Psychotherapy, then Zen, or Magick, or Yoga

Discussion in 'Human Potential, Self Discovery' started by Veda, Sep 17, 2017.

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    In 1937 a book titled, 'The Middle Pillar', by Israel Regardie was published.

    Wrote Regardie:

    [Psycho-therapeutic] Analysis is the logical precursor of spiritual attainment and Magical experiment... Not until the mind and the emotional system have been cleansed and unified by the cathartic process... can the full spiritual benefits of magical work be reflected into the mind of man.

    ...We should remember the parables of the archaic philosophical religions whose fundamental tenet was that within man was a spirit, a dynamic center of consciousness which, because of its contact and association with matter, had been plunged into a profound sleep, a kind of somnambulism...

    By endeavoring to extend the horizon of consciousness, to enlarge the field of awareness so as to embrace what previously was unconscious, is obviously a logical method. To become aware of all our actions, our thoughts and emotions and unsuspected motives, to regard them in their true light as actually they are and not as we would like them to be or as we would wish an onlooker to perceive them. It requires, to take this step, an extraordinary degree of honesty and courage... The more of this suppressed and forgotten material stored in this at one time unknown or dormant side of our nature that can be raised to the clear light of day, by exactly so much do we awake from the inert stupor into which we have in the past been plunged.


    It's very likely that Hubbard read these words.

    Of course, Hubbard added brainwashing methodologies.​
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    Very interesting note of yours above Veda. It speaks to the point that a lot of knowledge relating to our true spiritual existence and recovery of correct alignment in the game of life has been addressed by sensible people for a good many years.

    This is a post I put up on my Knowledgism Practice Forum just this morning . . . note the points "Fairness" made about the stupid and dangerous Scientology address to this subject (note also the lady did Capt. Bill's highest level OT stuff and is a qualified medical doctor).

    Today at 08:06:18 AM

    This below was posted by our beloved "Fairness" in the Codee's section of our forum. On reading it, I find it has very valuable information in it for you active non-Codees . . . and to which I will add. In particular, I'll be adding to Fairness's point that the old Cof$'s nonsense did contain many, many errors and misdirectors.

    For you guys not familiar with our Fairness, she is by way of profession a medical doctor who only speaks Spanish, hence her posts can appear a little disjointed to we native English speakers because Fairness writes in Spanish and uses Google translator to present to us her insights in English.
    About MASS Yesterday at 03:34:15 PM
    I had not realized how wrong I was with the Scientology issue until today. [​IMG]

    To contextualize a little I want to tell you that a long time ago, I would say years, after auditing or processing, studying or having a big gain, after the experience of "Presence" for a while, I had a headache, discomfort in my body , I felt the beating of my heart in my head, sometimes dizziness. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I Tried to handle this in multiple ways for a long time. As a doctor, I began to think about problems of Arterial Hypertension, head tumors, electrolyte disorders, in many cases "Diseases" and when I was studying them ... I could not find anything. [​IMG]

    I came to the conclusion that very surely they were things of my case to which I still did not have access to handle them or deaccesed them. [​IMG]

    After meeting with KN 9 months ago and starting my "Detoxification of Scientology and my famous and incredibly useless OT levels," I began to find correct indications and processes that were handling and improving my case. [​IMG]

    Entering the KN forum is like entering a magical world full of multiple doors that show multiple outputs.
    Frankly, sometimes I want to be able to spend all my time studying everything I want to study there and to clean everything I have to clean up from my case. [​IMG]

    The forum is like the house of Hansel and Gretel for those who love the sweet. )? )?

    There are very basic processes in the forum, but given my lack of humility in front of this, today I realized that I have invalidated basic, very basic initial processes. For example, following my headache, and after looking for which process to apply, I found:

    "What to Process and When To Process It"
    Not that I had not seen it before.
    I saw it, but I had my interest and attention in other things of my case at that moment.
    Yesterday I read it again. And I was stunned: in fact there was the answer to my current state of case.
    "The purpose of ALL Knowledgism processes and exercises is to unburden the case enough so that the above prime targets can come to view and be fully handled to Cause Indicators".
    The MAJOR TARGET, at all times, is to get the MASS, and handle it. For this is what prevents the Being from making their intention or postulates work".

    I began to understand why I could only "SEE" the word "MASA" so far.
    It is so VITAL this writing, that practically DEFINE the great differences between SCN and KN.
    And I was "sitting" "very comfortably" in "ALL THE SIGNIFICANCE" of SCN auditing.
    I had not seen "THE MASS". Or did not want to see it.
    This gave an impressive turn to what was coming processing. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This responded, after processing a HUGE MASS, to the concerns and symptoms that I used to present after an AE. That is, my body symptoms were largely the product of that mass. And I've been carrying it all this time. Well, I'm not going to tell you more about my case now.
    And to finish with a gold clasp and lower it to one of the cloud where it is; so ends this Alan:

    "It appears the bigger the being, the greater the quantity of case that needs to be run and handled"
    My purpose here is to emphasize the importance of continuous study, clean slate, perseverance in processing and study, and the importance of having or reacquire that valuable "Importances evaluation" tool to learn to know "What to Process and When To Process It".
    I am finally understanding the concept of Time, Space and Now MASS.
    Basic, basic.
    Thank you forever to ALAN, Roger and fellow forum.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now I will add my notes to Fairness's above.

    Yep! Big important note by Fairness above. Very BIG!

    Alan has stated time and again in his writings that the/our primary target in all our processing is the FORCE, CHARGE AND MASS on the case.

    This is so because it is this "force, charge and mass" that we as spiritual Beings backed off from, found unpleasant to experience and thus failed to handle and thus got trapped and encysted by.

    In the "old days" of the Cof$, in the 1950's we did go for the mass, force and charge to a degree, even though the full phenomena was not completely understood. In 1962-3 period when we were addressing the person's own Goals and the "GPMs" (Goals Problems Masses) developed in pursuing the goal, Hubbard made the statement that the GPM and its 'items' that made up the GPM line-plot package "contained both mass and significance."

    But, in mid-1963, Hubbard abandoned the address to your own goals and the forces, charges and mass developed on the case and went after only the significance! This was the era of Hubbard telling his followers they'd all been to "Heaven" and that they had all been implanted with all the "items" that were mere notes of significance. And thus, as Fairness notes, the whole parade of Cof$ tech thereafter was one of chasing after the "think" and significance on the case that "affected" you.

    As I noted in my 2009 Presentation at the Free Zone Conference in Pasadena, 1963 was the point when the tech went negative and the point when Hubbard abandoned pursuit of restoring your power and cause and instead went after what affected you and after what you were effect of . . . you guys who did the Cof$ "upper levels" know that R6EW, and the CC and OT Levels below OT3 are all based on dealing with the significance of "words" and expressions of thought. OT3, of course, is a disaster of treating one's spiritual connections as though all are enemies you are effect of and to be gotten rid of, rather than as friends and allies whose relationships you should be restoring to optimum.

    Note the Kn dictionary definition of "mass" and "masses":
    MASS n. 1. A unified body of matter with no specific shape. 2. Locked up agitated
    energy, usually caused by the colliding of two energy flows, suspended in space around
    the spiritual being. (Client Role Education Glossary) 3. Mass is solidified charge. (Basic
    Processing Series 20)

    MASSES 1. Masses contain huge quantities of immobilized life-force particles. (Basic
    Processing Series 21) 2. Shocks and blocked life-force create balls of energy (masses)
    that trap the being's life-force, occlude his dream and everything associated with it, and
    leave him in a low mood level, feeling small and ineffective. (Ascension Experience
    Analysis, page 27)Thus one can see "charge" and "mass" are in actuality our own spiritual Life-Force, encysted and hung up.

    And it is that which we are targeting to restore to your full knowing control!

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