Scientology celeb Joy Villa takes down her ‘testing the waters’ for Congress web pages

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    Scientology celeb Joy Villa takes down her ‘testing the waters’ for Congress web pages

    [Milo Yiannopoulos and Joy Villa, in happier days]

    Thanks again to one of our alert tipsters, it was brought to our attention that Joy Villa’s “testing the waters” web pages for a Congressional run have come down.

    Both “” and “” now redirect us to Joy’s general website.

    On February 9,[.......]

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    I have a feeling the Church pulled the plug on this.

    I have this theory that the fundamental quality needed to become a Scientologist is idealism which in that particular individual expresses itself as utopianism as opposed to pragmatism. As people mature they either become more realistic in their notion of utopianism or more hardened in a fanatical view.

    Scientology capitalizes on this to rope people in but there are ideas expressed, internal politics and cultural behaviors in Scientology that conflict with how utopianism is manifested in the non-Scientology world.

    I think the COS recognizes that people of liberal or Democrat Party persuasion make more likely raw meat material. Many of us got into it while in college or college age years when utopian ideas would be the norm in school and amongst our friends. I was a Democrat when I got into Scientology. Running your own business, paying taxes, making payroll, complying with government regulation, having skin in the game tends to change your perspective. Liberals don't like big government unless they think they can control it but true conservatives don't like it because although they recognize the necessity of government they know it can never be trusted and requires heavy restraint.

    A Democrat becoming a Scientologist finds themselves trying to integrate ideas like: you reward production and penalize non-production, out-exchange debases a person and the IRS should be abolished. These are all ideas that conflict with redistributionist thinking. LRH even rails against Communism while organizationally practicing redistributionism only with much much less redistribution than a Communist dictatorship. It's all very confusing.

    So you get these people who start out liberal Democrats spewing Conservative Republican type stuff like: the public schools need to get back to the three Rs instead of social engineering and we need a national sales tax instead of an income tax and there is too much government regulation. The thing is they are highly conflicted because they are caught somewhere between their own personal political ideas and where the COS comes down on issues based on it's self interest.

    Although DM and the power structure of the COS might be sympathetic to some Republican platform ideas the broader Scientology public, especially new public do not. Scientology is designed to indoctrinate people on a "gradient" - boil the frog slowly, and having Joy out there making Scientology public having to reconcile these conflicting ideals without the proper preparation doesn't work for them.

    Now they might have been behind this at the beginning thinking they would get access to the White House so they could influence the IRS or how freedom of religion is pushed onto other countries through the State Department but one of the fundamental flaws in Scientology organization is they can't allow anyone to understand the true hierarchy and the control and use of finances. The way Hubbard got around this was to use Missions or Special Projects. These were ethereal units with tremendous power. They could do his bidding without leaving a trail back to him showing that he controlled everything and they would disappear as quickly as they came. A problem with special projects is it is difficult to find the personnel qualified to do them, most of all, who could be trusted to never ever reveal what was done or that they answered to Hubbard. This made the pool very small and LRH had so many things to do that he would move these same people around a lot. The short of this is that if they ever did anything that was actually successful it didn't become institutionalized. It makes the organization even more neurotic than it already is and it helps explain a lot of the roller coaster cyclical phases that the crew try to explain away as an aberration due to a failure to apply LRH policy correctly. There are probably so few people that can do these kinds of projects now that as soon as they get an idea and start to implement it they are already highly motivated to take it apart and get onto the next one.

    I kind of sense that there is something like that going on in the background with Joy also, ie. the initial Mission Purpose to gain political influence through Joy was found to conflict with the greater Purpose of indoctrinating raw meat - Mission terminated.
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    the district Joy was going to run in voted overwhelmingly Democratic.. She would have been torn apart..

    Shes been on the Kanye West bandwagon
    Joy Villa: Kanye West supports Trump -- Here’s why his actions are so monumental

    Joy fapping Video

    who does her Makeup?
    can u imagine Joy on the House floor with this face on?
    and rubbing elbows with real conservatives.

    She was in London over the weekend
    Catholic Herald
    Thousands join March for Life in London

    Pro-lifers took to the streets of London on Saturday for the March for Life UK, the first time the march has come to the British capital.
    American singer Joy Villa led the march through Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square, where Clare McCullough of the Good Counsel Network addressed the crowd and denounced the decision by Ealing Council to set up a so-called “buffer zone” around an abortion clinic.

    Cory Lewandoski is back in Trumps orbit
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  4. CommunicatorIC

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    Will any unused "testing the waters" / exploratory committee funds be contributed to the Church of Scientology and/or to Scientology front groups?

    They are qualified 501(c)(3) charities.

    According to the following Mental Floss and Open Secrets articles, it appears Villa can contribute any unused funds to charities -- which would of course include the Church of Scientology and related entities. I say "it appears" only because the articles address actual campaign funds, as opposed to "testing the waters" / exploratory committee funds, though I'd be surprised if different rules apply.

    ***** BEGIN EXCERPT ******

    Here's what a campaign committee is allowed to do with any lingering cash: it can donate the funds to charities or political parties; it can contribute $2000 per election to other candidates; and it can save the money in case the candidate chooses to run again.

    ***** END EXCERPT *****

    ***** BEGIN EXCERPT *****

    “The bottom line is no personal use, obviously,” Judith Ingram, a Federal Election Commission spokeswoman, told Capital Eye. “In addition, he can donate it to charity, or contribute it to the national party committee. He can contribute up to $2,000 to another candidate’s committee, put it into a PAC, convert his campaign committee into a PAC. He could do nothing with it … if he decided to run again he could dip back into it.”

    ***** END EXCERPT *****

    My understanding of the FEC rules is that Villa could NOT "contribute" the money for her OT levels or another service. It has to be a pure charitable conyribution for which she receives no benefit.

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  5. triumph

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  6. CommunicatorIC

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    I am reliably informed that Joy Villa has made a bit of a comeback in the MAGA community. For example:

    In a January 15, 2018 story by Tony Ortega, Villa's former manager Ron Olsen said, “I heard a few days later from Seb Gorka that she will never appear on Fox News again.”

    That is no longer the case. She has been taken back into the Fox fold. She appeared on Fox Business to provide commentary on the Emmys:

    From September 24 - 28, 2018, she will be a fill-in host on OANN - The One America News Network:


    She is also campaigning for MAGA candidates. For example: