Scientology plans control of downtown Clearwater for retail makeover

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    I love it when the cult shows it's true nature - vindictive, mean-spirited and malicious. Just like The Old Quack himself.

    Here they are stomping their little feet because they didn't get what they wanted. Where is whining on the tone scale again?
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    How fascinating that the COS (Crimewave of Scientology) instantly loses its "OT SUPERPOWERS" (and loses the piece of land they coveted too) the nano-second that it cannot begin stridently screaming "Religious Bigotry!", "Religious Persecution!" and "Religious Hate Crime!"

    Without its "religion angle" cloaking & constitutional protections against civil and criminal prosecution, the Church of Scientology is exposed as a weak, vengeful, can't-make-it-go-right, not-total-cause-over-life pack of ETs. No, not extraterrestrials. LOL. Effete Thetans.

    Additionally, the cult is beyond bewildered by the fact that it could not "buy off" whatever it wants this time--by simply throwing tens of millions of parishioner "play money" at a party who is not obsessed and solely motivated by cash money. This concept is so far out of the cult's "reality" that it literally does not know what to do. So, it automatically reverts to the fair game attack tactics. Bad move!

    Lastly, one final delusionally delicious morsel of cult calumny & claim:


    And, how do we know this?

    Because as far back as the 1980s (when Miscavige ruthlessly hijacked leadership/control of Scientology's assets, organizations, real estate and cash) something rather dramatic happened regarding the big swimming pool at Flag's Ft. Harrison delivery complex. Up until that point parishioners lounged and played in/around the pool all day, waiting to be called for their auditing sessions. It was a fun-filled resort atmosphere replete with water volleyball, splashing, swimming, suntanning and non-stop chatting & laughing amongst the DOZENS of Scientologists enjoying the pool grounds at any given time. Then, suddenly and without warning, parishioners were "rounded up" like escaped slaves and viciously lectured that they were dilettantes--guilty of the crime of wasting precious production hours in the deadly serious war to save the planet.

    Yes, they were ORDERED (all of them) to cease and desist hanging out at the pool. They were ORDERED to report to course during all their free time. And if they weren't on a course, they were ORDERED to pay for a course and start it.

    Thus, the absurdity and treacherously transparent LIE the COS now tries to pawn off on unsuspecting wogs--about the dire need for a SWIMMING POOL! When the cult has TWO huge swimming pools not being used within a very short walking distance (Ft. Harrison & Sandcastle). And within a few minute shuttle, one of the country's most beloved white-sand shores (Clearwater Beach) is also available for those big beings whose havingness is so huge that they require an oceanic-sized swimming pool.

    Alas, the corrupt cult still screams: "WE NEED ANOTHER SWIMMING POOL!" One wonders how many sleepless nights OSA staff spend just wishing they could somehow make this "hill ten" all about religious discrimination and violating the church's religious rights.

    HELPFUL TIP TO OSA: This would be an excellent time for the COS to trot out your "Christian minister" Alfredie Johnson as well as your Nation of Islam "ministers" and to hold a major press conference where you begin yelling about how not only Scientologists are "under attack" by "extremist Nazis"; but you can also add in that Christians and Muslims are also under attack by anti-religious Christ-haters, Islamophobes and other God-hating terrorists! Then your Scientology, Christian and Muslim "ministers" should join hands and begin singing "WE SHALL OVERCOME". The PR event should be capped off with Tom Cruise, Travolta and all the other Scientology celebrities dressed in minister costumes bearing jumbo crosses--and they should be wildly grinning as they give out FREE AUTOGRAPHS in FREE COPIES of the Bible, Koran and Evolution of a [STRIKE]Science[/STRIKE] Hoax.
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    Here's the 15 million dollar question for Monique "lies up the ying-ying" Yingling.

    She is Miscavige's personal attorney and he personally wants to personally own that piece of land near Flag to keep it from falling into "enemy" hands, where they can see what Scientologists are actually doing. Miscavige wants to protect Tom Cruise from surveillance AND to eventually declare Clearwater to the "THE WORLD'S FIRST CLEAR CITY!" or "THE WORLD'S FIRST SCIENTOLOGY CITY!"

    Same strategy as the IDEAL ORG ribbon cutting, where parishioners donate hundreds of millions of dollars which are then used to trick them into thinking that something happened--other than COB defrauding them.

    In any case, this post is supposed to be about the $15M question. Kindly remember that Yingling and COB pathetically claimed (in writing! LOL) that they needed that land to build another swimming pool.

    Ergo, the standard auditing question they should be asked in their next Sec Check is: DO SCIENTOLOGISTS SWIM?

    What a bunch of degenerately pathetic liars.
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    Indeed, oh looky thar, it seems the cult isn't fooling many down there, and just made a tonne more aware of how they operate.

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    On top of that retailers are going out of business by the chunkload...except for Walmart. WhooHooo!!!
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    One is hard-pressed to even guess what the COS's next response is going to be to their pathetic saber rattling after the land's owner exercised his free-enterprise, constitutionally-protected freedom to sell the land to whomever the hell he wanted to sell it to.

    So, what is COB's next brilliant move--after issuing legal threats and trying to become an obstructionist in Clearwater's lovely plan to build a great public aquarium? Jeez, this is going to take some real ingenious strategic planning because now there are 5.4x more Clearwater residents that reject/ridicule the cult than before!


    --Create a "Special Edition" of Freedom Magazine dedicated to the shocking spike in water-related terrorism such as the Somali pirates hijacking ships and murdering innocents. The cover's headline should cleverly question: "HAS CLEARWATER DECLARED A GENOCIDAL FATWA AGAINST RELIGION?"

    --In the feature story, the Clearwater aquarium project should be luridly exposed as "religious bigots and haters" that are "attempting to deny religious Scientologists with the holy water their scripture requires!" This is how you walk back the monumental goof in Blinky's letter where she claimed that the COS needed the land to build another swimming pool. Then dead agent the "lie" and state affirmatively that it was never about a swimming pool!

    --provide documentary and historical and scriptural proof that the Scientology religion has a long and verifiable history of using water in their religious rites and rituals, exactly the same as the Christian religion (e.g. Catholicism) uses "holy water" for baptism and sacramental protection against evil. Likewise, Scientology's senior clergy join a water-related religious fraternity (the SEA org).

    --include photos, testimonials and success stories about the religious rites that depict OVERBOARDING and other profoundly self-sacrifice worship performed at Scientology's international base where the holiest ministers wade about in feces infested swamps for days (cleaning them by hand) without any hazmat protective gear.

    --then neatly tie all this together by vicious charging that Clearwater and the Marine non-profit have conspired to deny the religion of Scientology a "modest real estate vessel to hold the church's holy water for all of its parishioners and mankind". Then re-issued Blinky's letter and claim that the reference to "real estate" or "swimming pool" was a transcriptionist error that should have read "sacred baptismal land". Position this against the genocide of Native American Indians by a photo of an Indian Chief very tearfully looking at at what was formerly a sacred ancestral burial ground, now being paved over to build a Krispy Kreme donut franchise.

    --create a non-profit SAVE THE ANIMALS foundation that fights against the Nazi-like enslavery of Dolphins and other aquatic free-spirits, keeping them in prisons inside aquariums where they are openly stared at and mocked all day by cruel "trainers" and customers. Create mass protests in every aquarium in North America by Scientologists who chant catchy slogans like "HELL NO, NAZI DOLPHIN MURDERERS HAVE GOT TO GO!" Protest placards should either "find or manufacture" photos of dolphins cruelly trapped in fishing nets next to photos of Clearwater council members laughing.

    --finally, call an major press conference with all Scientology's celebrities, dressed in priest costumes with massive crucifixes depicting a helplessly sacrificial dolphin impaled on a cross. The celebs should be well briefed and drilled to cry on cue any time cameras or microphones are pointed in their direction. The movie stars in particular should be given "talking points" so they don't stumble but stay on a strictly worded script, repeating: "All I want to say to everyone is SAVE the children and, by God, please SAVE the poor dolphins before it is too late!"

    Needless to say, Kirstie should not be allowed to participate unless she has passed a clay demo of "Why I should not be seen chowing down out of a Krispy Kreme box during the "Save the Dolphins" crusade".
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    Thank God!

    I thought I was the only one giggling about the new-and-improved branding for that dynamic dianetic duo.


    ps: I may soon have to post official notice of their new "street names" over on the Stupid Thread.
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    Isn’t DM shorter than El Chapo? Wouldn’t that be something like El Chapo Corto or “The Short Shorty”?

    "Senator Cruz estimates one drug lord alone may be worth $14 billion in confiscated funds. That would be good start toward paying for wall," former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in a statement. "Ted Cruz is exactly right to focus on confiscating Mexican drug money to pay for the wall. What a grand and fitting irony."

    Guzmán's Sinaloa Cartel is credited with dominating the illegal drug market in nearly the entire United States. "El Chapo" -- meaning "The Short One" or "shorty" -- so dubbed because of his 5-foot-6-inch frame, was detained in Guatemala in 1993 and then extradited to Mexico to face murder and drug trafficking charges.
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    Tony O's response to the above story:

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    Just think of it! Cleared Clearwater!
    Mayor Tom Cruise announced today
    that the Ideal city of Clearwater had reached the goal of "100% Ideal Org in The Ideal Cleared City for Ideal Clears".

    Ain't that special!

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