Praise for Scamizdat on Marty's blog

Discussion in 'MartyWorld' started by Zhongjianren, Jul 24, 2011.

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  1. Zhongjianren

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    Praise for Scamizdat on Marty's blog.

    The following may be of interest to the OG of the First Internet Intifada against the Church of Scientology during the ARS days.

    Ironically, the "Copyright Terrorists" of the ARS days created the environment where the Independent Movement could later rise by undermining the official Church of Scientology's monopoly on the "Tech," and thereby helped to preserve the "Tech" by spreading it far and wide.
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    But the linked article doesn't say who scamizdat was, just that his identity was not revealed until after his death.
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    True. And, isn't scamizdat the name dreamed up by Grady Ward for a collection of Scientology writings posted on ARS by a bunch of people courtesy of the Fishman Affidavit?
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    Scamizdat was my old friend Joe Harrington, Joe was the one who mailed me many of the affidavits that I scanned and ocr'd in 1994 and 1995, culminating in the Fishman affidavit.

    In spring 1994, I posted to usenet a Hello my name is.. any old freinds out there? and I got a reply from Joe, whom I knew when I was 17 and just getting involved in $cientology at FCDC...

    On his death bed, dying of pancreatic cancer, he said "I am Scamizdat" this is at the bottom of his memorial page, webbed here since the time he passed away:

    Joe Harrington Memorial Page
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    I forgot or never knew Joe was Scamisdat. I took Karin Spaink and Zenon Parnousis to dinner and drinks nearly ten years ago to congratulate then on putting upper levels effectively in the public domain. Pallet loads were exported by the Swedish courts. Also
    the Freezone Bible association among other things posted the complete briefing course tapes to ACT some time after.

    Currently Clearbird has a re written text of the bridge up to OT 4
    on Freezoneearth. Never successfully attacked by the CO$.

    Also by virtue of Karen and Zenon's pioneering efforts Rons orgs
    have a server in Holland with most of the tech. CO$ can no longer challenge such matters in Holland where religious freedom trumps

    Then there is Wikileaks and anons.
  7. Lermanet_com

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    Add FACTNet's director,Bob Penny, who scanned all the HCOB's.. this was why the FACTNet case had to settle.. there were ten thousand HCOB's.. and even with DEMINIMIS FINDING OF $500, THAT WAS A SHITPOT OF MONEY...

    Damn caps lock... and Jeff Filburt's Excalibur Revisited - that went to OT7 and was a complete rewrite of all the entire 'bridge" and Jeff filed his copyright on it one month before RTC filed their, and his copyright has never been challenged by Scientology because he had a letter from Ron saying that he could do as he wished with the entire bridge.... He was the last guy RTC deposed in Erlich's case before they settled with Dennis.

    And re Joe saying he was scamizdat... Joe prefered to operate anonymously, perhaps he was the first ANONYMOUS....(grin)
  8. Well...God bless them all , wherever they are! :happydance:
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    Jeff Filbert had a letter from Ron :lol:
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    Bill Ryan of Project Camelot also helped get some of the scientology materials posted in the early days. He continues to spread truth and be harrassed for it.
  11. Lermanet_com

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    No. Scamizdat posted stuff long before Grady ward came along with his bad mouth.

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    Wow. I never knew that Joe was Scamizdat. Interesting.