Rare video & censored lecture.

Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by Veda, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. Veda

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    Rare video of Hubbard from South Africa, 1960:


    Audio of a "Talk on South Africa", 1960. Now censored by Scientology Inc.:

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  2. Edwardo

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    Leaving aside (a) the regular mentions of how everyone loves him and respects his opinions, and (b) some grating attempted humor about the black man who didn't know what the word 'vote' meant, it's a pretty good ten-minute talk.

    Rather prescient in fact, given what happened to Rhodesia and South Africa.

    Maybe Miscavige memory-holed it because of the non-pc 'humor' or for the controversial ideas of racial differences.

    Interestingly, Hubbard gives credence to notions of genetics playing a part in behavior, which (I would have thought) contradicts the idea that humans are thetans independent of genetic lines.
  3. Veda

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    I'm puzzled by Type 4 PTS' "tinfoil" designation under Edwardo's post.

    This a glimpse of Hubbard's trip to Southern Africa in 1960. He seemed to be in good spirits. Aside from some of his snide remarks, etc., his brief talk mostly made sense - although in the current era, it's politically incorrect.

    The photo at the front of the second video featuring Hubbard, in short pants, with his domestic help, is from 1966.

    The 1966 trip was a disaster. Shorty afterwards, while in northern Africa, Hubbard had an emotional breakdown, spending days in bed moping, surrounded by bottles of pills, rambling on about Sara Northrop his second wife, and wondering why his immense "flair" and personal charm (and high theta endowment) weren't enough for him to have succeeded.

    Then he "discovered" the "super engram" of the "Wall of Fire" (OT 3), and soon announced it to Scientologists in Ron's Journal 67. They were filled with appreciative awe. This was Hubbard's explanation for his 1966 Southern Africa failures.

    Having recreated himself, Hubbard bounced back, started the Sea Org, and started using children as servants, having made himself the "Commodore."

    In 1968, these large (approximately 4 feet by five feet) gold framed photos of Hubbard appeared in Orgs and many of the more successful Missions.

  4. Enthetan

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    I can understand why DM censored that recording. Can you imagine how Farrakhan would respond?