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Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by Chris Shelton, Jan 22, 2016.

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    Hi- Rachel Bernstein here. None of that is true. If you ever have questions about anyway that I practice, or what I charge, or if I take insurance, just contact me. I have been doing this work for 26 years and there is no way that I would have had so many clients and people coming to me for help if I didn't work with them and make it possible. My professional reputation means so much to me, so i am happy to have an opportunity to clear up any misconceptions or flat-out lies about me floating around the internet. This group in particular, I assume, would be quite sensitive about people making up stories about them which somehow get codified as the truth. I am happy to give you an invoice that you can submit to your insurance, and you don't have to pay cash to see me. I know there was also some talk about me that said it was cold-hearted of me to charge for my services at all. It is an odd accusation, as I'm sure if you went to the doctor, dentist, or even car repair man, you wouldn't find them cold-hearted if they charged for their services. Again, if you hear anything about me that you think does not fit with the fact that people have been coming to me for years and getting help and trust me, then just be in touch and let me know and I will explain how I really do things. Take care, and best to you all,
    Rachel Bernstein

    QUOTE=This is NOT OK !!!!;1139914]I heard that she does not take insurance, that is to say that even if you have health insurance through your employer, you have to pay cash and not just a co-pay, but upward of $100.00 per hour.

    Is this true?

    I'm sorry, but this rubs me the wrong way (on many levels).

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    Thank you Rachel. Lovely to see you here on ESMB. I would personally like to say thank you for all you have done to support and help those that have left cults in general and specifically scientololgy (my former "choice", ahem, of cult). :)

    The journey back to real life would be so much easier if more therapists were schooled in cult recovery. The few therapists that are currently trained in this specialised therapy are still few and far between on the ground. I know Gillies Jenkinson (spelling?) in the UK was keen to get cult recovery added into the basic training for therapists. I'm not sure how far she has gone with this aim. Given that information control and trauma-inducing methods are not unique to scientology (though I would readily add scientology sure delivers high-end of both) it makes sense to me that some sort of awareness of what it takes to regain self after a cult experience would be pertinent to therapists training.

    I would be most interested in what lead you into to this area of work. I know Hassan's background and also the aforementioned therapist, Gillies Jenkinson path to working with helping people recover from cult experiences.

    Naturally I am not intending to pry into your private life, or reasons, if it is not something you publicly discuss. I am genuinely fascinated in why only a small group of trained therapists start working with those exposed to high-control groups. Though my own experiences with terrific therapists in NZ has been nothing but positive it has been a longer road given they were not fully conversant with what they were dealing with. In essence we were both the teachers and both the students, if you get my drift. I have no regrets or complaints about how things transpired but I am aware that working with someone such as yourself would have provided far more targeted "work".

    Thanks again Rachel. I hope all is well with you and yours. :)
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    Well, I'm glad Rachel came in here to speak for herself because she treated me so long ago now, that I really had no idea what kind of insurance she took or didn't take, which was why I wound up advising just to call her.

    The reason why I apologized for endorsing her here was because I am still fairly new to this forum and it seemed like I was being chased out of here no matter what I said on which thread. It was just another view I had that was "wrong." I have no idea if the majority of the folks on here are anti psychology or what. If so, than I apologize for bringing up any endorsements for seeing a psychologists because I KNOW what a huge issue this can be for ex-Scientologists. It certainly was for me. I only want to help, not upset anyone.

    So I wasn't sure if this was the place to talk about how much she helped me, but as I've mentioned before, I have a book coming out and I get to talk about some of these things in there. I do mention Rachel in my book. Pretty much what I said here only a little more on her background, her experience and what's she's done for many people over the years.

    I have my own views about Steve Hassan and others, and my own research about how I came to the decision to work with Rachel. I also went through a number of "crazy" therapists too. I was well "armed" before I got to Rachel. I don't get into too much detail about those things in my book, and wished I could speak about them here, but I don't know.
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    Goodness, nothing to apologise for. I only wish there was some support like Rachel's in Australia! IMO it's actually vital that such experience is shared because sometimes you don't know where to start and personal recommendations are the best.

    I struggled somewhat with the 'anti psychology/psychiatry' thing after I left, we all do to some degree. Though even when I was totally in the bubble I didn't agree that ALL were bad, that didn't make sense. For someone to have studied and worked in those fields, they must have had some desire to help people.

    I'm glad I found my psychologist, recommended by my doctor as "just someone to talk to". She is just a normal psychologist and to be honest I had to educate her constantly about cults as we went along. The wonderful thing is that her spontaneous reactions to my stories did me the world of good. If she was horrified, she showed it, or shared the humour or pain. She didn't "have to keep her TRs in" and that wonderful lady helped me so much to understand that what I had experienced was decidedly not normal. And she now has more knowledge if she has any other ex-cult clients.

    As I said on the other thread, don't let the odd loud opinion scare you off. There is disagreement and judgement here sometimes and honestly that is the wonder of free speech, something we were denied for so long. As long as we try not to take it personally ... though I know that is difficult when talking about personal things. I've been here a long time and have made dramatic goodbyes from time to time until I worked it out for myself. Sort of par for the course. :biggrin: Hang in there, you are doing great.
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    Hi Rachel and :welcome:, so good of you to come here! :cheers:
    I have a feeling you could gain much cult insights by reading around here, most folks here don't bite much, an intelligent and usually respectful bunch, and we're/they/me approachable.

    I haz question for you, are you dealing directly with down syndrome families?

    I'd love ta see you hanging around here once in a while and telling us some stuff, especially your views on internal reconstruction of people's souls after having them raped by predators of ill repute.


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    Thanks for coming in and telling us a bit more about yourself, but I'm afraid it doesn't clear things up very much. Here's why:

    When people come out of Scientology, aside from being mentally traumatized, they most commonly are broke, deeply in debt, perhaps bankrupt. Spending $100+ an hour in counseling is just out of the question. But if and when they are able to get a real job with benefits (often for the first time in their lives) it opens the door to real mental health treatment.

    Many exes do not realize that in 2008 a Mental Health Parity Actwas passed and that means that if you have health insurance, you can get mental health care on the same basis as physical health care - being able to have office visits with "affordable" co-pays. The link above is from the American Psychological Association (which I hope you are a member of) and explains how the law works and how billings are processed by the providers.

    I understand that you run a business and that this is America and you can run it any way you want. But telling some traumatized person to pay now and then go collect from his insurance company, well, I don't get that. Why don't YOU do that? And what do you mean when you say they don't have to pay cash? That you take credit cards?

    My guy takes a $25 co-pay and bills my insurance.

    I imagine the majority of Psychologists in California do the same.

    THIS is the Ex Scientologist Message Board and I believe it is of vital importance that our members and guests understand that they CAN get mental health assistance with low co-pays if they have insurance through work or are being assisted with Medicare and/or Medicaid. All they have to do is ask their primary care physician for a referral.

    Let's heal mentally people!

    At affordable prices!
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    IMO, you make valid points that I highlighted, This is NOT OK !!!!. Speaking for myself there aren't any therapists at the V.A. specializing in exit & post-cult related counseling so I had to make do piecing together what I could on my own that I thought was beneficial from the therapists I saw and a lot of googling in between learning what I could about the psychology of cults.

    I have nothing but respect for the fine people at Freedom of Mind but if their services are unaffordable to those who need them the most then what's the point? An Ex might as well find an affordable local therapist who's willing to learn about cults on the go, so to speak.
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    Just my two cents here, but not exactly being rich myself, I can appreciate the need for low-cost medical care and help. I have not seen any counselors or therapists myself and money is one of the reasons why. I've made due with educating myself, talking to friends and family and a lot of figuring things out as I go. As anyone knows who watches my channel, I'm big on people getting professional help if they can and have talked to Rachel, Joe Szimhart and Steve Hassan in my podcasts to give people some idea of what they are about, how they can help and when/why professional help would make sense. Personally, I'd love to be able to afford getting professional exit counselling but that hasn't worked out for me. However, I don't blame Rachel or any other therapists for that. It's my problem, not theirs and I think that it's pretty uncool to point the finger of blame in her direction because she dares to not work pro bono at someone's beck and call.

    It's not only unrealistic but wholly unfair to her, her education and experience to call her out for not giving free service or to blame her for not taking every form of insurance under the sun. Tell me one doctor who does and I'll shut up, but I know from my own experience with Medicaid that finding good help with that can be difficult. It's just a fact of life that not everyone takes Medicaid. No big deal. You shrug and keep looking until you find someone who does.

    What kind of compounds it for me is I know from personal interaction with her how much free service she actually has given to many many people who come to her for advice and help who cannot pay. She can talk about this herself, but I know for a fact that she has spent hours and hours talking on the phone and in person with people who have just escaped from various cult situations and never charged them a dime.

    As has been said earlier here, I would never expect a professional lawyer, doctor, car mechanic or any other professional tradesman to simply give me their services for free because I'm a special case and am so in need of them. As a videographer, writer and graphic designer, I can tell you that the requests for free service come in fast and heavy all the time by people who simply have no appreciation for the time, energy and dedication it takes to become a professional at something and be good at it. Good enough to earn a living and deserve to be paid for your help. Rachel is extremely caring, friendly and warm to people who contact her for help and it's very hard for me to believe anyone would have a bad experience with her, but then again, people come in all shapes and sizes and no therapist is going to be able to be a "fit" for every person who comes along.

    Again, just my two cents. Rachel is my friend as well as someone I have learned a lot from and I don't like to see anyone deride her or her efforts.
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    Please provide quotes by anyone regarding the highlighted portions of your post because I haven't read anyone on this thread making an argument for free therapy. :no: /red herring straw man.

    Edit: Setting aside your appeal to emotion, discussing the economic feasibility realistically of how an Ex can acquire mental health services is a legitimate point and in no way a snub towards Rachel, thank you very much.
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