Robert Vaughn Young (RVY) on Hubbard and Scientology

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Pooks, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Pooks


    Occasionally I see people trying desperately to understand Hubbard and
    Scientology-think, e.g., wondering on what basis he/they could be
    saying or doing what is obviously stupid or insane. Some try to lay
    LRH/Scn on some preestablished or already-known grid or system to try to
    grasp the mentality. I've even done this by using Orwell's "1984" as one
    of the best models for understanding or showing a certain world that
    occurs in there, at the upper echelons, equivalent to the "Party."

    However, the best way to understand Scientology and the mind of L. Ron
    Hubbard is to equate the two and to apply his writings back to him. Treat
    Scientology as the autobiography of L. Ron Hubbard, the blueprint/outline
    of his mind. (Another way to view it is as his PC folders.) It is his
    thinking process. Sometimes it is stable and doesn't change and other
    times he is very mercurial. At times he pontificates proudly and at other
    times he is a trembling paranoid and the policies that are emitted during
    these times reflect his state of mind, rather than any fact or truth in
    the real world. Thus sometimes he is right and sometimes he is wrong.
    Sometimes he might make a brilliant observation and sometimes he might be
    a raving psychotic. It's really not more complex than that.

    What he was good at doing was applying his definition of reality, that
    reality was nothing more than agreement. Thus he demanded agreement in a
    frantic hope that if enough people agreed with him, he would be real.

    There are any number of places where one can begin but let's begin with
    the notion of overts and withholds. These are basically crimes and
    secrets. Hubbard said that if a person had enough of them, they would flee
    ("blow") the area. Thus when a person leaves the organization, they are
    automatically criminal. Yet look at Hubbard's life, how he blew one area
    after another until he was finally hiding in Creston, California, under
    disguise, terrified that a local would recognize him. What explains it?
    Overts and withholds.

    Now I am not not not saying that his theory of overts and withholds is
    valid or correct. I am saying his own writings explain his behavior. They
    do not necessarily explain the behavior of others. But they usually
    explain his and when you apply the theory of overts and withholds to
    Hubbard, he can be better understood. He had massive crimes and massive
    withholds and he fled to avoid being discovered. That was how he ended up
    hiding in Creston. Meanwhile, he's living a life of pretense (the lie) by
    saying he's doing "research." That was a major withhold, a major lie. He
    was hiding from the IRS and the feds and the courts and the media and a
    host of lawyers who wanted to serve him.

    In that vein, one of my favorite Hubbard policies to apply back to him is
    the HCOPL "Your Post and Life." In it Hubbard says if you have the tech,
    you cannot be hurt. If you have the tech, he said, suppressives/enemies
    will shatter. (The cover of the PTS/SP course pack is a snarling face

    If you read it, he is like the shaman who gives the poor tribesman a
    blessed trinket to wear or perhaps body paint that will protect the
    warrior from the guns of the white man. Medicine men did this and the
    Indians were cut down in droves.

    Well, there is Hubbard, selling his blessed trinkets and meanwhile he is
    hiding in Creston, completely deluding himself that he is protected, when
    he is nothing more than an ostrich with the head in the ground, feeling
    invisible. He was not able to fend off his ghosts but he would write that
    others could, and that gives insight into his mind. He was clearly trying
    to overcome his own spiritual impotence, trying to convince himself,
    perhaps more than he was trying to convince anyone else.

    There is also the "Criminal Mind" HCOB where he says a person is guilty of
    the crimes he accuses of others. That is straight L. Ron Hubbard talking.
    All you have to do is read the crimes he rants about and you can find him
    committing them, starting with sex crimes. (Hubbard was completely
    psychotic on the subject of sex and finally said it was invented by the
    psychs, meaning sex was evil.)

    But in my own opinion, the most telling autobiographical essay on and by
    Hubbard is what we called the "Bolivar PL," a long essay about Simon
    Bolivar. It is basically a book review, of a biography of Bolivar and
    Hubbard uses it to talk about "leadership" and the role of "power." What
    he doesn't say in the essay was that he believed he was Bolivar and had
    remarked upon this to many staff.

    Hubbard had the most amazing ability to write about himself as if it were
    someone else. I'm sure there is a professional name for it, besides
    "disassociated." But that was how he was able to write many directives and
    never see that they were actually autobiographical. They were sometimes
    confessional and sometimes delusory.

    The Bolivar PL was how he saw himself and his "mistakes." It contains a
    section that is especially amazing because - unbeknownst to him - it is L.
    Ron Hubbard describing himself, nearly perfectly.

    Honors meant a great deal to Bolivar. To be liked was his life.
    And it probably meant more to him than to see things really
    right. He never compromised his principles but he lived on
    admiration, a rather sickening diet since it demands in turn
    continuous 'theater.' One is what one is, not what one is admired
    or hated for. To judge oneself by one's successes is simply to
    observe that one's postulates worked and breeds confidence in
    one's ability. To have to be _told_ it worked only criticizes
    one's own eyesight and hands a spear to the enemy to make his
    wound of vanity at his will. Applause is nice. It's great to be
    thanked and admired. But to work only for that? And his craving
    for that, his addiction to the most unstable drug in history -
    fame - killed Bolivar. That self-offered spear. He told the world
    continually how to kill him - reduce its esteem. So as money and
    land can buy any quantity of cabals, he could be killed by
    curdling the esteem, the easiest thing you can get a mob to do.

    Ironically, that might have been how L. Ron Hubbard was driven into hiding
    and killed.

    But that is just a theory, isn't it?

    Robert Vaughn Young
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    Thanks so much for posting this Patty.

    I doubt there is anyone who understood Hubbard better than RVY.
  3. Pooks


    Here's a little bit more about RVY.

    His posts were very enlightening when I first left Scn. I though others
    might enjoy them as well.

  4. Free to shine

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    Many thanks, I am reading and re-reading his writings now. I have a question answered immediately that has helped a lot!
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    Hi - This link did not work for me.. Noname (one of this group's members) suggested I take a look at Robert Vaughn Young, and I find the RVY viewpoint extremely fascinating.. would love to read more of his writings, if anyone can direct me. Thanks! Dilpickle
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    Oooooh, my HERO!!! :happydance:
  10. Pooks


    I did not know RVY but I wish I did. He's a man of honor. Please read his writings. He was close to LRH and the upper management and has a really interesting point of view.

  11. Panda Termint

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    I've read everything I can find from RVY. It is some of the most important testimony out there, IMO. Maybe we should compile a list of everything?
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    Everything Hubbard accuses people of being: SP's, evil, criminals - he had to be himself and he is giving you all the clues in his TECH. He could not withhold it anymore - the fact that he knew he was a fake and a con! He knew Scientology did not work!!

    He wanted to be caught. But he had too much money by then to keep up his charade of off doing "research" he took himself out! It took a bit longer because he had so much help keeping the show - the facade alive!

    Money can buy life for a con man - look at Miscavige - he has been conning for 35 years. He has no where to go but soon those withold's of being out 2-D, being abusive to staff, drinking, living the lavish lifestyle, lying to the members about everything, hurting people with his altered tech.. soon, very soon - he will take himself out or go in hiding or both!! Dictator's always get caught!! Just depends on how much dough he has to bribe and extort others to keep the secret going!
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    I had the good fortune to know him, and in addition to his intimate knowlege og LRH and of Scn, RVY was a compassionate and gentle man.
    He was a 'helper' who asked nothing in return.
    I knew him both as a cramming officer in COS, and a friend in the "real world".
    He is missed.

    phenomanon aka challenge
  16. wazn

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    Thank you for this. I knew Vaughn from SFO, as well. He was all that you say, and then some. Yes, he is missed.
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    Robert Vaughn Young was a courageous and intellectual truth-teller, at a time when the "Church's" dirty tricks OSA programs were full blown. In spite of, or, perhaps because of this, it only reinforced his humanity, his humility, and his willingness to speak out. He articulated the abuses of Scientology, and gave insights into the corrupted OSA personalities that were constantly trying to silence him. He helped me to find my way out, and for that, I am grateful beyond words. He understood and exposed the OSA psyche, which was to stop, alter, or disperse. Destructive as they were, he could discern their humanity, and thus his message got through.
    I didn't know him, except through his words,but they, and he, live on.
    Thank you for the posts.
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    Long, looong time ago I and another Flag Officer did an El Ron Flag Mission in LA that involved "posing" in the "Wog" world as something we were not.

    The MO's called for us to "liaise" and coordinate our activities with USGO PR and Finance personnel. One of the GO personnel I interacted with was RVY.

    When I started reading about Scn on the internet a few years back, I lapped up everything RVY had to say. I knew from my brief time with Vaughn that he was the "real deal"...highly intelligent, compassionate and honest, and as fine a man as ever drew breath.

    Peace Be With You, RVY. :yes: Thank you for all you have done for Us. :clap:


    EDIT: This is not the first, nor second or even third post on ESMB I've made over the last several years re: my abiding respect for Vaughn. RVY's words re: El Ron are truly a cerebral, thoughtful and--personally, IMHO--completely plausible and truthful insight into El Ron's "state of mind" during Hisself's final years and the desperate hours and days spent after Hisself's passing trying to guild, spin and embellish the Final Facade of "LRH, Founder & Commodore".
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    Does anyone recall the sig line that RVY added to the end of his emails?