Part 2 -How many people went Type III (ie. had a Psychotic Break) in your org?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Karen#1, Jan 9, 2016.

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  1. lotus

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    If she is still alive , it is likely she is entitled to her royalties.
    In the event, she became incapable, someone must manage it on her behalf ????

    Also, what PRS and MCPS did and are doing with her royalties they collect ???

    Shall be a good source of information to start with..when you are alive, you need your money :confused2:
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    Likki ( Christina 'Licorice' McKechnie ) :

    At Woodstock:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Live performance, 1970
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    Likki McKechnie


    Rose Simpson

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    Here is the story of an unnamed woman written in the comments section over at the Bunker earlier today:

  7. lotus

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    And they dare to hold a permanent horror museum called the industry of death!


    $cientology: Industry of ?????

    Mental breakdowns ? Cancer? suicide ? despair ? family disconnections ?
    making of ennemies ? Entities stucked on you ? In you? Bancrupties ?
    Slave labour? false imprisonement?
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  8. Warrior

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    Re: How many people went type III in your org?

    Beginning in early 1997 when I was doing work for attorney Kennan Dandar on the Lisa McPherson wrongful death civil suit, one of the first things I did was to find some of the staff I knew in PAC who had been subjected to Hubbard's Introspection Rundown, aka Baby Watch.

    The first Baby Watch victim I ever wrote about publicly was in a post I made to alt.religion.scientology. I posted about a female friend who had been staff at Publications Organization US and Bridge Publications, Incorporated. Her treatment by her handlers had been VERY BRUTAL, almost resulting in her death.

    When I made my post to a.r.s. detailing my knowledge of her treatment, I did use her first name but only used the first letter of her last name. I referred to her as Terry F. I also mentioned that she had a son named Ryan and a husband named Rick. I made my post in hopes that she or a lurker would see it, come forward, and contact me with information regarding her current whereabouts. My goal was to get her in touch with Kennan Dandar. I succeeded. She did make contact with Kennan and me.

    On a.r.s., a whole lot of nastiness and personal attacks on me ensued, primarily instigated by Phil Scott's insane lies, his accusations of me being a member of OSA or working for Scientology's Office of Special Affairs, how I was intentionally trying to "spin her in" all over again, how I had "black PR'd" Terry, etc.

    If anyone cares to read the posts, they can probably be retrieved from Google's alt.religion.scientology archive. Terry even got involved in the discussions on a.r.s. (using the nick "madwog") and unfortunately attacked me saying that we had never been friends, and that my recollection of what I saw didn't happen the way I recounted it.

    Considering that I knew Terry and her husband well enough to spend time with them together at the Child Care Org at the Annex (on N. Bronson Avenue) during family time, and the fact that I personally prepared Rick and Terry's 1980 Federal Income Tax return, and the fact that I contracted with Rick for him to make a gold wedding band for me, and that I worked with Terry and Rick for a few years while we were all in the Sea Org, it was a very strange thing (and in some way hurtful) for her to tell me that we "never had been friends". I had a hard time understanding WHY she would say such a thing until I learned that Terry had been on a permanent Social Security disability ever since her abusive Baby Watch in early 1981, with forced drugging and isolation in the Cedars of Lebanon Main Building top floor.

    All the best,
    Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
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    Re: How many people went type III in your org?

    The following is a quote from Terry, the source of which I will not link as it would identify her:

    I have backed you up before on this matter, Warrior as I was one of Pubs US staff dragooned into guarding her in a large utility closet on the seventh floor Main Building during that "baby watch" and an eyewitness to the dreadful condition she was in at that time.

    A couple of weeks after she was abruptly released from the baby watch and discharged from staff (the result of a lawsuit threat from her mother, IIRC), I chanced to meet her on Fountain Ave. near the south staircase. It was extremely difficult to speak with her as she was still "spinning" with voices speaking to her and similar manifestations.

    We had been friends at Pubs US before her psychotic break. I maintained a calm and friendly demeanor despite the alarming "originations" and this seemed to bring her "into present time" long enough to speak. In the end, I could only reassure her that we were still friends and that I still cared about her before going back to my duties. When I left, she was more or less coherent, but I have no idea how long that lasted.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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    Re: How many people went type III in your org?

    Thank you, Michael.

    For the record -- again -- I have never had anything but compassion and love for Terry, as I do with all victims of Scientology's Introspection Rundown with its mandated isolation and drugging.

    I first posted about Terry's ordeal around 20 years ago, and in my post I intentionally did not state her last name out of respect for her privacy. Posts made to the Internet by people other than me can take responsibility for that, but it is a lie to try to pin her "outing" on me. I did not begin to post to alt.religion.scientology until 1996 because prior to then, I had no laptop and no internet connection.

    For Terry to have stated, "It is my understanding that all but one of these stories about me come from one person, who also falsely claimed to have
    been friends with me" is completely understandable due to the fact that her memory of events has most certainly been scrambled by the drugs that were administered to her. And, on top of that, Phil Scott fed her a bunch of bullshit.

    My first post to a.r.s. (as "Miss X") was in September of 1996. See

    August of 1995 -- over a full year before I made my post about Terry -- both Exotic Magazine and The Willamette Week had already reported Terry's ordeal (, even using her last name . Their reporting also included the name of Richard Fisher, the Assistant Guardian for Pubs Org US, who was involved in her watch.

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    Re: How many people went type III (ie. had a Psychotic Break) in your org?


    I didn't know she died, she came over to my house numerous times. Kind of sad now
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    This interesting. Wikipedia says: Status...Missing for 27 years, 9 months and 11 days

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