Scientology exhibit angers frankfurters

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    Scientology group Anger at the horror exhibition at the Hauptwache

    By MARK OBERT "Psychiatry - death instead of help": An exhibition under this lurid title causes irritation. A whole medical discipline defames them as criminal. Behind the show in a tent at the Hauptwache is the Scientology sect. Why was the exhibition approved? Also because of this question, it is now fermenting in the city.
    Psychiatrists invent diseases, make experiments on humans, make people dependent on drugs, work in the tradition of the Nazis, torture and kill people, and invest in their own pockets in conjunction with politics and the pharmaceutical industry. Such and similar claims are made by a Scientology organization Traveling exhibition, which is set up since Tuesday in a tent at the Hauptwache. "Psychiatry - death instead of help" is her title, which is visible from afar on the white tent next to other slogans like "Psychiatry = Organized Crime". Yesterday morning and noon, the tent was well attended, again and again curious people came in, stopped in front of some disturbing photographs, looked in front of the many screens lurid videos on history and presence of allegedly criminal and cruel acting psychiatry and their backers. Sources does not name the exhibition, it certainly does not provide evidence.
    That it works in the sense of its makers, yesterday showed some reactions of the visitors. Indignant nod, interested astonishment, confirming indignation everywhere. Critical questions about the exhibition rejected the folders decidedly, a conversation with the press was not desired.
    Today, the exhibition continues. For Vortex, they will probably continue to worry and raise many questions: For who makes the illustrated with gruesome pictures and the alarm systems suggested to them in mind, may be wondering how such an exhibition in the middle of the city is possible. The fact is: The competent road construction office has approved the special use, although it - as opposed to announced rallies - can also refuse special uses. The Office has a discretion here

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    (Google Translate) sind die Schautafeln zu allgemein gehalten und Sündenfälle der Psychiatriegeschichte mit Halbwahrheiten und nicht nachprüfbaren Fällen angeblicher Verbrechen in der jüngeren Vergangenheit zu geschickt verwoben. Eine Schautafel etwa zeigt tote Kinder, die durch Fixierung, durch Medikamente oder gar durch rohe Gewalt zu Tode gekommen sein sollen. Gegenüber sind Fälle von angeblich verurteilten Psychiatern aufgelistet. Alle diese Fälle stammen aus den USA – und widerlegen die Grundthese der Ausstellung, wonach das von rein wirtschaftlichen Interessen geleitete System Psychiatrie vom Bündnis aus Politik und Justiz gedeckt würde. Auf diesen Widerspruch angesprochen, reagierte ein Ordner abweisend. Er habe keine Lust zu diskutieren. Auf seinem T-Shirt stand: „Psychiatrie tötet“.


    The tent should be noticed. Broad and bright white it stands on the main guard, on all sides posters hang with lurid spells. "Psychiatry is Organized Crime" is there to read, or "Psychiatry - Death Camp instead of Help". Inside, things continue in a similarly effective way: on boards with shock pictures and in short movies, it shows how dangerous any form of psychiatry is - at least from the point of view of the exhibition organizers. Electric shocks, fictitious diagnoses, children who are forced to take harmful psychotropic drugs: the exhibition in the tent draws a grim and undifferentiated picture of the history and practice of psychiatry.
    Behind the traveling exhibition, which can be seen free of charge at the main police station until Monday, is the Munich-based association "Commission for Violations of Psychiatry Against Human Rights Germany" (KVPM). Only those who read the leaflet distributed at the entrance very carefully learn that the club is close to the controversial Scientology organization. Scientology, founded in the 1950s in the United States and officially recognized as a religion, is often criticized in Germany as a sect-like organization and observed by the protection of the Constitution.

    Bernd Trepping, the president of KVPM, does not challenge the criticism of the exhibition.

    more@ link (google Translate)

    Bernd Trepping, the president of KVPM, Is a Front Group in Germany

    wordpress post on Bernd Trepping (Book the Men Behind Hitler)
    ISA propaganda

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    Conspiracy theories and short stories

    After Allied troops swung back the gates of Auschwitz, Dachau and other camps to reveal the horrors of the Holocaust, the long process began of bringing the perpetrators to justice for their crimes against humanity. But one group whose ideologies and programs had laid the groundwork for the atrocities managed to escape notice and punishment. Not only did they walk free, German psychiatrists returned to become “respectable” members of society, not just in their homeland but also around the world.

    In 1994 – some 50 years later – the role of psychiatrists in the Holocaust was still nearly unknown, buried deep beneath a cloak of secrecy. German psychiatrists were “pillars of the establishment” – respected “authorities” whom few questioned or challenged. But all that was about to change. And leading the way were CCHR psych busters, Bernd Trepping and Nicola Cramer.

    A Scientologist since 1989, Bernd joined the Hamburg branch of CCHR and soon began leading protests to expose psychiatric abuses. Nicola likewise found Scientology in 1989 in Northern Germany and quickly became committed to exposing psychiatric abuses nationally.

    When Bernd and Nicola exposed that he’d ordered the involuntary commitment of a man he’d never met, the very pinnacle of psychiatry was forced to resign. Not long after, a landmark decision from Germany’s Supreme Court was issued, ruling ALL involuntary treatment illegal and outlawed across Germany! These two unrelenting CCHR psych busters set forth to awaken a nation to the evils of psychiatry. And in so doing, they rewrote the history books and so safeguarded the rights of every German citizen.

    more@link ( In English )

    Yikes! they are delusional
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    Frankfurter Rundschau (google Translation)
    Scientology: Lawyer approaches Stefan Majer
    After his criticism of the exhibition of a Scientology related association, a lawyer from Karlsruhe attacks the health department chief Stefan Majer.
    by Von Hanning Voigts
    After widespread public criticism of an anti-psychiatry exhibition, which has shown a club affiliated with the Scientology organization for several days in a tent on the main police station, discontent is expressed by statements made by Frankfurt's health department chief Stefan Majer (Greens).
    The Karlsruhe lawyer David Schneider-Addae-Mensah, who said he himself gave a speech at the opening of the exhibition, calls on Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) to dismiss Majer. His "completely out of control" reaction to the exhibition he perceived as "incitement against a human rights organization," Schneider-Addae-Mensah writes in a letter to Feldmann, who is the FR.
    Until last week, the Munich-based association "Commission for Violations of the Human Rights of Psychiatry Germany" (KVPM) had shown for several days a traveling exhibition at the Hauptwache, in a dark and lurid way sentiment against theory and practice of psychiatry has been. The Weltanschauungsbeauftragten of the diocese Limburg and the Protestant Landeskirchen in Hessen had pointed out in response to the fact that KVPM is a "camouflage and sub-organization" of Scientology. The originating from the USA Scientology organization is often criticized as a sect-like enterprise and observed in Germany by the protection of the constitution.
    Health Minister Stefan Majer had in a press release the psychiatric institutions in Frankfurt against the practiced in the exhibition criticism in protection. Majer had said that the exhibition was abusing "freedom of speech for hate speech". On Monday, Majer said on a FR request: "A resignation from the Scientology environment just proves you're on the right track."