Scientology member Joy Villa's "Make America Great Again" Trump Grammy Dress

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    Joy has inspired me with an what I think is a great idea.

    She could change her Queen dresses given to her by the Emperor into one with billboard design done by Willie and Phil Jones.
    It must be made by DM's personal tailor, paid by DM from his overseas stashes.
    The charity she gives some of the proceeds to would be who's mission is to carry out the program written by DM, John Travolta, Krusty Allie, Tom Cruise which contains orders to make a documentary of weekly stats on number of reconnections made, the declining balance of thebank account containing advance payments of the cult's Sea Org Reserves given only to those who have left the cult.

    I am sure, very very sure it would increase her popularity.
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    New song by Ivanka Trump friend, Leah Remini critic and Scientology member Joy Villa - Make America Great Again! - Climbs the charts!


    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    ‘Make America Great Again’ song climbs the charts

    Fox Business

    Published on Jul 7, 2017

    Singer, songwriter and Trump supporter Joy Villa behind her decision to wear a Trump-inspired dress during the 2017 Grammy Awards and her new song ‘Make America Great Again.’

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    Get your Joy Villa "Make America Great Again Dress" Limited Edition Autographed Portrait Shot By Famed Photographer Thorsten Overgaard for only $25, discounted from $45! (Personalized not available at this time.)

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    VIDEO: Make America Great Again! Joy Villa (Official Music Video)

    VIDEO: Make America Great Again! Joy Villa (Official Music Video)


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    Make America Great Again! Joy Villa (Official Music Video)

    Joy Villa

    Published on Jul 28, 2017

    Please purchase this song if you support what I do! Amazon:

    or iTunes:
    Join #JoyTribe!
    Joy Villa’s Make America Great Again! was written by herself, Norman Kerner, and George Gesner, right after her 2017 Grammy’s appearance in which she wore a dress with the President’s same slogan, and her last album “I Make The Static” reached #12 on Billboard and #1 on iTunes and Amazon.

    “Make America Great Again!” is produced by Motown’s Michael Durio of Paris5000. It is mastered by Warren Sokol from the infamous United Mastering in Hollywood (Michael Jackson, Sheryl Crow, Madonna).

    Joy says of the triumphant rock and country style track, “This is more than a song, it’s a call to action- I want to get this song trending to share the message of hope and persistence towards building a better future for ourselves, our country, and our children.”

    The choir who’s featured on the song have worked with Michael Jackson and Smokey Robinson, to name a few.

    After it’s prerelease it reached #3 on Amazon’s Top Paid Album Chart in less than 12 hours! The track officially released on the 4th of July, a fitting tribute to America.

    Joy’s concept behind the song is simple, “Making America Great Again starts with everyone working together to rise above hatred, go against what they’ve been “told to believe” and see for themselves with their hearts and eyes open to joining together as spiritual beings in bold agreed upon values and love.”

    It’s a love hymn for America and a call for unity, healing and strength through confusing times.

    It’s also a call to combat the violence perpetuated against people of differing views, and her vision and hope is that the lyrics and rousing melody will encourage people to reach across party lines in unity to create a better country and world.

    Make America Great Again! - Single by Joy Villa

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
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    Scientology celebrity Joy Villa supports suspended Fox contributor Eric Bolling

    Scientology celebrity Joy Villa supports suspended Fox contributor Eric Bolling, who has been accused of sending unsolicited lewd photos to at least three female colleagues at Fox News Business and Fox News.

    This may be a bit off-topic for Scientology, but it is evidence that Joy Villa is truly "all-in" with the conservative movement.


    As noted in a recent article on the conservative news website The Blaze, Bolling has been suspended by Fox News pending an internal investigation. "The accusations were confirmed to the Huffington Post by 14 past and current Fox News employees, and were followed upon by corroboration from a former Fox News guest who made similar accusations against Bolling."
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    Joy Villa claims she has been "CENSORED on YouTube for being Pro America!" YouTube removed one of her videos for an alleged privacy violation.






    YouTube targets multiple pro-Trump musical artists
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    What campaign? 2020? God help us.
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