Scientology infiltrates economics Germany

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    Scientology infiltrates economics

    Dusseldorf The controversial Scientology organization tries, according to North Rhine-Westphalian constitutional protection, to infiltrate the economy and thus to increase their influence. Also on young athletes it has the organization.
    They approached by "clever and covert marketing" especially small and medium-sized enterprises, it said in the published on Friday current NRW-Constitutional Protection Report. To infiltrate the economy, the Scientology Organization (SO) founded its own trade association "World Institute of Scientology Enterprises" (WISE). There, organizational and management strategies would be developed to "gradually advance in the infiltration of the economy".
    Nationwide, the SO counts after the taxes 3,500 members, of which about 420 in NRW. The organization finances itself through the organization of paid courses and the distribution of course materials with Scientology ideology. In addition, according to security agencies, "pressure is exerted on members" to donate their private assets to Scientology.
    According to the findings of the security authorities, "nothing has changed" in the risk assessment of the SO in recent years. In 2008, the Higher Administrative Court of M√ľnster had declared the Scientologists' observation of the Scientologists lawful, because their organization posed a threat to the free-democratic basic order.

    According to the Constitutional Protection, Scientology recently tried to inspire young athletes to study at their "Clearwater International Academy" in the USA. This apparently happened with the aim of recruiting the athletes during the study for the SO. Especially football players from North Rhine-Westphalia have been lured by the sect with US scholarships.
    Also, increasingly young people were courted by Scientology, it was said. This is done under the guise of good deeds, such as education on human rights, the promotion of tolerance and peace and the fight against drugs. To cultivate their image, the SO increasingly uses social networks. The Internet serves as an "advertising and propaganda platform". The aim of all PR campaigns is to introduce interested parties to "cost-intensive courses" at a later date, according to the report on the protection of the constitution.
    From the Scientology ideology, the constitutionalists conclude that the 1953 founded in Lafayette American by Ron Hubbard hierarchical organization "seeks world domination". In Germany, the Scientologists have branches in Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Hanover and Frankfurt.
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