Scientologist that have had cancer

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  1. MacKenzie

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    There are numerous reports and stories about Scientology public, staff and Sea Org members dying from cancer. I have never heard any personal accounts from someone who actually had cancer and what if anything was done to try and resolve this condition.

    This is a personal area of interest to me. At 64 years of age, many friends and family are having to deal with this.

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  3. wigee1

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    And another one , Kerry Strongman OT5 kiwi , died Sunday night,
    I,m having trouble posting, on the memorials thread,
    I will write up a story of Kerry and I , as we go way back , to 65,
  4. Clay Pigeon

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    I had the good fortune to have studied Hubbard's work in the best of times and I was staff staff auditor at FCDC. One of my PC's, the Dist Sec came down with testicular cancer. He was hurried quickly into a hospital and operated on. I was dispatched to deliver a post op dianetic assist. 'Twas a pleasantly heroic scenario as I went out into a raging blizzard with an e-meter under my arm and it was only the fourth taxi who proved willing to take me to an outlying area. He recovered quickly, he prospered after leaving Scn and was reported doing well a few years ago on this board.


    Much was done well then and there that reportedly is often not done well currently
  5. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    I know a child raised with barely formula, touch assists and contact assists and all..died of cancer very young. and I know of others also... some 55+ year members that had cancer and all kinds of health problems despite all the vitamins and auditing.
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    We are human... bodies are not perfect machines... she types with a cervical collar on with a pinched nerve in her neck and spazzed out ligaments in her shoulder. Choices I made as a child I hope I never have to apply:
    Cut it off, cut it out, stitch me up and give me wonderful pain meds... but no radiation or chemo.
    I do not smoke, do drink but not as much as I once did. I have gained weight... am working on it (sure I am)... Gravity is not my friend...
    If I have an issue that can easily re resolved I will looks at options... but I prefer chiropractic and massage to neck/back surgery.
    Given my option being a drug addict at 60 would be better than some other treatments I can think of.

    I have known many with cancer and other ailments... I myself are a type 2 diabetic. My mom... still going at 89 had breast cancer 25 years ago. The staff infection from the lumpectomy almost killed her.. removed the breast and no chemo or radiation... no more cancer - she was lucky. The step-mother, still going at 90, had cervical cancer got over radated and has suffered ever since with bowel blockages requiring 4 more operations but no more cancer.

    A mission holder I knew, one of the first OT3s, had the bad manners to die of cancer... the shame of it all. The sciobots could not stand that she would do that to "them". Maybe chemo & radiation could have helped her... no one knows. Her son died a diabetic... I do not know what medical care he allowed himself if any. I watched one of the first 100 clears die of brain cancer.... she did chemo/radiation because her hubby wanted her to.. she was out by that time and was very realistic about it all... she died with dignity and grace.

    In or out... fat or thin, as my father always said, no one gets out of this world alive. I am not ready to step in front of a bus but reality is there will come a time that the body will have issue that will kill me... until then I am alive and waiting for spring so I can take the kayak down the river again. Hike another wonderful trail, not as fast as in the past and not as steep, but just as pretty. I have a will, a living will, a DNR & a durable power of attorney for health care.

    I do not want to live forever... just long enough.
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