Ruth Clarke (married name Ruth Ali) from London

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    What a beautiful girl Ruth was... Sadly, according to this investigative show from 1987, she returned to Scn after her parents got her out using deprogrammer Cyril Vesper... You can see and read this below. I suspect that Ruth probably went back and joined the SO. Her parent's names are or were Harold and Mary Clarke. Both are shown and quoted in the show, and provided photos of Ruth. All this takes place in Part 1 Video, at the 1:40 mark Also see an excerpt of the full transcript regarding the Clarkes and links to the site that has provided both.

    I suggest everyone watch all 5 short videos, as it's this program is a classic in the history of exposing Scientology. I saw a good number of people back in the 80's and earlier. Also, Don Larson from Int Finance Police speaks up publicly after leaving Scientology in the show, too. That was Footage related to Ruth and her parentsa big deal.

    Scientology: The Road to Total Freedom?
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    1987: Scientology: The Road to Total Freedom? | Panorama | BBC Television

    Part 1 video contains footage concerning Ruth and her parents


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