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Discussion in 'ESMB Public Announcements' started by Moderator 2, Mar 17, 2008.

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    Posting to ESMB

    As there is often in excess of 500 posts per day on ESMB, it is important to post in the correct categories so that posts can be easily found.

    Please take a moment before creating a new thread to check if the subject is already being discussed, then add to that thread rather than starting a new one. Also checking that threads are in the most relevant category, for example Picketing or Videos, rather than General Discussion, would be appreciated. :)

    This will lighten the load for moderators, thankyou!
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    A timely bump. :)
  3. Gib

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    I agree.

    There are so many new treads being developed daily from people wishing to express their experiences, which I totally agree with that they express themselves for in the COS one could not.

    But, the added so many new treads takes away from the great old treads that expressed real insight. And as a result, those old treads die away making them harder to find.

    for example, CIC could post the Mike Rinder blog all under one tread, the Tony O under one tread, etc. Just an idea. I love it that CIC does what CIC does.
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  4. Gizmo

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  5. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    It would be nice if there were a more comprehensive way to assess thread value. They are searchable by Replies or Views but these can be influenced by the age of the thread as much as it's relevance or value.

    A summary listing of total thread Likes, LOLs, Disagrees, WTFs, etc. might help.

    What would be excellent would be a 1 - 10 rating for things like Analysis, Humor, History, etc. by accumulated post rating or by thread rating.
  6. WildKat

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    A note from the Spelling Nazi (me)....

    Sorry Gib, don't mean to pick on you. I'm only noting this since the word was spelled wrong five times above.

    Tread = what is on your tires
    Thread = A string of sequential messages grouped by subject/title on a Message Board.

    Used in a sentence "People would rather start new threads than take the time to look up old threads to read and add to."
  7. Gizmo

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    I can take of him if you want. it'd be professional.
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