Scientology asks court to freeze Laura D’s forced-abortion case for a long-shot appeal

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  1. Koot

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    I am not justifying or lessening the atrocities you speak of. THAT situation is not Scientology. FYI I was staff for about 9 of those years and did training at PAC base and ITO. I saw, experienced and justified to myself the bs. I got to my limit and left. NOBODY on this board ...!!! ??? Thank you Mr. President of ESMB
  2. Clay Pigeon

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    I can't access the Commander Birdsong file but just before He was hauled to the gibbet I was telling of having, after Boston became the first town to take crowns in all four major pro leagues in the same decade, turned to see if I could turn the fortunes of The KC Royals which team had the longest postseason drought in MLB (and I paired it with the Pirates who had the longest drought in the NL) After the Royals made it to The Series, losing to El Gigantes in seven I
    was ready to go after The Big One

    The Cubs.

    No crown since 1908

    And just to drop trou and moon the devil HH I decided "What the Fuck", there's no better way to fire off a footbullet than to jinx the thing by calling your shot...


    Over a whole bunch of years I have built up one hell of a "huge head of steam" as it were, here's all these nagravating nocknubs of negationalism saying "Show me an OT. You can't." so...

    if you can get into the birdsong reserve you will find that just before the 2015 season I said I intended to deliver a Cubs World Series in three years. I was actually expecting two but wanted to give myself wiggle room.


    As perhaps you are aware chum...

    They got the crown in two.

    Nana Nana Na Na!!!
  3. Clay Pigeon

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    What about those two pulled goalie goals that tied Game Seven of the Toronto Series in the wake of the Marathon bombing? As I recall you cared quite deeply about that TINOK

    My postulate for that game warped space to stick my friend

    It was a simple postulate and quite elegantly engineered if I do say so myself...
  4. Bill

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    Wouldn't that be nice. :)
  5. This is NOT OK !!!!

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    You are welcome.

    Let me respond with a paraphrase of your guru.

    "Nobody gives a rat's-ass on this planet board".
  6. George Layton

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    Of all the problems in the universe you use your postulate on that?
  7. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    He is just gaming us, obviously.
  8. This is NOT OK !!!!

    This is NOT OK !!!! Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hey Birdy!

    Using your power of postulates, re-read the title of this thread:

    Scientology asks court to freeze Laura D’s forced-abortion case for a long-shot appeal

    So how about doing some postulating to help out Laura and her legal team?


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  9. Bill

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    Mostly, he's gaming himself. I knew a guy who was absolutely positive that he had to listen to games in his car to "help his team win". Birdy is just doing the same thing, but he thinks it's Scientology that "helps his team win". Nothing different. Both are annoying but harmless.
  10. Clay Pigeon

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    It was 2013 George.

    I was in SF when the two bombs went off by the finish line of the Boston Marathon leading to a total shutdown of the town but I hurried back to get in my taxi and do a dianetic assist on the town; simple 2WC; passenger gets in we get going to the destination and I open with "Where were you when the bombs went off?" ("put in the 'itsa maker line'") then 2WC the incident...

    So the Bruins at that time make the playoffs and first round is Toronto and it's the Leafs first potseason in eleven years.

    I was a hockey fan when I was a kid but no longer pay much attention, a little, I noticed the two teams split the first two games at The Garden then I noticed the Bruins took two on the road and came home up three games to one.

    That's where I stuck my cyrano de bergeracian theta boppin' nose into the ongoings, Using my post scientology training in "Voice" I said with apparent silence and long developed understanding and grasp of the profound and transcendent dynamism between the zeitgeist and our "medicine games" "boys, the Leafs have been most generous in their home to our bruised and bereaved city. Don't you think you should politely go back to Toronto and give our well loved neighbors a little taste of post season victory which they have gone so long without?" Almost those exact words.

    Politeness is very important children.

    Please remember this children...

    Politeness is very important.

    And being at heart good children they were the shining example of politeness I had hoped them to be


    Game Seven at the Garden. Of course once one barges in and takes command you can't barge back out again. Knowing very little about hockey I just said "Score five goals" which they did and they also manifested my intention that they do something more interesting than merely score five goals.

    Would you concur TINOK?
  11. Koot

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    My Guru??? You are forgiven.