Scientology and the Aftermath Coming Back for Season Three!!

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    Leah Remini Shades Father in Tribute to Husband Angelo Pagan: 'Daddy to Our Daughter I Wish I Had'

    By Daniel S. Levine - June 17, 2018

    Leah Remini threw shade at her estranged father in a Father's Day tweet, in which she thanked husband Angelo Pagan for being the "daddy to our daughter that I wish I had."
    "[Happy Father's Day] to my honey [Angelo Pagan]," the Kevin Can Wait star wrote. "You have been the daddy to our daughter that I wish I had. Thank you for showing her what love is."

    #HappyFathersDay to my honey @apangelo. You have been the daddy to our daughter that I wish I had.
    Thank you for showing her what love is.

    Last year, Scientology enlisted George to appear in a video denouncing Remini's A&E series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath after the series was renewed for a second season. Remini previously wrote about her father, who is not a Scientologist, in her book Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. In the book, she wrote, "My dad sold cocaine (and committed various other crimes), and then served time at Rikers Island," reports Tony Ortega

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    Leah Remini Sees Shift In Questioning Scientology Since Start Of A&E Series – The Contenders Emmys Video

    There's a short, but very good video interview at the above link with Leah and Mike.

    In Season 3, Remini says the focus of the series is the shift to what will happen when the authorities become involved.

    She urged congressman, senators, police officers, and the FBI to prepare themselves for what the pair says will be uncovered.

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  3. Has anyone heard when they will be announcing a release date? I've heard August 15th... but just a rumor. No confirmation from any source.
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    I also heard August 15th but don't recall where I heard it from. But if you go to the bottom of this page and put in your email you'll get updates directly from the A&E Network:
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    Leah Remini on the cover of the newest Variety Magazine promoting the new season of the Aftermath which starts on August 15th.

    So much for all the Cult programs to try to get it shut down. Losers !

    See the sequential issues of Variety here.
    Its the latest issue of Variety.
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  6. Hey Karen-
    Does the inside of Variety actually say the 15th? Thx.
  7. Scientology the Aftermath will not be premiering on August 15. Born this Way and Raising Tourettes will have new episodes that day as shown in A&E and the TV Guide.

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    Sunset Boulevard is arguably THE most traveled street in Los Angeles. It is a major artery with 1000s of cars on it at any given time. It cuts through Los Angeles East to West all the way to the Pacific Ocean, sometimes traffic is at a crawl due to the sheer amount of traffic. And right up on a prominent part of Sunset Boulevard is Leah. (just happened.)
    This photo was shot by Mike Rinder.
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    Sunset and Havenhurst. Very nice location:!7i13312!8i6656

    Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 6.00.38 PM.jpg
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    I havent heard of the last 2. Where is this info?
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    Bent Corydon, former ED of the Mission of Riverside, who wrote "L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman," talks about LRH Jr. recanting here, at about 05:00.

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    There is a lot of information about this if you search for it. Here is one example:
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    Can anyone please tell me re the hate crimes that are being done against cos and are being claimed by cos as a direct result of leah's aftermath show. I have someone (a scn) telling me her show is causing religious hate etc - I do know that one of the hate crimes perpetrator was on her show and was actually the subject of disconnection from his brother and he just lost it when he got the disconnection letter. But this scn is saying there are 6 hate crimes and when i look online the church is saying there are hundreds of hate crimes against them now. I would like to really find out the truth if anyone knows?!
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    The truth is the Church of Scientology is full of shit and creates drama because the cult wants the show shut down so it can go on scamming people and ruining their lives for profit.
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    They just make it up. The average scientologist believes everything the cos tells them so they believe they are being persecuted. Scientology management will do and say anything to protect the cos. If you assume that everything they say is a lie then you'll be right more often than you are wrong.
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  19. Wilbur

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    In the 1970s, Scientology made the same claim of "hate crimes" being committed by a journalist called Paulette Cooper against their religion. After she wrote a book about Scientology, they claimed that she had made a written bomb threat against one of their organisations. The bomb threat even had her fingerprints on the paper.

    Unfortunately, as was subsequently discovered as a result of an FBI raid on the Church (investigating crimes that the CHURCH had committed against the IRS and other government agencies), the bomb threat was manufactured by the CHURCH, who obtained Paulette Cooper's fingerprints with the help of the man whom she ASSUMED was her boyfriend, but was actually someone from the Church of Scientology, planted into her life with the object of (per Scientology policy) 'ruining her utterly'.

    The above is an early instance of the lengths to which Scientology will go to "dead agent" (i.e. discredit) people who criticise it. Their policies on this haven't changed much since the 1970s. According to the Church of Scientology, ANYONE who criticises it is BY DEFINITION a degraded being, suppressive person, or at the very least a Potential Trouble Source, being influenced and misguided by a suppressive person. Knowing that, you should realise that when the church invokes 'religious hatred' (as it did in the Paulette Cooper case), it is merely employing a tool in its arsenal to try to neutralise the effect of a critic.

    Of course, the best way for the church to neutralise its critics would be to follow the precepts of its own booklet, 'The Way to Happiness'. Clean hands make happy living, and if the church relinquished its business model of fleece-and-shun, and replaced it with something that involved actually delivering value to its parishioners, then most of the so-called 'hate crimes' against it (which just means someone daring to point out the way it treats its parishioners and others) would disappear.

    Scientologists pride themselves on being able to spot the true source or cause of anything. The claim by your church friend that Leah Remini's show is causing 'religious hate' misses the point. Whether Leah's show causes some viewers to become indignant at the Church is of secondary importance to what Leah's show is actually depicting. Leah's show illustrates the appalling way in which the Church of Scientology treats both its own parishioners and those who dare to leave and speak out against it. The most relevant point is not "Is Leah's show causing 'religious hatred'?" The most important point is "Are the stories told on Leah's show TRUE?"

    Don't allow your attention to be misdirected away from the real questions. If anyone leaves Scientology and criticises it, you should be asking yourself whether their claims are true. The 'religious hatred' claim is a misdirector.
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