Riverside County: Dec. 8, 2009

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  2. Welcome newbie!

    Hi MNQtee! :)
    I'm glad you joined us here. Thanks for posting this and thank you for the good work you do, it's nice to have these board meetings online.

    (Maybe the illegal grading is about reburying the pirate loot?) :D
    Best, Sweetness
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    Nice presentation and well spoken too. Riverside BoS have needed something like this for a while.
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  5. San Jacinto, Ca., INT Base Road Closure News + Newspaper Poll, (chime in!)

    Here is an link to a newspaper poll and an update on San Jacinto political news and Gilman Hot Springs Road Closure news from Anon Orange (I know, I know...don't shoot the messenger! :bricks:):

    "As most of you know, Hwy 79 is a heavily traveled road, which should have retained it's classification as a state highway. However It goes right through the 550 acres of cult of Scientology. The traffic flow is 15,000 cars per day and I have personally measured 980 southbound and 440 northbound per hour.

    The cult leader wants the road closed, allegedly because it disturbs his sleep. It could also be, according to forum posts, that he wants to prevent further escapees, to prevent protesters and to avoid being served papers. They use the excuse that the road is dangerous, but they made it dangerous, by encroaching (without permit) on the 100 ft right of way, adding sinuous wide berms (curbs where the shoulder should be) and an island in the middle. According to the original requirements from the county's staff report, space should be available for pedestrians, a full length turn lane as well as accel/decel turn lanes for the various entrances.

    Look for this poll on the Valley Chronicle website: Please distribute and post in various forums, to correct this obvious vote by a few scientologists allowed on the internet. What do you think of the Church of Scientology's effort to close Gilman Springs Road to the public?
    I support it; the road is dangerous. (17 Votes, 33%)
    I'm against it; the road should remain a public thoroughfare. (35 Votes, 67%)
    I have no opinion. (0 Votes, 0%)


    Expect an article in the same paper about the lawsuit of John Lindstein against David Miscavige next week. It should have been in this week according to an e-mail I received from Charles Hand of the Hemet Valley Chronicle. Maybe Muriel did some overtime and got it squashed. Mr. Hand needs a little encouragement. He has Marc Headly's book and hopefully he's reading it so he can make a better article. I also gave him a DVD, packed with information. You may contact Mr. Hand at Charlie Hand <chand6278@att.net>;

    Also three San Jacinto council members got served papers for an election recall:

    In the Press Enterprise, there's a similar article about three council members:

    In other news, the sprinkler installation right on the edge of the road is continuing, regardless of my plea to get the work stopped by code enforcement. I spoke to them on three occasions, pictures in hand on Dec 8 & 9. As of last evening, the work was still going on. I still don't see permits for the work in progress, and it appears, because I have seen her on three successive days, that Muriel Dufresne is practically camping at Code Enforcement to get the permit problem sorted out.

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    :thumbsup::thumbsup: :goodposting:
    Now I'm never going be able to look at a Snicker bar and not think of that look on Supervisor Jeff Stone 's face!!! :omg:

    Mary McConnell
  7. Sometimes a candy bar is just a candy bar!

    AnonMary, it makes me snicker! :D
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