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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Bobthelearneruk, May 6, 2019.

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    Well, my dears, I know that you have missed me for several weeks, but I have been at Death's Door with heart arithma (sp) and Pneumonia. Thanks to modern medicine, my life is saved. I am home and drugged up good. So, I thought that I would mention that I have had some auditing from the great guru, L Ron Hubbard. In the early 50s in Phoenix, he hooked me up to the plumbing stacks and ran some kind of 'implants'. I dunno what he was doing. Scared me. Then, in about August of 1956, he ran me on a Goals process. I happily supplied my goal, and he acknowledged me with "Oh, No. I have heard that one before." The day after that session, I had turned a bright yellow color, and I threw up for a couple days. Although I went back to the D.C. org, I never let him audit me again. I attended some Congresses there, but no more org services. It wasn't too long after that that I resigned from scn. the first time. This was because of his naming his loyal staff "Communists". I went back onto Mission lines in the early 60s. This was at Red Shea's Center, before Missions and before Alan Walter came along.
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    You did WONDERFULLY cheekily . . . :p
  3. RogerB

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    Hey maybe there is a course in this? . . . how could we pitch it? Umm, a course on "How not to be a stupid prick and stick your "whatever" in where and with what should not be so you don't get your balls shot off?"

    Following the Hubbard model one could make a killing salvaging this sector of the universe saving folks from having their balls shot off!! :p
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    Yeah, that sounds about right.:sing: