Russian TV report on scholars who defend Scientology

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    Here, with English subtitles, is a Russian TV report about the Church of Scientology's greed and Russian scholars who act as cult apologists. The program underscores the fair-gaming of the religion scholar whose expert report contributed to the court decision to dissolve Scientology's Moscow branch; she concluded that the Church of Scientology is a business, rather than a religious organization.

    The program contains a segment about another cult — Svetlana Peunova's Academy of Development and her political party, Volya. Despite its mysticism, Peunova's cult seeks official recognition, not as a religious organization, but as a social organization — because a social organization is more difficult to shut down. A scholar who defends the Church of Scientology is preparing an expert opinion that will likely please Peunova.

    The program aired on December 23, 2016
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    At 1:35 min they enter either HGC or Ethics folder room and discovered the '' religious priest\penitence '' files...

    Tons of creepy stuff to read :giggle:

    They will love how $cientologists travel planets , for trillions of years ,in sort of DC8 an take train on Venus :biggrin: