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    I just asked a native Spanish speaking friend about this and was told: The ocean is masculine so in speaking of the ocean as a noun or adjective use Pacifico. When using an adjective when speaking about a man use "Pacifico". When using an adjective for a woman use "pacifica". So it does seem the church's usage is incorrect unless "Base" or "Bridge" are feminine.

    This was in the late 70s and the immigration issue wasn't really a big deal until the 1986 amnesty. There were very few hispanics on staff in PAC. They did start to bring South American staff on base for the New World Corp training, I believe, around 81-82 but that is another story.

    Honestly, I think they just wanted to use "Pacifica" because it sounded fancier than "Pacific" and they couldn't find anything else that was better no matter how hard they tried.

    I'm not sure when they formally adopted the name but at some point LA became the largest Mexican demographic outside of Mexico City so in retrospect someone, (and there really is only one person who would do this), may have just realized that old survey just caught up to reality so, go with it.
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    And, "Military" organization is basically synonymous with "Dictatorship". Even LRH made reference to "Benevolent Dictatorship". I think it was the first time I heard the expression.

    Not only was it a dictatorship but it was the closest thing to Orwell's 1984. I know that isn't an original observation but even Russia and China didn't use Sec Checks on the entire population and send people to the gulags en masse for a silly e-meter read.

    I don't think any organization in the free world had as diligent and effective a snitching system as the Sea Org. You are isolated. The only place for free critical expression is in your own head and even there it is just a matter of time before you are sniffed out.

    People hated these all-hands all nighters with a passion. They were arbitrary, frequent, degrading, demoralizing, disrupted families and self-destructive to the orgs themselves.

    Do people stay because they believe or they have been broken, or are they just broken believers? You learn to flash "Good Indicators" and will the e-meter to float.
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    Diane told me herself (in an email) that she and Wayne were brother and sister. She told me Wayne died during an asthma attack when he was without his inhaler.

    I knew Wayne slightly from being together on the FEBC in '71 and later he came to Cape Town org on a mission. A very friendly mission it was too - he impressed me and everyone else too with his generosity, his intelligence and various skills and abilities.
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    If you're on Facebook, you might ask her. She has remarried a 3rd time to Terrance (Terry) Redpath Mahurin & she lives in Ojai, where she now writes books.

    An interview she did in 2013:

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    I remember him using that term, also.

    He claimed that a benevolent dictatorship was the best kind of government; completely controlled my someone with total power that had everybody's best interests in mind.
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    I remember the same thing.

    But, dictatorships, in reality, are rarely benevolent.

    Power corrupts.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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    Some more search results:

    Paulette Mahurin - aka Paulette Ausley, Paulette Cohen - Class 12 Auditor - article, listed as

    Paulette is mentioned in the following article:

    What Motivated L. Ron Hubbard? Historian Jon Atack Follows the Clues
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    Wayne Marple assigns Jesse Prince to the RPF (This is a partial post, see the link for full text):

    Jesse Prince: The Ever Changing Tech of Scientology
    From: Jesse Prince <>
    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
    Subject: The Ever Changing Tech of Scientology
    Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 19:21:30 -0300
    Organization: The Lisa McPherson Trust
    Message-ID: <>
    Reply-To: "Jesse Prince"
    Stacy's essay about her perspective on Scientology auditing inspired me to write something about auditing myself.
    I spent sixteen years in the Sea Org. For twelve of those years I was what they call a technical person, or techie. To be a techie in Scientology means you are involved in auditing preclears, training auditors and course supervisors, or correcting Scientologists who misapply L. Ron Hubbard's auditing tech. Other people in Scientology take care of the administrative side of things. A techie does nothing but take care of the tech.
    Through the course of twelve years I studied and participated in every aspect of Scientology tech. Throughout that time there was only one thing that remained constant: the tech changed all the time. It is the ever-changing tech in Scientology that I want to write about today.

    Into Scientology (and the RPF)
    First of all, I'll tell you about my introduction to the tech. Everything I'm going to say is based on my personal observations within Scientology and the Sea Org from the years 1976-1992.
    My auditing in Scientology started at the big blue Scientology complex in Los Angeles, the complex that used to be Cedars of Lebanon Hospital before Scientology bought it. . This was back in 1976. At that time I had been in Scientology for less than four months and I didn't like it. So I told a guy named Wayne Marple that I wanted to leave Scientology and the Sea Org. Wayne was a member of the Commodore's Messenger Org, or CMO, which meant it was like talking directly to LRH himself when you talked to Wayne. I was only twenty-two, and I sure didn't know anything about how the CMO or the Sea Org worked.
    Now you have to understand that what I didn't know at the time was this: Wayne Marple was in charge of renovating the entire complex of buildings that Scientology had just purchased for cash. He needed a huge construction crew, and he wasn't about to let anyone go once he had his hands on them. That included me.
    Within minutes of my announcement, I was hauled away by no less than five Sea Org guys, all RPFers, who locked me in a room. They told me the only way I would be allowed to leave Scientology or the Sea Org was via the Rehabilitation Project Force - the RPF. I thought this was a joke. There was no way I could be held prisoner by these people I hardly knew. My first thought was to escape and run to the police. But I couldn't get away. I was physically hauled off to the RPF and there was nothing I could do. I was a little skinny kid back then. These were big, strong, crazy guys who took me away and I was scared of them.
    As the days and weeks went by I came to feel there was no escape for me. I was under guard day and night, locked in a room on the seventh floor of the building known as Lebanon Hall, writing up O/Ws under orders of Wayne Marple. Being just barely twenty-two, I started to freak out. I told my captors I just wanted to go home. I begged them to please just let me leave. But these RPFers just laughed. They told me I had to do the RPF auditing program to get out and the sooner I started it the sooner I'd get out. I tried to explain to them that I didn't want auditing or Scientology at all, that it was not for me, but to no avail. Emotional trauma aside, I decided I had to start doing something to get out and if that something was auditing, then I'd better get started.
    That was how I got started on the Bridge to Total Freedom.
    In less than three months I didn't have to be watched any more. I no longer felt terrified at being held captive. Now they allowed me to be part of the construction crew to renovate the Complex. I was in a dorm with seven other guys, in the tunnels under the buildings. There were no lights down there except in the halls, so when they turned the lights off at night it was pitch black. I knew my family and friends were wondering why they didn't see or hear from me any more, but I didn't much care. I was on a new program. Everything I had thought about life was changing. I just felt emotionally numb.
    As I said, my first perception of auditing was that it was something I had to do to get out of the situation I was in. I didn't feel like I needed "therapy" or "training." I never considered that auditing was something I personally needed, but something was happening to me mentally because I resisted Scientology less and less. Stacy's conclusions about what can happen to a person as a result of auditing -- false memory, mental conditioning, extreme irresponsibility - that was what the lower levels of auditing were all about for me.
    After eighteen months, I was allowed to graduate from the RPF. This was because the renovations of the Complex were finished, so a CMO mission fired into the RPF to get us all off of it and get us posted in the orgs. While I was in the RPF, my idea had been to learn as much as I could about the tech as quickly as possible because I had it in my head that that was how I could get out of there. So I learned all about the tech and held technical positions while I was in the RPF. Because of this, the mission decided to put me on a tech post when I got off the RPF. That was how I started on the road to being a techie for as long as I was in Scientology.
    A new organization had just been formed to get staff up the Bridge. When two people audit each other while they are learning how to audit it is called co-auditing. That is how people get their auditing on the RPF, so I had a lot of experience with co-auditing by then. The Los Angeles area was known in the Sea Org (and still is, by the way) as Pacific Area Command, or PAC. So this new org was called the PAC Co-Audit Org. I was posted as a co-audit supervisor. I finished my Grades auditing while I was working in the PAC Co-Audit Org, and in 1978 I attested to Dianetic Clear.
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    That your recollection of Wayne was generally positive is important in that this is fairly typical. People initially join the SO because they are decent and want to improve themselves and do something helpful for other people and the world.
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    iirc correctly, you are right. It had to be L1. But then, when you are in the SO, your entire life is Scientology and so when you are in session, what else are you going to talk about? I am just guessing as I was not an auditor at the time. Sardine Org is a better name than what they have - at least it brings a smile. I definitely remember thinking that about Ron at the time... that he had originated it, tacitly. I was probably R/Sing at the time I was thinking it!
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    You suggest an interesting theory. The longer a person is in full immersion the more distant outside influences become which would be part of any routine discussion or session and so chances of a Rock Slam being Scientology related exponentially increase. So maybe the corollary is something along the lines of, "The longer a person is in the Sea Org, the more likely they can make the needle float if they think about life before or off staff."

    There is a world where you can watch football or Mad Men on TV late into the night, start up the barbie with a beer, and sleep in with your significant other - married or not........ "Thank you! You're needle is floating, you can leave the RPF now!"
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    Is List 1 R/Ser a real thing?

    I've often wondered if you really pissed someone off or got them into a rage, would they R/S no matter whose name was mentioned?
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    Suicide and Violence: D to N
    November 21, 2010

    E for Gary Epstein: Andre Tabyoyon testified that he saw and heard the Hubbard Tech of Thought Reform used to drive Gary Epstein to a PTS Type III psychotic break as punishment for his refusal to comply with orders he received from the Wayne Marple mission.

    (Spelling: ANDRE TABAYOYON)
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    (Partial post, see link for full text)

    Post subject: Re: Involved in the album "Power of Source" by LRH?
    Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:00 pm

    (where are they now?) ... dio.59849/

    Wayne Marple left the cult in 1982.
    This just from knowledge. No dox.”

    Post subject: Re: Involved in the album "Power of Source" by LRH?
    Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:42 am
    Plain text of album credits:

    Producer: L.Ron Hubbard
    LRH Audio-Visual Assistant: Dan Auerbach
    Guest Artist (congos): Tony Strawn
    Guest Singer: Laurie Douglas
    Stage & Equipment: Bill Broderick, Kip Hansen, Holmer Schomer
    Cover Photo: Claire Mauerer

    Sax: Neil Sarfati
    Trumpet: Wayne Marple
    Bass Trombone: Luten Taylor
    Drum: Charlie Rush
    Sax: Bill Potter
    Flute: Kenny Campleman
    Bongos: Tom Rodriguez
    Lead Guitar: Craig Ferreira
    Bass Guitar/Guitar: Tamis Arbuckle
    Flute/Bass Guitar: Russ Meadows
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    Post subject: PAC in the late 70's
    Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:14 am
    It's been a long time since I've thought about my time in the Sea Org. It was a long time ago. I was in from 1976-1981 in PAC, and was on the EPF when the Complex was purchased. [you all seem to call it Big Blue. It wasn't blue when we moved in. We called it the Complex.] I served on one of the ACTION missions during that time after I graduated the EPF.

    Anyway, it's a been a long time. And as fate would have it, I was able to put the memories behind me and move on with a pretty good life. Until recently, when news about Scientology seemed to fill the airwaves and the allegedly good Celebrity PR triggered something and many memories.

    I say triggered in a good way BTW, not in the restimulated kind of way. I heard what Tom Cruise and others have to say and in the beginning I just shook my head and dismissed them as pawns, being used by the church. Celebs always were given an illusion of believe in, while the rest of us dealt with the reality of Scientology. I've never given them much credibility, even when I was an SO member. They were and are PR pawns.

    But, my curiosity was piqued with all the news coverage, and I read an article here and there, and finally came across the ANDRE TABAYOYON Affidavit, along with Jesse's. Then a lot of memories came back. Jesse Price was on the EPF with me and Andre was on the RPF at the time. actually the EPF I was on was quite large and had a lot of not famous or infamous members. John Nelson, Janadair Hockaday [Swanson] etc, all came from that EPF. Reading here and other places about people I knew and worked with has been an interesting revelation about then and where I am now.

    I don't want to give my real life information, not because I'm afraid of the church. I've been gone a long time and completely under their radar. I wasn't very important in the scheme of things, although I saw a lot--know a lot. I just don't put my real life info on the Internet -- ever.

    But, when I found this site, I did want to join. I'm not going to write out pages and pages of my experiences in PAC. Although I sure could. The stories about the food, berthing, working condition, ethics conditions, etc, are all true. I was on the EPF when the Wayne Marple PAC mission RPF'ed so many in [1976 I think] PAC and around for the Rock Slam purge when even more were RPF'ed. So many of the EPF were RPF'ed on the spot for List on RS's. Janadair, Jesse, were but two I remember by name. I also remember when she came off the RPF and went to CMO Int. Interesting times that.

    I remember how frightened we all were that somehow we'd all be RPF'ed. What I came to understand quickly was that mostly, PAC needed cheap labor for Reno's and the easiest way to get it was to RPF people. It wasn't difficult to see that the Complex needed reno crews, and then suddenly there is an RPF double the size it usually was. I can add two and two, but even adding two and two didn't matter. Anyone could have ended up on the RPF during that time. It was a real witch hunt and List One was the topic of conversation, in whispered tones, ALL the time while I was doing the EPF.

    Anyway, there's lot's more, but too involved to come out in one entry. I'm glad to be here, and want to thank the owners for allowing me to participate. I hope to get to know you all better and vice versa.
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    This post seems to have started in 2000 on alt.religion.scientology and it has been reposted by Lulu Belle on ESMB in another thread. I am including it here again because it is so central to the subject of Wayne Marple and the RPF circa 1976-78. To just say 200 people were assigned to the RPF wrongly may be difficult for people to comprehend but this helps to put a face on it. TOBB
    Vintage post: Some updates re: Scn Staff
    3rd February 2009, 08:55 PM

    Here are some additions to this post. Some updates about people mentioned.
    I'm reposting this so I can add my comments in brackets like this -- [

    From: roger gonnet (
    Subject: Re: Sea Org members and the RPF
    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
    Date: 2000/05/27

    Roger Gonnet wrote:

    "Well, I'll add some other list, that's not RPF this time, it's a list of promoted persons, long ago. It's under yours, Warrior."

    > >Warrior wrote:
    > >> Recently I have had correspondence by email with an individual in
    > >> which I stated that I could probably name over 100 people who were sent
    > >> to the RPF in PAC. Many, many close friends of mine were erroneously
    > >> labelled as "List One R/Sers". To those of you reading this who do not
    > >> know, this is the same as a "suppressive person". The price these Sea
    > >> Org members paid on the RPF, due to being falsely declared "SPs" is
    > >> enormous.
    > In article <5umc6b$>, Rod Keller <> said:

    > >Are you thinking of posting this list? It'd be interesting for future
    > >reference, no?
    Warrior wrote:

    > OK. Here it is. All of the persons below were Sea Org members who were
    > sent to the RPF. This list is based upon my personal recollection of events
    > which occurred between 15-20 years ago while I was still in the Sea Org.
    > You will not find the names below listed on a single issue (like an Ethics
    > Order). The individuals listed below were Sea Org members mostly in PAC
    > at the time they were ordered to the RPF. A large percentage of these people
    > were sent to the RPF as supposed "List One R/Sers", although others were
    > sent because of other reasons like "out-2D" behavior, for being "low OCA
    > non-producers", "repeated stat crashers", etc.

    Back when the "Complex" was first bought, Wayne Marple, who had been
    the ED of the New York Org in 1970 or so, was assigned to head up the RPF in the PAC area. All kinds of people were Put on the RPF. It was just to have a couple of hundred people who could supply free labor to Renovate the complex. 'Why' they were put on the RPF is irrelevant. Besides, a broken meter will Show a rockslam on and off. Also, lots of auditors at that time didn't know what a rockslam looked like And called every dirty needle a rockslam. A lot of people were labeled rockslammers from those dirty needles, which was found out later. Of course, about 150 people were reprieved from the RPF as soon as the renovations were completed and they needed staff again to deliver services.

    > I suppose I should make a disclaimer in the event I make a mistake or
    > two. So in this regard I will say that I could be mistaken about a few of
    > the individuals on this list. Anyone who feels I have erred is welcome to
    > make a correction, for although I am a "Clear" and my memory is pretty
    > good, it is not perfect.

    > The individuals on this list were ordered to the RPF:

    > 1. Barbara Adams - HCO Area Sec ASHO D -

    She later married Ron Smith who was the Briefing Course
    Supervisor at ASHO/D
    > 2. Bella Adams - was CO Cadet Estates Org
    > 3. Chuck Adams
    > 4. Steve Adams - Estates Mgr ASHO D
    > 5. Paulette Ausley - she's the one who did the false "L-1" labelling
    > 6. Cindy Avrin - ASHO D Div 6 -

    She was married to Jeff Avrin - he got some money from an inheritance so he spent a lot of money to renovate his office as Div 6 Secretary at ASHO/D. He also paid for services for himself and his wife, Cindy, who later on divorced him. They both left the Sea Org. Jeff later on became an FSM.
    > 7. Patricia 'Patty' Azevedo aka Patty Grant - Patty works now at theInternational Training Org at Hollywood and Ivar Blvds. In Hollywood.
    > 8. Rick Aznaran - now of Phoenix Investigations
    > 9. Vicki Aznaran - was Pres RTC
    > 10. Jamie Beardsley - ASHO F Div 1
    > 11. Jane Bertinot - ASHO D Div 6. Jane was married to Bill Bertinot who is now the Tours Reg ASHO/Day. Jane has been out of the Sea Org for almost 20 years now.
    > 12. Sherry Bird - ASHO D Div 2
    > 13. John Bostrum - was Dir Income ASHO D

    [Sorry, the correct spelling is "Bostrom"]
    > 14. Wendy Bostrum - Letter Reg ASHO D

    [Correct spelling is "Bostrom"]
    > 15. Sissy Brown - Recruiter ASHO D
    > 16. Kevin Bryan - HCO ASHO F
    > 17. Stacy Bryan - ASHO F
    > 18. David Butterworth - GO/OSA/ASHO D
    > 19. Maggie Butterworth - CO ASHO D/LRH Comm/Case Supervisor. Maggie is now an HGC auditor in the AOLA NOTs unit.
    > 20. Richard Byrd - Bridge Pubs
    > 21. James 'Jim' Neil Chapman - was Treasury Sec ASHO D
    > 22. Teresa Cintron - AOLA
    > 23. Frank Clark - AOLA
    > 24. Lori Coanda - ASHO D -

    She used to be in charge of the switchboard. She was in a tiny room for literally years without having a vacation or any real break. She was married to Dick Coanda who was the Briefing Course Word Clearer. Dick is a well-educated college professor and they had 4 or 5 children. All of their children were in the Sea Org. One of the daughters was married to Mark Hamilton, who used to be the Briefing Course Supervisor. They had 2 children. Mark left his wife and children to marry Lisa Hamilton, who is now the Continental Liaison Office Director of Inspections and Reports. She is chiefly responsible for the current inquisition occurring in the Los Angeles
    area. What she does is help arrange for kangaroo courts, interrogations and illegal suppressive person declares. Also, sometimes people are 'secretly declared.' There is a list that circulates confidentially inside the Sea Org and if a person is on the list the are not allowed to receive services at the Orgs, but they aren't officially declared. She is also responsible for Lori Coanda's daughter losing her husband, Mark. She had to leave the Sea Org to support her children. Mark is a deadbeat father who doesn't pay child
    support. All of the Coanda family are now out of the Sea Org. The children are completely disillusioned about Scientology, which is the norm for 95% of these kids whose parents raised them in the Sea Org.

    . Debra Convery - ASHO D/CEO
    > 26. Al Crivello - was AGF AOLA
    > 27. Linda Darlington - ASHO D
    > 28. Shelby Davis - ASHO D
    > 29. Marilyn DeWitt - ASHO F
    > 30. Kathy Drayton - LRH Comm ASHO D
    > 31. Cathy Dunn - CESO
    > 32. Bruce Duszak - AOLA
    > 33. Ben Elkington - Treas Sec Pubs - now an IAS patron
    > 34. Sue Elkington - Pubs US
    > 35. James X. Ellingson - ASHO D Div 2
    > 36. Gary Epstein - was CO AOLA
    > 37. Leslie Epstein - CO ASHO/CO AOLA/LC NW
    > 38. Mitch Esterman - ASHO D Word Clearer

    Mitch is the person who originally said, "If it's not fun it's not Scientology." A phrase that is repeated over and over again by many Scientologists. He's now out of the Sea Org.

    > 39. Sally Esterman - CCLA - was Mitch's wife - now deceased
    > 40. Richard Ferry - CESO
    > 41. Doug Fiandaca - SO in PAC
    > 42. Joyce Fiandaca - GO GLA
    > 43. Patricia Garrett - ASHO F
    > 44. Bobby Giles - Purchasing Agent for L Ron Hubbard
    > 45. Claire Graef - ASHO D
    > 46. Allen Grondin - Tech Sec/Chief Off ASHO D
    > 47. DK Halloran - PAC SO
    > 48. Elsa Hamilton - ASHO D HCO
    > 49. Eddie Hansen - Cope Officer ASHO D
    > 50. Jackie Harvey - SSO ASHO D

    She used to be married to Max Harvey who was the C/S for ASHO/D for many years, was then the Academy C/S at Celebrity Center and later on he became the C/S at the Pasadena Org. He is currently C/Sing in the field and sometimes for Orgs. Jackie took on the personae of a motorcycle gang member and left the Sea Org.

    > 51. Marty Helgeson - ASHO F
    > 52. Linda Hodge - ASHO D Div 2
    > 53. April Huff - Bridge/GO Finance

    April Huff currently runs a nursery school in Glendale, California that mostly has Scientology kids in it.

    > 54. Greg Huff - Bridge Publications
    > 55. Bob Jaillet - Bridge Publications
    > 56. Karen Jensen - Dir Inc ASHO F
    > 57. Marty Kassowitz - PAC SO
    > 58. Penny Keaton - ASHO F

    Penny is no longer in the Sea Org but was FSMing (recruiting for Scientology and receiving money in exchange from the Church) a few years ago.

    > 59. Anita Klock - Bridge Publications
    > 60. Paul Koval - CO ASHO D
    > 61. Janet Landon - ASHO F
    > 62. Alan Lazar - AOLA Alan used to be the Letter Registrar. He was transferred to OSA.
    > 63. Sandy Lazar - AOLA
    > 64. Mickey Layne - ASHO D
    > 65. Gerianne Long - Bridge Publications
    > 66. Sam Loria - AOLA
    > 67. David Mayo - was Snr C/S Int
    > 68. Merrill Mayo - David's wife
    > 69. Sherry Miljoiner - ASHO D Word Clearer

    Sherry was a very good auditor. She audited for a while for AOLA. She also had been in some sort of executive capacity on the big renovation project of the Cedars complex when she was on the RPF. She left the Sea Org about 15 years ago and became a field auditor. However she was constantly harassed by IHELP (a Scientology Sea Org group that collects tithes from auditors for using Scientology tech). The Sea Org has a lot of resentment toward ex-Sea Org members who have left. They are not allowed to audit in Missions. They are often harassed when they audit in the field, particularly if they make a living out of it. They nickel and dime them until they get discouraged and stop auditing. This is sort of what happened to Sherry. Sherry works in her own business selling antiques or something.

    > 70. Doug Nagy - Tours Reg ASHO D

    He left the Sea Org years ago and went into business and made a lot of money and did some FSMing years ago for AOLA.

    > 71. Guy Norlen - FBO NW
    > 72. Jeanie Norlen - ASHO F
    > 73. Renee Norton - CO ASHO F Renee Norton is still the CO of ASHO/F.

    Was married to Larry Norton. They got a divorce and Larry later married a girl named Chris Robles from San Diego. They moved to Fresno, California. Chris started a mission there that was doing really well about 1995 or 96. Then Sea Org recruiters from Flag came in and cannibalized the staff members. They recruited most of her staff and left the Mission with only a skeleton crew. As a result of many missions from Flag being at her Mission the Mission collapsed. Because of that she was declared an SP because they couldn't ever admit that the Sea Org wrecked the Mission. Although Chris did do the obligatory 'conditions' and is now back in good standing, there is no Scientology Mission or Org currently in Fresno.

    > 74. Ivan Obilensky - CO AOLA

    Ivan was declared an SP when he was the Commanding Officer of AOLA. This was around 1986 or 87. Now with so many obviously unfair SP declares no one knows nowadays whether that was a justified SP declare. No one in the Scientology field believes SP declares any more. So many people have been declared SPs. The golden rods (all SP declares are issued on dark yellow paper) are so amateurish, with so many spelling and grammar errors and so many gross errors in simple logic that they are considered a joke by even teenage Scientologists. Sea Org members are considered to be dangerous and malicious or misguided. Recruiters have to go further and further afield to find loyal Scientologists who are outside the loop enough to believe the Scientology jingoist/victim line. Even though Scientologists don't rise up and do anything because they still think that a direct revolt would be futile, they do generally refuse to shun declared SPs, they are actively boycotting the Orgs and they especially council teenagers to go to college and to avoid joining staff.

    Ivan was married to Nancy. They had 4 children. Nancy is still on staff at AOLA. She has been married to Phil Christodoulou, who is from England. He is a very good auditor but had a lot of trouble writing the sessions up. He would do half a weeks worth of auditing and never write the sessions up, so he was taken off auditing. He is also a very good chef. I think he cooks now at the Manor hotel.

    Nancy has always looked very bedraggled and sad. Her children were almost abandoned by both parents. One of the children, Serge, became extremely out of control. He was running around with other Sea Org teenagers who were taking drugs and engaging in petty theft. Sasha is sort of semi-homeless. No job, no education, no prospects. When the kids were younger, Ivan left the Sea Org and completely abandoned his children. Nancy also has taken virtually no responsibility for her children. Executives in the Sea Org have looked the other way as children of Sea Org members have run amock, become juvenile delinquents, alcoholics, etc. Nancy for years has supervised the OT levels at AO. No one dares to ask how her children are. There are hundreds of Sea Org kids like this who work menial jobs because they have been handicapped by poor education inside the Sea Org, disrupted family relationships, parental irresponsibility which is fostered by the management of the Church. Indeed, Sea Org management punishes parents who try to spend time with their children. Any child who
    doesn't join the Sea Org at 16 is kicked out of the Complex and is left homeless to fend for him or herself. A few years ago it was a scandal that these kids would hang around skateboarding or playing around the Complex because they had no place to go. One or 2 would have an apartment around the area of the Complex and hold parties with heavy drinking and promiscuity. Late teens and early 20 somethings would have such low self-esteem that they didn't even have relationships but would have 'fuck-buddies' -- relationships for sex only. Most of these kids hate their parents and the Sea Org including a close relative of David Miscavige. Management instead of handling these children orders security to kick them out of the Complex area. One child of a very senior RTC Executive noisily left the Sea Org, was declared suppressive and her father has completely abandoned her and refuses to take any responsibility for the relationship.

    While the Church of Scientology has been putting Scientology through the Narconon Program into prisons to get people off drugs and Applied Scholastics has been putting tutoring programs and The Way to Happiness has been pushing Scientology into the society, the children of Sea Org members have been getting into drugs, poverty, illiteracy. At one time, about 10 or 12 years ago, a gang of Sea Org teenagers got out of control and were engaging in criminality, drug use and alcoholism. The Obelinsky kids were part of this group. Instead of getting the Sea Org parents to take time off to take care of their children, an order was put out to ban these kids from the Complex area. The Church is not only trying to help other groups it is grossly neglecting its own children. On top of that Management had the security guards throw these kids out. Kids whose parents were working in those buildings they were barred from! I am assigning Management the condition of Treason because of this. If they had any shred of decency they would apply Treason which is the proper condition and stop saying they know what is good for everyone else's children and for society when they have been dismal failures in raising their own kids. Because there was so much trouble from the Sea Org mishandling of child care Sea Org members currently are not allowed to have children. If they get pregnant they are pressured to have abortions. Several executives who have opposed pressure to either have abortions or to push abortions on pregnant Sea Org members have been RPFed (put in Scientology prison) for opposing abortion. The public in the L.A. area has a lot of upset about this.
    The Los Angeles field gossips continually about the problems of young people whose Sea Org parents neglected them or who left the Sea Org and are now handicapped by their lack of education and life skills. For example, a very high OSA executive at the Gold Base in Hemet who is originally from Holland had 2 children who she rarely saw who were raised in a Sea Org nursery facility in Europe. The daughter and son were dissuaded from contacting the father who was a disaffected Scientologist. The daughter, Jade, continually attempts to have some sort of relationship with her mother but her mother almost always rejects her. A few years ago when Jade got married her mother failed to attend the wedding which upset Jade.
    When children of Sea Org members reach 16 they have to either join the Sea Org or leave Sea Org facilities. This means that they are forced to join or they will have to live on their own often without any adult support or supervision. These kids often live together and take menial jobs because they don't have enough money to stay in school.

    There is a kid named Rocky from Australia whose mother works at OSA.
    The kid has been on his own since he was 16 because he refused to officially join the Sea Org. When he needed an operation he had to go to the County hospital as an indigent person and seek medical care. During this time his parents still didn't give him help or guidance.

    75. Paulette Otten - SO in PAC

    > 76. Richard Otten - FBO NW
    > 77. David Pearson - FBO Pubs US
    > 78. Nancy Phelps aka Nancy Schwartz - ASHO F/PAC SO
    > 79. Alan Prager - CO ASHO D

    Alan is still in the Sea Org. He now is at Flag. His wife, Ellen Prager, is the one who found that OT 5 was missing some steps. They are both highly trained, yet they both slavishly promote and accept the squirrel Golden Age of Tech.

    > 80. Dawn Prager aka Dawn Granger aka Dawn Greene - Public Off/CO ASHO D
    > 81. Cecilia Prefontaine - AOLA
    > 82. Kari Rask - FR NW
    > 83. Rosan Rich - Dir Inc Pubs US
    > 84. Sue Richeson - BSO ASHO D
    > 85. Barbara Rubio - was ordered but refused to report; was Snr C/S ASHO D

    She left the Sea Org in the mid-1990s. As a public, when the Golden Age of Tech came out she refused to do it, so they put out a public Golden Rod issue on her threatening to declare her suppressive if she didn't handle her 'out-ethics.' She went back in so that she wouldn't be declared and somehow was persuaded to re-join the Sea Org. She eventually did do the Golden Age of Tech, although from reports she was scowling the whole time. But then again, Barbara has rarely ever smiled. I was shocked when she became Senior C/S at ASHO/D at the time the Briefing Course had 700 students on it and Barbara was doing it she used to chew gum and also play the tapes at high speeds to get through the course faster. An issue came out later on condemning this called something like "L. Ron Hubbard is not Mickey Mouse." Barbara Rubio cared about her auditors and was always nice, although she is now probably being sucked into the Inquisition as Management gets more and more cruel.

    > 86. Mike Rubio - ASHO D HCO/Flag/FOLO WUS

    Mike Rubio used to be on staff at the New York Org in the 1970s. He was married to Susan Rubio. They both did the FEBC back then. Susan became the ED of the the NY Day Org and was very ruthless and cruel. Staff members who wanted to leave to do OT levels or go because their contract was finished were forced to remain on staff or be declared. She was in charge when 'crush regging' was going on. Many, many people on staff hated Susan and left staff because of her. Before she was the Executive Director she was married to Mike Rubio and was having an affair at the same time with Ken Krieger. Ken did a lot of crush regging. Susan is tall and blonde and good looking. Ken is also handsome – Robert Redford type. Mike Rubio was also handsome. I don’t think they did a threesome, Susan would just alternate – have sex with one, then the next night with the other. It was the ‘70s – free love era. Ken later became a very high up executive in Scientology senior management, he and Susan got married and Susan was at one time on the Board of Directors of the C of S or the RTC. Ken was also way up there ‘beyond the rainbow’ as they used to say. Mike Rubio left the Sea Org and now films depositions for lawyers for a living. He lives in Glendale, CA.

    > 87. Don Saito - Address Off ASHO D
    > 88. Elaine Savitsky - TTC ASHO D
    > 89. Vic Scelza - FOLOWUS
    > 90. Bobby Schaffner - ASHO F HCO/Address Off - now dead
    > 91. Ken Shapiro - Body Reg/ SHSBC Sup ASHO D

    Ken was one of the best Tours Registrars at one time and really expanded ASHO/D. He was sent to the RPF for unknown reasons -- probably unjustly. This ARCX the field because everybody liked him. When Sea Org management tries to crush and destroy the spirit of people like Ken it really ARCXs the field and makes people less willing to go into Orgs.

    > 92. Candace 'Candy' Sias - Pubs US
    > 93. Paul Sias - Pubs USS
    > 94. Michael Silverman - AOLA Registrar

    Mike Silverman resurrected the use of 'postulate checks' - people writing personal checks for large sums of money when they didn't have the money in the bank. He also (along with other Registrars) trained people on how to obtain large numbers of credit cards. The way you do this is to apply for 5 or 6 credit cards all in the same day. That way you can hoodwink the banks into giving you credit cards when they normally wouldn't if they feel you have too much credit extended to you.

    In order to control things, Mike and other Reges, especially the Flag Reges, would allow their pet FSMs to steal selectees from less well known FSMs. This has caused many, many flaps and much bitterness.
    These FSMs are referred to as 'shark FSMs' in the field. They are forever on the Briefing Course but they never complete. The sharks include Mitch Televi, Pat Parody and the worst, worst sharks: Wendy Ettricks and Joanne Schnitzer. They just blatantly steal FSM commissions. The Sea Org loves them. They are on the same wavelength. They both have been on the Briefing Course for 15 years but they are only trolling for fresh meat. They suck up to rich people in a really disgusting way.

    As a result of years of financial irregularities a lot of people declared bankruptcy and this created a major public relations flap between the Church and several credit card companies to the point where a person couldn't pay for Scientology services with certain credit card companies. This was such a big problem that the Church had to pay restitution to some credit card companies. Over the years phone registrars have called up people who have advanced payments on their accounts to ask them to take that money and use it to buy books to be placed in public libraries, etc. Of course, the libraries accept these books with a smile, but usually don't even put them on their shelves and later sell them for 25 cents or 50 cents with the plastic wrap still on them. It's usually library policy to
    only place books on the shelves that are in high demand. Scientology books generally get zero circulation, so they come off the shelves quickly and are either thrown away or sold for a few cents. But the bigger scandal about this is that this is a way for the Church to get rid of those advanced payment monies. It has been found that often ASHO phone solicitors are lying and have been transferring money from peoples' accounts for advanced payments to books when they never gave permission. You see, staff members get a commission on each book sold and some unethical staff have been depleting monies people have on their accounts without the person's permission. ASHO has extremely psycho accounting records and it is therefore unwise to give them any money in advance. What happens eventually is the Org staff are unhappy when older Scientologists come in because they are afraid that their financial crimes will be found out by these people who want to use the money that they think is still in their accounts. So the staff is sort of repelling the public because the public 'misses their witholds' - almost finds out about their crimes. Mike and Ruthie Silverman (now Ruthie Discher) at one time were married. Ruthie is still a Reg at ASHO. But does anyone know what happened to their very troubled son, David? When he was a teenager Ruthie was broken hearted about the fact that she was not able to give him the time and attention he needed when he was doing poorly in school and becoming a truant and getting into trouble. David would probably be about 40 years old now.

    > 95. Pat Silverman - AOLA Div 6
    > 96. Bill Skrifvars - HCO Area Sec ASHO D

    Bill is currently the Course Supervisor for the Briefing Course.
    > 97. Karen Spencer - FBO ASHO D
    > 98. Larry Spencer - FBO ASHO D
    > 99. Sheila Stankey - AOLA
    > 100. Andre Tabayoyon - AOLA
    > 101. Mary Tabayoyon - AOLA
    > 102. Leslie Thompson - Dissem Sec/CO ASHO D
    > 103. Ralph Toddhunter - ASHO F - wife Susan died of cancer
    > 104. Bob Toftness - TTC ASHO D

    Bob used to be the Class 8 supervisor at ASHO/D. She used to be married to Michal, an Israeli Scientologist who used to be the MAA at ASHO/D. They left the Sea Org and now have a day care center in the Wilshire district of L.A. About 10 years ago he went to proselytize Scn in India and was successful. Because the Sea Org hates ex-Sea Org members, they refused to acknowledge the work he did to open up India for Scientology and instead they gave the credit to Trey Lotz. Bob stayed there for about a year. Trey was only there for a short time. Sea Org executives made Bob agree not to talk about his experiences. Bob was very sad about all this. They have 4 kids and are still in good standing.

    According to reports Michal was a very decent ethics officer with common sense -- unlike the current whacko Heidi. Heidi takes ethics to an utterly surreal level of bizarreness. One Scientology person named Susan Hanasab has made a career out of being parasitic on certain field auditors. She promises to increase their business and does nothing but cause them trouble. One field auditor had a Chaplain cycle with Heidi. Of course, at ASHO the field auditor ALWAYS loses. Naturally, Susan, who was really in a condition of criminal exchange with the auditor came out victorious in this showdown. Logic did not prevail, common sense was non-existent, only illogic exists in this Through the Looking Glass org. Another example, Heidihas been known to say to an employee who writes a Knowledge Reportabout an out-ethics businessman like Richie Acunta or Reed Slatkin, "Oh,you can't write a KR on him! He's OT 7!" And she rips up the KR!!

    > 105. Ruthie Weissberg - PES ASHO D -- See the story about her under Mike Silverman.
    > 106. Carol Woodruff - AOLA
    > 107. Craig Wright - ASHO D Tech Div
    > 108. Suzanne Wright - Pubs US
    > 109. Stacy Young - RVY's wife
    > 110. Anne Zanier - FOLO WUS
    > 111. Loren Zanier - CESO

    > For every person I have named, there is another person whose face > I can recall but whose name I cannot, who was on the RPF. Sad...Makes> me angry.

    > Warrior

    [Now here's Roger's post of May 27, 2000, with my comments added in brackets:]
    FLAG ORDER 3476 - 5 12 July 1975

    2ND QUARTER 75

    LT. (JG) NIKKI MERWIN is promoted to LIEUTENANT (RA).
    MSM. LAUREL WATSON is restored in rank to LIEUTENANT (P).

    [Became Laurel Sullivan, LRH Pers PRO and later MCCS.]

    ENS. KERRY GLEESON is promoted to LIEUTENANT (P).
    ENS. LINDA HOLLING is promoted to LIEUTENANT (jg) (P).
    ENS. SAM LORIA is promoted ta LIEUTENANT (jg) (P).

    [I knew him when he was staff at AOLA.]

    W/O. SUSAN WALKER is promoted to ENSIGN (P).
    W/O JON HORWICH is restored in rank to ENSIGN (P).
    W/O VAL SMITH is promoted to ENSIGN (P) .

    [Didn't she marry Joe Lisa?]

    MSM. LIZ GABLEHOUSE is restored in rank to ENSIGN (P) .

    {Liz was an LRH Pers PRO or some such similar post.]

    AB. RICK MERWIN is promoted to WARRANT OFFICER (P) .
    MSM. DAWN PRAGER is promoted to WARRANT OFFICER (P).

    [I knew her when she held the posts of Public Officer ASHO Day, Commanding Officer ASHO Day, and then Safe Environment Fund staff. She was married to Alan Prager, ASHO Day Supercargo in 1975. They later divorced; Dawn married Peter Green, and Alan married Ellen Rockwell, a Case Supervisor at ASHO Day.]

    MSM. LIZ ADAMS is promoted to WARRANT OFFICER (P) .


    [Still in the Sea Org after all these years.]


    [Does anyone know if this is the same guy as the one-time Commanding Officer AOLA, Gary Epstein?]


    [I knew him in PAC; he was married to Bella Adams.]


    [Anyone know if Hunter is the maiden name of Pat Silverman?]


    PO1. BELLA ADAMS is prcmoted ta CPO (ADMIN).
    (Correction of promotion to PO2 on FO 3476-4.)

    [Chuck's wife; she has held many, many posts including Commanding Officer Cadet Org and CMO PAC Messenger.]

    PO1. TOM LYNCH ... CPO (DECK).

    [When I first met Larry (in 1975) he was Supercargo for ASHO Foundation. His wife, Renee Norton, was a registrar at ASHO Fdn in 1975. I understand Renee is once again Commanding Officer ASHO Foundation, a post she held back in the mid-70s. Larry and Renee were close personal friends of Bob and Louise Ealy during the mid-70s and early-80s.]


    [Al Boughton's wife.]
    Al Boughton is a very good guy -- he is still on staff at ASHO/F as the Briefing Course Supervisor.


    [He left the Sea Org; he started a graphics business, and he used to do lots of the layout of ASHO Day's promotional pieces. He's still in Scientology.]


    [I knew him because he was a friend of a very good friend of mine -- Patricia Marlene Burger. You can find info on Phil in connection with the Gray Moss Inn. Phil was president of Verona Properties.]


    [I was acquainted with him and his wife, Nancy, as well as one of Chris' very best friends, Geoff Levin.]



    [She held many posts over the years, including Commanding Officer ASHO Day and LRH Communicator ASHO Day, and LRH Comm. International. She is married to David Butterworth.]


    [Jim was Lynn Baldwin's husband. I didn't know him well.]


    [I believe this should be "Winfrey".]

    Bill Yaude was auditing Yvonne Jentzsche, the founder of Celebrity Center when she died of cancer. He was declared SP or RPFed because of this. He has been declared a number of times but he always comes

    Yvonne Jentzsche used to be married to Peter Gilham, who now owns a vitamin supply company. She later on married Heber Jentzsche. She was very much liked by the public in the '70s and '80s. She and Quentin Hubbard used to tour around the U.S. giving lectures and Yvonne would do group processing which everyone really liked. She used to be acknowledged as founder of the Celebrity Centers, but the current management doesn't acknowledge her.

    [Heh heh. Hi, Bill, you sporger and man of a thousand phony names! Seems Bill has an unhandled "valence" problem. I wonder if Bill has audited out all his "BTs" yet!! Ha ha.]

    Bob Veach, who had been a Sea Org auditor and Case Supervisor in the Sea Org for over 20 years at AOLA and was a kind and wonderful person, objected when a Sea Org issue came down eliminating family time. Bob was one of the best auditors and C/Ses that AO ever had. What happened after that was some trumped up charges were issued against Bob, he had a Comm. Ev. and was declared SP. He left the Sea Org with his wife and children. He did eventually get back in good standing but he keeps a very low profile. Once in a while you see his wife's name in promo for the Foothills Mission that is located near Glendale, California.

    This is reminiscent of what happened to Rocky Stump, hands down the most fantastic training Case Supervisor that Scientology ever had. He was destroyed by Hana Eltringham Whitfield who lied about him and basically ruined his career as a Scientologist back in the late 70s.


    [I met her first when she was staff at AOLA. She has held many posts too, including Commanding Officer ASHO Day and LRH Communicator. She's married to Jonathan 'Jono' Epstein, the FBO Reserves guy.]

    (Correction of promotion to PO2 on FO 3476-4.)

    [I believe this should be "Rigney", not "Wigney".]

    PO3. PAUL DAVIS ... PO1 (DECK).

    [I knew Sherry because she was Staff Hatting Officer ASHO Day. Some staff used to call her "the chunk" behind her back, due to her obesity.]

    PO3. BO JANSSON ... PO1 (ADMIN).

    [I first met him when he was married to Gretchen and held the post of Flag Service Consultant Western US.]


    [He was LRH Communicator at ASHO circa 1975. His name appears on at
    least one of my certificates.]

    David died a few years ago. He left staff and then died a few years
    later -- about 3 years ago.

    [Is this really a different person than the Roberta J. Wood listed below?]


    [He was Purser (Treasury Secretary) at Publications Org US. I think Ben had the hots for Pubs Org staff lady Cindy Byersley; he used to call
    her "Boobersley" due to her large bustline. Ben's name comes up on a
    search of IAS Patrons.]

    AB. MIKE GRAU ... PO1 (ADMIN).

    [Mike was the Director of Inspections and Reports ASHO Day (head of Department Three - Department of Inspections and Reports, which handles "ethics matters"). I was told two years ago by a former Sea Org member who
    also knew Mike, that Mike had gone blind as a result of an explosion while looking for gold in Nevada.]


    [Harold and his wife, Nicole, were staff at AOLA when I first met them.]

    Harold could be an extremely mean, nasty supervisor when he was supervising advanced courses at AOLA. He was often a psycho disciplinarian. For a while in the early '80s he mellowed out and was very, very nice. But in the 90s he was a jackass. Rumor (not substantiated) has it that he left the Sea Org and died of AIDS. Nicole Sims divorced Harold a long time ago. She left the Sea Org, too.


    [Skip Press' wife?]

    PO3. BOB RIGGS ... PO2 (ADMIN).

    [Hi, Mike!]

    PO3. GARY PRESS ... PO2 (ADMIN).

    [Is this the same guy as Skip Press?]

    PO3. KARL LIPTON ... PO2 (TECH).
    AB. PAM FISHER ... PO2 (TECH).
    AB. BILL RYAN ... PO2 (ADMIN).

    [Does anyone know if this is the lady who married Sam Loria?]


    [This is a typo on someone's part. The correct spelling is "Funnell". Bill was ASHO Fdn Sea Org staff who was married to Holly Funnell. Holly was a Div II "backlines" staff member (in the Letter Registration Section).]


    [Steve was a Sea Org member at ASHO Day and was posted in Division II. He married Leslie Thompson. Leslie has held many posts at ASHO Day, including Dissemination Secretary, Supercargo and Commanding Officer.]


    [Larry was the guy who wrote the issue "Cadet Org/Cadet Estates Org Establishment Eval". He was staff in PAC at the time.]


    [The correct spelling is "Ellingson"; he's the only guy I ever knew who had the middle name of just an initial -- 'X'. Jim had the misfortune of having been assigned "Treason" by the Assistant Guardian ASHO Day (Richard Deere) for *jaywalking*. This is mentioned in the Aides Order "The End of Cautiousness Eval.]

    Jim was married to Barbara Ellingson. She was one of the best auditors ever at ASHO/D. They were both very upstat yet Jim was sent to the RPF. They are both now out of the Sea Org and have some sort of sales jobs.


    [Glen was USGO Invest staff.]
    Is this Glen Balentine or Brad Ballentine. Brad was a very, very nice, sane person who worked for the G.O. in the 70s. He was very short - about 5 feet 1 or 2. Good looking.


    [I think this lady was the Chaplain at AOLA. I could be wrong.]

    AB. MIKE RUBIO ... PO3 (TECH).
    [I didn't know Mike back in 1975 because he was, I believe, Flag staff. He must have been married to Cathy before his marriage to Barbara Benjamin. Barbara had been married to Frank Benjamin, a registrar at ASHO Day. As an aside, Mike's picture was included in an issue of the Parade (a Sunday supplement to the Austin American-Statesman) a few years ago, as part of the cover story on how much money various American make.]

    Cathy Rubio married Mike Rubio after he divorced Susan Rubio Krieger.

    [Mike was a Sea Org recruiter posted at ASHO Foundation.]

    AB. RON NOE ... PO3 (ADMIN).

    [He was ASHO Foundation staff, if I recall correctly. I was only
    acquainted with him.]


    [I believe she was a registrar at ASHO Foundation in 1975, along with Bob Ealy, Carl Thompson and Renee Norton.]


    [Brian was Address Officer ASHO Foundation.]


    [This guy recruited me into the Sea Org at ASHO Day. He was Sea Org staff (Recruiter) at ASHO Day in 1975-76. His senior was Jack Dirmann, HCO Area Secretary ASHO Day.]


    [The correct spelling is "Savitsky". She was a Sea Org member at ASHO Day and was posted in the Tech Division. She was later ordered to the RPF. The order, published as an "Ethics Order ASHI Day" said she had "gone out 2-D with a psychiatrist while on her annual 3-week leave". (I have no idea whether this allegation was factual.) While on the RPF she formed a close relationship with my former boss, James 'Jim' Neal Chapman. They later blew the Sea Org together. Good choice!]


    [The correct spelling is "Schaffner". I worked with him in the Computer room at AOLA in 1983. Prior to that he was on the RPF, and prior to that he was an Ethics Officer at ASHO Foundation. He married Cindy Konieczky and had one child, Cara. After his divorce from Cindy, I understand he married Janice Mead.] Everybody liked Bob. He was one of the few really sane ethics officers. I think he died when a car ran into him while he was riding his


    [I knew Harry when he was Dir Comm USGO; he also worked part-time in the mid-70s at Optimum Press, which was owned by Scientologist
    Bob Mills.] Harry is no longer in the Sea Org. Also his sisters Barbara Springer andTeresa Weber are also out of the Sea Org.
    It is noted that 20 Sea Org Members of the 53 listed in FO 3476-4 (lst Quarter 75) as not being Able Bodied Seamen but otherwise qualified have since completed their AB requirements and have been duly promoted. The remaining 33 are urged to complete and submit applications for 25 Sept
    OSB Meeting.

    Following is this quarter's list of Sea Org Members who met all requirements
    for promotion except for their Able Bodied Seaman's Certificate (requirement
    for promotion,. FO 3325, 3 May 73) and will be duly promoted upon presentation with evidence of having done so to the OSB Flag before
    the next OSB Quarterly Meeting on 25 September, 75.


    [Kitty's husband?]


    [I believe 'Beth' was staff at FOLO WUS or CESO. I'm not sure which, but in any event, she was Sea Org staff *somewhere* in PAC.] Beth is no longer in the Sea Org.


    [Joe was a Sea Org member at Cedars Estates Service Org when I first met him. He was married to Elizabeth 'Beth' Bueno, also a Sea Org member.] Joe is still on staff. He's the Reg at the LA Org.

    Enid Byrne had been a Reg at AOLA for about 20 years. She recently
    died of throat cancer. A memorial service was held for her at the
    AOLA atrium. 600 people came.

    [Enid is a long-time Sea Org member who is (or was, at least) married to James Byrne. Enid was a registrar at AOLA. She even managed to talk me into paying some money onto account at AOLA for my "upper levels".]


    [Annie was a registrar at ASHO Day in 1975-76. She was "offloaded" as a "Potential Trouble Source".]


    [Sarah was AOLA staff when I first met her. I believe she was married to Billy Strasser, who was Chief Officer ASHO Day in 1975. Billy later married a lady named Jenny. I have seen Billy's name recently on a list of completions. He is at least a Class VII, OT VII trained on the Apollo.]

    Sarah Strasser was the Senior C/S at AOLA back in 1975-76. She was very mean and cruel. She was arrogant and if her stats were Down she would scapegoat people to keep herself out of trouble. If there Was some flap over a preclear or Pre-OT and someone from Flag wanted to investigate She would make sure that the folder would disappear forever. She left the Sea Org and became the manager of the Shaw Health Center. She was declared Suppressive but stayed working at Shaw and told them that she would sue them if They fired her. It was very weird. Oh – she married Eric Urgens so at this period Of time she was known as Sarah Urgens.


    [Sue was the Class VIII Course Supervisor at ASHO Day in the mid-70s. She was married to John Mustard, who was Manufacturing Secretary at Publications Org US. After leaving the Sea Org, Sue Rawlings took a job as manager of the Shangri-Lodge apartments across the street from Celebrity Center in Hollywood. Sue has two daughters who are also Scientologists: Kelly and Wendy.]


    [I knew Bob pretty well. He was a registrar at ASHO Foundation when I first met him in 1975. He was married to Louise Ealy, who at that time,
    was Supercargo ASHO Foundation. Bob was sent to the Guardian Office World Wide for finance training in the late 70s. Shortly after his return to LA, he and his then wife, Louise Ealy left the Sea Org. I have several personal letters from Louise from the days when they lived in Homeland, California, not far from Hemet. Sadly, Bob and Louise are divorced now.]


    [I believe this is the lady who married Fred Schwartz.]


    [She was married to Frank Clark, a fellow Sea Org member at AOLA.]


    [I knew Vic when he was Director of Income USGO.]


    [Ingeborg was a Flag Evaluator. Her name may be seen as author of the Aides Order "The End of Cautiousness Eval" regarding ASHO Day.]

    Officer's Selection Board Flag
    Chairman: Capt. W.B. Robertson (RA)

    [This is Captain Bill Robertson. I first met him circa 1976 at ASHO.]

    Secretary: Cmdr. Joan Robertson (RA)

    [This is Bill's wife at the time.]

    Member: Lt. Allen Buchanan

    [I believe he was Commodore's Staff Aide for Division One - HCO.]

    Approved by
    L. Ron HUBBARD

    [Corrections to my comments are welcomed. God knows after 27 years
    memories do *sometimes* tend to fade.]

    Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
  18. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron


    If I understand Jeffrey Augustine's article correctly, even if the RPF were conducted legally, the only people who would have the official authority to assign someone to it or manage it would need to be an employee or acting on the direction of an employee of the specific legal church entity to whom that individual was employed.

    I am not an attorney but it strikes me that the perfect organizational defense which deflects all legal liability for civil lawsuits from the organization would by definition shift all the liability exposure to the individuals. Maybe a legally established organization can be free of all liability or the individual can - but not both.

    If a Comm-Ev or RPF assignment is conducted by or ordered by people who are not part of your employing organization, but the outcome directly effects the status of your employment and pay, then doesn't that mean those individuals and their respective organizations are exercising hierarchical control over your employer and therefor share legal liability?

    Insanity: the inability to associate or differentiate properly. (Scn 8-8008, p.44)

    (This is a partial post. Please see link for full text}

    If the Sea Org doesn’t legally exist, how does it run Scientology?

    Last week, Underground Bunker contributor Jeffrey Augustine began explaining to us the essential structure of the fiction known as “the Church of Scientology.” This week, he dives even deeper, examining how the Sea Org really runs things even though it doesn’t exist, legally. Confused? That’s exactly the point. Scientology’s byzantine internal structure was intended to make it difficult to follow lines of responsibility as a defense against lawsuits or government investigations. But sense can be made of things, and we’re fortunate that Jeffrey has this stuff down cold…

    Colloquial.jpg No org bd.jpg

    The deceptis visis cited by the US Claims Court in 1992 thus becomes apparent: In order to achieve a unity of command over the legally separate and independent Scientology religious corporations and their employees, the Sea Org exists as the secret governing body of the Church of Scientology. Therefore, whoever commands the Sea Org commands the Church of Scientology. This person, at present, is Captain David Miscavige.

    The Sea Org is like the Mafia: It exists and it operates and controls the Church of Scientology, However, Scientology and its lawyers have made it virtually impossible to prove that Sea Org members derive any power whatsoever from their ceremonial ranks in a symbolic and legally nonexistent religious order. Again, to reiterate what we discussed in our last essay, David Miscavige’s attorney Wallace Jefferson declared in 2014 in Rathbun v. Miscavige et. al.:

    Plaintiff asserts that Mr. Miscavige exercised control because he leads the Sea Organization, a religious order within Scientology. But the “Sea Org” is not a corporate entity; it has no physical or legal existence. It is not incorporated or established pursuant to legal formalities. It has no constitution, charter or bylaws, and no formal or informal ecclesiastical, corporate, or other management structure. It has no directors, officers, managing agents, or other executives; no employees, staff members, or volunteers; no income; no disbursements, no bank accounts or other assets; no liabilities; no stationery; no office, home, address, or telephone number. It does not create or maintain any financial, personnel, or other records. It can neither give nor receive orders because it has no one to either give or receive them or to carry them out. It cannot sue or be sued. The evidence Mrs. Rathbun has submitted fails to establish a prima facie basis for an alter ego finding, because none of it involves the defendants’ purported contacts relating to this suit, nor does any of it speak to the organizations’ current practices.
    — Per David Miscavige and his attorneys, there is no such organization as the Sea Organization.
— Per David Miscavige’s attorney Wallace Jefferson, the Sea Org cannot have any members or volunteers.
— There can be no “religious commitment” to the Sea Org because the Sea Org does not exist to be committed to.
— The Sea Org cannot have volunteers as the Sea Org does not exist to volunteer for.
— The Sea Org has no address and does not exist anywhere. Neither you or I nor anyone else can mail a letter to the Sea Org.
— Sea Org members sign a “religious commitment” that is craftily worded so as to say nothing about the Sea Org being an actual organization:
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  19. Leland

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    I am not a lawyer.

    But I have posted about this issue before.

    There is Legal Precedent that "unincorporated associations..." can be sued as an entity.

    It doesn't matter that the Sea Org is an unincorporated Fraternal organization.....IMO, they could be sued.

    Here is just one Legal Reference that covers this topic:
  20. Leland

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