Scientology and Homosexualty - my story from the inside...

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by imnotafraidanymore, Mar 30, 2010.

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    I just never had anything on homosexuality - just didn't. So, as an auditor I seemed to end up the 'gay' pc's in HGC.

    It seemed as long as they had the bucks they could buy auditing but were looked down on by staff & public. I didn't get it. I read SOS & what lrh had to say about 1.1 & it covered MORE than homosexuals.

    Promiscuity was 1.1. In most every org or mission I was ever in ( including flag ) there was a lot of fucking around going on. staff going to Mexico for a quickie divorce ( completely ILLEGAL in the US - not considered a valid divorce ) so fast it go thard to tell who was married to who this week.

    There were a few ongoing threesomes that the CS's & MAA's were very well aware of & left alone. And the gals that'd screw anybody that wanted screwed anytime.

    But, yet, there was always this down on gays. Look at the poor guy who went all the way through 8 & was then declared for continuing to be gay !

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