Scientology plans control of downtown Clearwater for retail makeover

Discussion in 'Breaking and Major News about Scientology' started by CommunicatorIC, Mar 7, 2017.

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    From the Bunker.
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    Epic go pound sand fail.

    The Church said it was looking for an anchor to revitalize the area. Clearwater already has a Dollar Tree so I had to wonder what that possibly could be?

    From rural strip-malls to Manhattan’s avenues, it has been a disastrous two years for retail.
    There have been nine retail bankruptcies in 2017—as many as all of 2016. J.C. Penney, RadioShack, Macy’s, and Sears have each announced more than 100 store closures. Sports Authority has liquidated, and Payless has filed for bankruptcy. Last week, several apparel companies’ stocks hit new multi-year lows, including Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle, and Ralph Lauren announced that it is closing its flagship Polo store on Fifth Avenue, one of several brands to abandon that iconic thoroughfare.
    A deep recession might explain an extinction-level event for large retailers. But GDP has been growing for eight straight years, gas prices are low, unemployment is under 5 percent, and the last 18 months have been quietly excellent years for wage growth, particularly for middle- and lower-income Americans.
    So, what the heck is going on? The reality is that overall retail spending continues to grow steadily, if a little meagerly. But several trends—including the rise of e-commerce, the over-supply of malls, and the surprising effects of a restaurant renaissance—have conspired to change the face of American shopping.

    Here are three explanations for the recent demise of America’s storefronts.
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    Dee said she sat next to one and talked to her before she made her comments.
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    Looks like they're on to the next round. :p :wink2:

    "You Paid For It: Scientology trying to kill $26 million Clearwater aquarium funding after land sale dispute"

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    Mike Rinder: Scientology Clearwater Hissy Fit

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    It did not take long for the smiling, glad-handing, magnanimous Miscavige to revert to form as the bully throwing a hissy fit because the minions did not kowtow and give in to his every wish.


    It is amazing to watch this unfold. Miscavige is being exposed to the world for what he really is. And finally, instead of just getting away with it because nobody dare incur his wrath, the mainstream media is shouting “the emperor has no clothes.”

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    VIDEO: Church of Scientology asks for block to tourism funding l ABC Action News.


    Published on Apr 25, 2017

    Church of Scientology asks for block to tourism funding in Clearwater.
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    UPDATED: Scientology loses effort to kill $26 million Clearwater Marine Aquarium funding.

    WFLA - You Paid For It: Scientology loses effort to kill $26 million Clearwater Marine Aquarium funding

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    CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — The Church of Scientology has for the moment at least lost a bid to kill $26 million in public funding for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The church made a last minute bid to block tourism tax funding for the aquarium’s expansion one day before Tuesday’s Pinellas County Commission meeting. The church argued that the aquarium is not deserving of public support for a myriad of reasons.

    Commissioners essentially ignored the church’s objections at their meeting Tuesday and forwarded the proposal along with other recommended projects to a special committee that will negotiate the details of how that bed tax money is spent The plan will return to the commission for final approval.


    At Tuesday afternoon’s Pinellas County Commission meeting, commissioners unaninously voiced approval of the aquarium plans without actually taking a formal vote sent it to a committee to work out the details. Aquarium CEO said the aquarium is “moving forward” with its expansion plans and dismissed the church’s criticisms as “inflammatory and inappropriate.”

    Church spokesman Ben Shaw later told Eight on Your Side “Its not over yet,” and vowed to continue opposing public financial support of the aquarium as a bad deal for taxpayers. Clearwater City Council Member Hoyt Hamilton called the church’s opposition to aquarium funding a “bully tactic” after losing a bidding war last week with the city over the vacant lot and faulted the church for fostering a bad image of itself in the community.

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    Scientology leaders say aquarium shouldn't get public funds.

    Fox 13 News: Scientology leaders say aquarium shouldn't get public funds

    Video at link.

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    The Clearwater Marine Aquarium won a battle against the Church of Scientology in the chamber of the Clearwater City Council last week, and it seems the church will not let it go unnoticed.

    The church had its sights set on a plot of land owned by the aquarium at the corner of Osceola and Polk. The City of Clearwater was set to buy the land for $4.25 million, but the church offered $15 million: A deal the church thought the aquarium couldn't pass up. But the aquarium honored the deal it already made with the city, and the city went through with the purchase.

    Now the church is trying to convince Pinellas County commissioners not to approve tourism money for the aquarium, saying it must not need the cash since it turned down the church's offer.

    Scientology leaders say aquarium shouldn't get public funds

    Tuesday, commissioners approved the first step in sending $26 million in tourism dollars to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

    At the last minute, the Church of Scientology tried to convince commissioners to block the funds, saying the aquarium has no reason to ask for all that public money given they just turned down the church's much-larger offer.

    The church distributed documents alleging the aquarium's economic impact is overstated, and that the CEO makes too high of a salary for a non-profit.


    Commissioners approved the money anyway.

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    so the COS/DM decides to attack the CW decision not to buy the land from the COS offer of 15 million, and attack the people involved.

    What was that PR Policy letter that Hubbard said, always maintain friendly relationships with the environment, LOL
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    Always maintain friendly relationships with the environment, unless someone in the environment disagrees with you or doesn't do what you want. In that case, fuck them.

    The problem is that two different arms of the Church of Scientology, or indeed of OSA itself, will follow and implement two different and entirely inconsistent HCO PLs at the same time, not realize they are doing it, and have no idea their actions in one area are undercutting, if not obliterating, their achievements in the other area. Thus, the PR arm of OSA will do block parties, and inter-faith functions, and Human Rights and Way to Happiness events to generate good will. At the same time, the other arm of OSA will publicly and viscously attack a charitable Marine Aquarium because they couldn't buy a fucking lot for a swimming pool. They seemingly have no idea they flushed any good will they generated with the first activities down the toilet.

    In this situation the smart move would have been for DM to announce the NEXT DAY that the Church of Scientology was moving ahead with its planned retail plan, and looked forward to working with the City of Clearwater. It would have been brilliant. It would have generated real goodwill and positive headlines. (They could have later put up a huge wall between their property and the lot.)

    But no, they have to play bully.

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    And all that just because they couldn't buy the aquarium property. There'll be some more normies about to be a nuisance and peep into the "religious retreat" or ask inconvenient questions. They could still go on with their facade renovation plan though and Tom Cruise is still going to move there, however, just now Davey with his tunnel gaze of the frustrated narcissist can only see the bad aspects and will act accordingly. I guess "moving on" is not one of Davey's strengths. I wonder how many more hissyfits will come just related to this one flap. (If it can be sorted out - difficult if the flaps just keep coming!) I hope CoS e.g. Davey keeps bitching about his failure to "make things go right", sending out lawyer letters and childish threats, at best non sequitur and whiny. I hope no city clerk gets spied on or harassed but if it happens, it will be uncovered quickly and generate more bad press. The more the merrier. People don't just need to know about Xenu, they need to know "religion or not, this is a shady, disingenuous and mean group with which I don't want anything to do". And then just when Davey maybe will have calmed down a little, there'll be season 2 of "Aftermath". Ouch. :biggrin: Thank you Clearwater city council for doing the right thing. :thankyou:
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    Posted on Tony Ortega's blog by user sizzle8:

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    Scientology Koan: What Scientology technology can fully handle the case of a declared dolphin?

    ANSWER: Expanded Dolphinetics (running out Evil Porpoises)
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    This is friendly.
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    Sing along!

    Monique Yingaling, Monique Yingaling
    Henchwoman for Miscavige
    Scaring kids and dolphins
    To see her face will freeze your fin or tail so let's all sing,
    Monique Yingaling, Monique Yingaling

    She's like a spider waiting for the fatal sting
    Look out for Monique Yingaling!

    At first you think Yingling is a devil
    But after time has worn away the shock
    You come to realize
    You've seen those half closed, blinking eyes
    Watching you from underneath a rock

    This human vampire bat, this Miscavige beast
    She ought to be locked up and never released
    Clearwater was such a wholesome place until
    Scientology's dolphin-hating shill!

    PS: Thanks for all the fish!
    I'm so glad I joined ESMB and I'm very proud of my SP Declare!


    Winter the Dolphin

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    Talk about projection! They are going after the CEO's salary and tax benefits, unbelievable. Read the whole article at the link.
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    LRH Quote of the Day:

    HCOPL 13 March 1965 Vol. 1 pg 211

    An ARC Broken (upset) person, misemotionally reporting in a letter or telex invariably generalizes broadly in an effort to justify his misemotion and make a proper effect. In finding out the exact identity of his generalized "everyone" you cure his ARC Break and don't let it cause ARC Breaks between your org & his.
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    The Aquarium CEO speaks out.