Scientology’s reclusive ‘president,’ 82-year-old Heber Jentzsch, tells a niece he’s doing fine

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    Scientology’s reclusive ‘president,’ 82-year-old Heber Jentzsch, tells a niece he’s doing fine

    Tammy Clark tells us she sent a letter to her uncle, Heber Jentzsch, in November, hoping to find out how he’s doing as he turned 82. This week, she received a reply.

    But she’s suspicious about it.

    Heber Jentzsch is a major name in Scientology. In the 1980s, church leader David Miscavige [...]


    Tammy Clark tells us she sent a letter[.......]

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  2. uncover

    uncover Gold Meritorious Patron

    My bet is, that it is a fake letter (like El Con Hubbard-letters with the "Ron"-stamp).

    Why ? Because of this Shermanspeak-Miscavige-phrase (in red):
  3. IWantOffThisTrain

    IWantOffThisTrain Eternal Optimist

    My mother is in her 80's and used to write quite a bit when she was younger, nothing published but wrote stories that focused on our family history. She had a stroke approx 20 years and fully recovered. These days she lives in a house on my property, she thinks she can take of her self but I am her caretaker. She keeps her house, but I come over several times a day to make sure she has taken meds, eaten and hasnt fallen or burned the house down. My siblings and I promised her and Dad neither would ever go to a nursing home and we intend to keep our promise. She is does not have any medical problems except diabetes and the regular decline associated with getting old.

    My point is, my mother who once spoke and wrote eloquently, has no real medical problems that would prevent her from writing would NEVER be able to write a letter this. I realize everyone is different but these are the issues I see...

    She can remember that I wouldn't let her mow the yard last summer or that I didn't buy candy at the store Saturday but she is not going to suddenly remember a letter she got several months ago from someone she really doesn't know.

    If she came across the letter again and decided to respond she would have started out apologizing for the delay by saying she misplaced the letter and couldnt respond without an address. Herbers letter saying he remembered her letter rings false because he needed the letter to send his, he would have said I found or came across your letter etc. Since he was known for his humor it seems odd he didn't attribute the delay to old age, making a little joke out of it.

    The next thing that struck me is that he doesn't talk about his health. I have never gotten a letter (or email) from an elderly relative that doesn't mention their health! Even in if they are great they make a point of saying how wonderful they are for their age because they are proud! When he says he can only work a couple hours a day he doesn't attribute that to anything. A younger person writing the letter wouldn't know to include that kind of natural detail.

    And finally the scio blurb at the end. Ill give him a pass because CO$ was his life BUT he would have written it differently. It certainly wouldn't have been the longest part of the letter and it would have been written with a personal connection. Think about how you tell a friend about something you discovered that you like, you don't mimick the brochure you make it personal. Now a SeaOrg person faking a letter from someone else wouldn't think like that, they would view it as just another letter to hit the speaking points.

    Overall there is no warmth in the letter that you would expect. Even if they are distant relations there would be something personal. He would have "remembered" something about her or her father (his brother) and included that. He does talk about family and their connection, but again the way it done makes me think the letter writer is parroting facts to fool the reader. He doesnt ask about her or her Dad, he would have certainly mentioned her father's death and possibly a little story about their youth.

    If this was Mom, she would have written the letter and had me type it but she would have included the things I have mentioned. She would have included Aunt in her signature and probably a little one liner to add more of a personal touch to a tyoed letter.

    This is just my take on how an 82 year old man who has someone looking after him would write.
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  4. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    The destruction of the Jentzsch family has been a series of actions directly emanating from Miscavige by his order, by his hand.
    Heber was never permitted to be a father. Under the absolute control of Miscavige Heber Jentzsch was only allowed to see our son 11x in 15 years, usually for not more than 2.5 hours.
    One Last TIME ~~
    It never happened.
    An example of this is Alexander finally being granted a half day meeting with his father in october 2011.
    Alexander craved to spend time with his Dad. He called himself "The Boy without a dad."
    In his excitement that he was going to see Heber, he purchased a business suit which was VERY VERY expensive as he wanted to look successful.
    He flew to Los Angeles.
    At the last moment, Miscavige prevented Heber from coming down to Los Angeles.
    Alexander went back to LAX immediately and flew back Dallas bitterly disappointed.
    A few months later he was dead.
    Alexander never did get to see Heber ever again. a few months later Alexander was dead. never did get to see his father one last time.
    Alexander was not permitted to see me as a Declared SP.
    OSA actually spun it around telling Alexander that I did not want the monther/son relationship because I was "refusing to do Steps A to E"
    and therefore I was disconnecting from him, when all I had to do was A to E,
    So Alexander revealed to a close friend of his.
    Alexander got to be with his father maybe 11 times in 15 years.
    This is very personal with Miscavige and myself.
    It is not what Hubbard did or didn't do in relation to the destruction of my family and the death of my son.
    The whole thing played out directly under Miscavige orders.
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  5. wigee1

    wigee1 Patron with Honors

    Exactly what I thought , As someone that gets letters , from a elderly person,regularly.
  6. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    I don't think that letter was/is from Heber. I think someone else most likely talked to Heber about his relatives in his past and then went and wrote that letter. If I was her, I'd get in contact with the Bakers to see if he actually did fly them out to LA for his birthday and actually did spend a couple of days with them. I can't imagine the Int Base letting him out to do that. And where would he get the money to fly anybody anywhere?