Scientology community activity sparks concern in Dublin

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by Teanntás, Dec 16, 2017.

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  2. Hummmmmm... Just think of all the juicy stats they are missing out on. Seems legit. :cool:
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    You boil a frog by dropping him into cool water... then SLOWLY turn up the heat. Poor thing never realizes he is being cooked until he is tender and done.

    The good people in this town are being boiled. I hope the "free" press will continue to report truthfully and accurately about activities & the reputation of the "good sciobots".

    Knowing what I know now... I would not take my kids within 1,000 feet of the place & I would be "anti-cult" training my kids from diapers on up... oh yes I already did that.

    Follow no man or god blindly. Research, learn and then decide with facts in hand. There is a cult around every corner and the formula is almost the same in all of them. 1) We are the only way. 2) You can only find happiness with us. 3) People will tell you bad things about us but it is all lies. 4) We are the only ones that love and care about you. 5) If you believe anything different you are wrong. 6) Support us and only us with your money. 7) Any questions - start with #1 above again.

    BUT I am NOT BITTER... just WISER.

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  4. Teanntás

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    A front group linked to the Church of Scientology has sent thousands of leaflets, posters and DVDs to Irish schools in which they subtly promote their religion.
    The glossy material, labeled educational in nature, hails their founder, L. Ron Hubbard, as a champion of human rights similar to Mandela or Gandhi.
    The material comes from the Los Angeles-based Youth for Human Rights, which is is financed and run by members of the Church of Scientology The literature makes no mention of the organization’s links to the church and the connection is easy to miss.
    “They embed the ideology into it in a very discreet way. You’d have to really look to see it. It’s kind of a covert way of getting into schools,” religion teacher, Chris Gueret, told the Irish Times.
  5. Teanntás

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    I'd call that 'damning with faint defense'
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  6. They have also been creating fake Google accounts to give good reviews of their new org in Dublin.

    But the community seem to be driving the rating down to 2.6, it was at 4.6.

    Though it has a 5 star rating my favourite satirical one so far is:
    "An excellent place, with wonderful, friendly people. You're always free to leave and nobody ever tries to stop you. I write this review of my own free will, at no point has any person or persons threatened me or members of my immediate family."
  7. Teanntás

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    Loved this one

    I wonder if all of Claude's reviews are like this?

    "The staff at the Rathmines McDonald's were very friendly and at no point threatened to poison my dog and said I was free to leave whenever I wanted. Very accommodating!" :D