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    I have the sad news news to report that Per Schiottz has died.

    Per was one of the most fun, ethical, sane and effective individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

    As a fellow sailor, competitive athlete and player with hats, Per and I shared many interests.

    Obituary over Per Schiøttz 1939, Sep 19 -2018, Dec 12.
    by Rolf Dane
    It is with deep sorrow that I have to announce that Per Schiøttz died a few hours ago as I write: Wednesday Dec 12, 2018 at 15:25. He slept in peacefully at Rigshospitalet.
    He was a great friend and a very active man until he recently fell ill. His great appetite on life persisted despite he wasn’t in good health. This fall he had planned to visit a client and friend in Las Vegas, USA, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, with whom he was cooperating on several life-coaching projects. Due to the illness he had to cancel. Before his recent illness, Per had for years suffered from diabetes and had had a bypass heart operation about 14 years ago.
    His death followed a fall he had on his bicycle in September and originally it only seemed like a minor concussion. However, the 19th of November he was committed to the National Hospital (Rigshospitalet). Upon examination it was found that he had gotten a lesion to the brain that had resulted in a tiny internal bleeding. He was operated for that and it seemed the operation was successful. He seemed again full of life and showed all signs of his characteristic vitality.
    However, something had gone wrong and the operated area was apparently infected. He had to have another operation and was put under induced sedation after the operation. We prayed for his life, his sister, Nina; his girlfriend, Lise; myself and others.
    At some point he was again conscious and brought to the sitting room in the hospital. He was reported to be extremely angry – and even a hospital psychiatrist was called to calm him down. I see that as a sign of sanity as he was extremely unhappy over his physical situation. He was in a wheelchair and couldn’t move his right side. He soon after fell unconscious again and left the body a few days later. As he stated in a poem (quoted at the end) he saw death as a new beginning and an old disabled body as a burden, described as ‘a ton’ you want to lose.
    I have known Per since boyhood. We were both keenly interested in sailing and yachting and Per was a stellar yachtsman in all kinds of boats. He qualified to compete in the Olympics in a dinghy class called Flying Dutchman. He didn’t go as he was about doing his final exam as a naval architect. This was before professional sports and national grants to athletes. Another team went and they won a silver medal (Rome, 1960).
    One of Per’s fondest memories was his participation in a cross-Atlantic race. It started in Rhode Island (“We had lobster for breakfast every morning”) and ended in Denmark (Skagen). He had to help prepare the ship for the voyage, test-sail the large sailing yacht and finally be part of the small crew on its memorable sea travel.
    In his early years he also played bandy (a form of ice-hockey) and was part of the national bandy team.
    Later I got to know Per on a more personal level. We became friends and brothers-in-law as he married my sister, Janne. This was around 1966. He had finished his education as a naval architect and was working at Denmark’s Technical University, testing and modifying ship designs before they went into production. While still studying, he learned to play the organ in a historic setting – in the same church the famous baroque composer, Buxtehude, had served and composed in.
    In 1968 we both got interested in Scientology. This was 1968, the year famous for the revolution of the youth, Flower Power and so on (Ungdoms Oprøret). As usual, Per didn’t do anything halfheartedly but took a professional education as a life-coach and auditor and worked for 10 years as a contracted Advanced Org auditor, doing Power Processing, OT reviews and NOTs auditing. Before that he had served as an executive director of Copenhagen Org; and there he first met Captain Bill Robertson – then commanding officer for all of Europe. He also worked for 2 years in a Franchise in Birkerød, Denmark with an old-timer South African franchise holder, Joan Schneehage.
    Around 1983 he left official Scientology and started with many friends an independent Free Scientology Center in Copenhagen (Hjortekær) and he was the leading technical person upon whom the group depended. He corresponded and worked together with Captain Bill Robertson (“Captain Bill”), who developed the Excalibur tech and the ‘Rons Org Upper Bridge’. Per delivered this groundbreaking tech in Copenhagen.
    At some point the Hjortekær-group stopped operating and Per started a center called Foreingen for Levende Filosofi (the Association for Living Philosophy). Then he became part of a management know-how company (Ressource Group, headed by Niels Kjellerup). They delivered training to commercial companies – in communication, cooperation and efficiency.
    When he was in his late fifties he had put all these “follies” of changing the world behind him and applied for a job as chief harbor master for several marinas, located on his home turf as a yachtsman. As harbormaster he got a villa right on the beach in the most expensive part of Greater Copenhagen (Bellevue Beach). He enjoyed overseeing the harbors and renewed many friendships with yachtsmen. Acquaintances included the Royal family (Prins Henrik, the Queen’s husband and Crown prince Frederik) and Mærsk Mc-Kinnny Møller (the owner of the word’s largest container shipping company). The ship owner several times asked Per to join him for a cruise as he enjoyed Per’s company.
    Per retired from the position as harbormaster when he turned 70. In 2015 an old ‘customer’ from the harbor, an English business man and millionaire, invited Per to UK, all expenses paid. The English gentleman had arranged a glorious party that celebrated his crew and his time in the Copenhagen ports, and Per was the guest of honor and he met up in his old brassy uniform as a chief harbormaster.
    After Per retired he took up his other old love, life-coaching and auditing. He built up a practice based on old clients and word-of-mouth. He went, for example, to the UK to help a special client. He had also clients coming from overseas to Denmark to seek his guidance. He developed over the years several groundbreaking life-coaching techniques, including his ‘Freedom and Integrity Tools’, his ‘Handling of Mental Masses’ and other techniques. He co-developed a technique called Balancing with chief-developer, Torben Staal.
    In 2015 he participated in our DEEP Clearing training and became part of our Ability One Group. Per and I worked for several years closely together, developing advanced techniques, materials and processes. We were especially exchanging coaching sessions, applying old and new techniques on each other for testing and mutual benefits. We also did several health fairs together, presenting our methods to the public.
    Besides being a naval architect and an expert life-coach, Per was also a gifted craftsman. He was, as a hobbyist, a silversmith, an architect, a model boat builder, a graphic artist and a poet.
    Per, you will be missed by many. By your sister, Nina; your girlfriend, Lise; and the family and friends – as well as of me and your many friends in the Freezone, here in Denmark and overseas.
    Per had no children.
    As a conclusion I will bring your poem “Death – a New Beginning” as it expresses in the most personal way how you perceive death – an optimistic view you share with many of your friends.
    Death, a new beginning
    By Per Schiøttz, August 8, 2010
    Come play with me - there is no loss
    Why fight it now – why do be cross
    Why fight a war – already won
    Free yourself – and lose a ton
    Let them go – those chafing bonds
    Need no more – survival funds
    Be a Being – go be free
    Free yourself – from eternity
    Don’t count the losses – look anew
    They ARE Beings – all like you
    They don’t have time – but only love
    Or bodies, no – they are above
    Playing then – a greater game
    Freedom to – a higher aim
    Creating now – again a Rock?
    Maybe you like – to be a wog
    Spirit novice – oh no my friend
    New life again – will not transcend?
    Oh brother, come – my sister, too
    There is no change – was always you
    The knowing you – just played a game
    The real you – come, light your flame
    Regain your knowledge – with no fight
    You my love – just pure delight
    You will decide – a better game
    It never will – be just the same
    But will be ours – without no-know
    Our creation – with no forgo
    The utmost joy – and happiness
    Will now be – self made bliss
    Don’t fear it now – we will be fine
    Your greatest love – is just divine
    And all, they add – their love sublime
    And now again – a new playtime
    Is this then new – this very freedom?
    No my love – you are a phantom
    Play this game – forever more
    Just have wins – and please, galore
    When you decide – we meet again
    In our own – dimension then
    Per Schiøttz, 2010.
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  2. JustSheila

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    I'm sorry you lost your friend and a loved brother-in-law, Roger. :heartflower:

    This is a lovely Tribute and I'm sure he would have appreciated it. :rose:
  3. RogerB

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    Sweetness . . . It was Rolf Dane that wrote the obituary and who was Per's brother-in-law.

    Though just the same, Per was beloved by many; a delight to have known.
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  4. Meja Deja

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    Hello Roger
    Thank you so much for posting this. I was so sorry to hear these sudden and unexpected news and am so sorry still. Could you tell me, is there a way I can reach Rolf Dane? There is something I would like to send to him.
    To Per: We love you Per! Fare you well!
  5. RogerB

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    Meja, here: "Rolf Dane" <>