Petition to Investigate Scientologies Tax Exempt Status

Discussion in 'Breaking and Major News about Scientology' started by Tilly, Oct 24, 2017.

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  1. Teanntás

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    From today's Los Angeles Times

    Op-Ed In the world of religious tax exemptions, does Scientology measure up?

    The church’s response to this rap sheet is always the same: Ex-Scientologists are “disgruntled” dissidents motivated by greed. But when so many people tell nearly identical horror stories of exploitation, manipulation and brutality, it warrants something more than harsh media scrutiny. It warrants government action.

    Like big tobacco, Scientology is peddling a dangerous product hazardous to public health. It should be taxed as such.
  2. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    It is encouraging to see articles where the writer has such a clear and comprehensive understanding of Scientology. This is where the Scientology brand is at now. It's toxic and I don't see any path back to a fuzzy nebulous past where people might be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. Los Angeles is the true seat of Scientology, not Clearwater, and the L.A. Times has been too subdued about this for too long. It's time they stepped up.