature, we will fail to either prove it or gain a certainty about it since we operate as a mamal, here in this world. I think (not sure) the only way we can grasp the spiritual nature is when we jump into this dimension..NDE, dreams, trance, mystical experiences or brief moments of awakening..

    I checked the 2 links..wow...love the content of the book " the mind of the cells" I may order it if I can find the french version..although I can read it in english.

    Did you know of the radio program on France inter radioc" Sur les épaules de Darwin" ???
    I've listened to many of the podcasts since the beginning in 2010...so enlightening .

    There was some broadcasts dedicated to Darwin that were just fantastic (in 2010-2012) Some of the podcasts are available either on the site or on ITunes.

    May be you will find some pieces of gems in the. Huge content and the many topics addressing human evolution, philosophy, biology and science.
    Anyhow, it has been a great help to me and still is!

    Regarding the second book..Jeez..you are courageous..It's almost a billion year contract to read all this material..appears to be amazing though!

    You raised one major issue that triggers most of us..especially when aging. Are we going to survive as a specy or we are we going straight into the self destruction process???

    From a scientific , metaphysical and buddhist viewpoint..the answer is yes..we will disappear as well as earth. ( all species, planets, stars born and die) The real question is when???

    Since human beings have a severe tendancy to deny this dramatic outcome...and don't find the good sense to ensure their sustainability..it will probably be sooner than it could have been expected...

    Super bacterias and viruses will certainly help to regulate the over population in many countries and urban environments.

    However, regarding the pure spiritual quest and how our components relates to our true nature, here is my no1 book suggestion..if ony one remains on earth..IMO it shall be this one:

    "La marche vers l'éveil" Shantideva


    It has inspired the buddhism texts and principles. One must prepare the mind and I would suggest to quiet the thoughts and then, upon reading a little bit at the time, some of its content will touch the heart, the "soul" and may lighten up the walk on our lonely path.

    (Je l'ai trouvé en français en premier..j'ai pas fait exprès, je jure):D

    In the event an ESMB fellow is interested I can't find en english translation of the original but there are other shantideva guides in english.

    Anyhow, this reading can give an idea

    It's indian poetry written by a "saint"
    Toi know like "hymns of Asia" written by Lord Metteya aka Dr Hubbard :giggle:
    So one must expect some mysticism, allegory, mythology...since it was intended as an ode, a poème, not as a spiritual teaching.

    Shantideva poem can open up new dimensions and help to awaken.

    Ouf..I am tired..especially while using my phone refusing to write english words..it' s a bad combination with my grammar..:rubeyes:

    Going back To my self-hypnosis now:
    " beautiful young males shall be my slaves"
    before being eaten by worms
    :offtopic1: :wave:
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    Thank you!

    More of an aspiring philosopher would I be.
    In fact, a translator (and would-be writer) at heart (as in Life) - looking forward to de-Babel the world ... if only I succeed de-Babelling myself first.

    Ah Ah I see ... ain't that what is known as "Doctrine of the Mean" ? ;)

    No. But I'll have a look, thanks!

    Not at all. I won't! :nooo:
    (I downloaded it to eventually check which parts were left out of Satprem's commented version ...)
    TMOTC was a real eye opener long ago and I even worked a bit on the mantra thing as to set it in motion.
    Then at times I recall and "give it a boost" so to speak. But I'm certain it has been working its way as there are so many realizations related that have come without me asking, since.

    Om Namo Bhagavate

    And especially with the current state of things (though to be honest that would be just a slanted point of view ... as this "state of things" seems to be as old as Methuselah, alI proportions respected ...) I for sure was very comforted by your views, at first quite selfishly as I agree with the rest of your phrase here, not much future as decay so at this point I'd been working towards achieving the greatest awareness level possible before my time is due because I don't want to come back (to such a state of things) so I had to "earn the rights" so to speak. At least for a loooong and goood pause (might come back as part of a rock though, can be fun with all those compactions).:grouphug:

    Then it started to make more and more sense, and pieces of the puzzle started reorganizing themselves, leading to more realizations, and finally being able to write them down understandably (at least to me) so I am trying to build a coherent body of findings to substantiate those views re: fantasy/implants/reincarnation/fears/facsimiles/etc.. versus plain ole but amazing reality.

    Seems we've been exchanging our gold for shiny mirrors ... as did our wise and loving but naive, incapable of malice, original inhabitants and owners of my country along with all the others in this continent. At least what has remained of their culture is being represented and recognized in our Constitution and Parliament but ... yet much ostracized.
    VZA is no VGIs ...
    You and @Helluva Hoax started the fire, so to speak. :foryou:

    An excerpt from Satprem's Foreword to TMOTC, beautifully read in French.

    Amazon France seems to have it:

    or else if you're in a hurry here's a 42-page excerpt online to test the waters:

    Thank you for Shantideva video. Given my max5min audio attention span (I'm more visual) I guess I have a good two-month provision for meditation :bow:

    I guess you have an Apple-based artifact (as you mentioned iTunes) ... I use SwiftKey (keyboard app) on Android which I found to be AMAZING with tons of features allowing multilingual dictionaries, change the size of the KB, swipe, tons of themes and color combinations (happily a geek here) but the multilingual stuff was the hook. Especially when I usually mix all three in a sentence when chatting with my kids ...

    Apple-based artifacts


    OTB = OT8 ?
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    Great stuff, RE-MERCI! :flowers2:
    Found older transmissions, not available anymore on the site, on YouTube.
    This one particularly and insightfully related to the Life/Cell subject at hand.


    (If I only could find the transcripts, to do subtitles ... :scratch: )

    Ouroboros ...
    We live to die ... we die to live ... and in-between, in all directions ...
    Purpose is to GROW, to GIVE ...
    (rinse and repeat, ad infinitum)

    Concentric yet expanding and ascending circles ...
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    O O B = B B B
    = Beyond (and throughout) Body Boundaries
    "Be - Do - Have" --->>> BE - BE - BE


    ... yet another pretty meditation pic ... for rainy days.
    (courtesy of pxhere.com with CCO-Public Domain permission)

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    Meanwhile I get this transcript/convert attempt sorted out through A-Z (mp4 to mp3 to txt to translation to subtitles to omg), here below is an interesting "How-To" (HT, as in Helluva Thetan :wow:), for anyone who might be interested in giving it a go ... (it starts just below the promo stuff).

    How to Actively Listen to French Podcasts and Deliberately Practice