Scientology plans control of downtown Clearwater for retail makeover

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    I have a theory that CoS's failure to Clear the planet is due to an SP transcriptionist. :coolwink:

    Hubbard said in a lecture "A Clear is a being who no longer has his Bank (which in Scientology means "Reactive Mind").

    But somewhere along the way someone twisted it into "A Clear is a being who no longer has his bank account."

    That would explain the direction and focus of the CoS in recent decades. :yes:
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    Re: Flag back in the news; loses land bid; cries discrimination

    Nope. No shame on you whatsoever. I have made the same error - there are some here that monitor Scientology activities very closely, perhaps they have some sort of news feed app or filter that notifies them in nanoseconds as the latest news drops. They then post it here before the ink dries. Just hit the black triangle and ask the mod to have this thread annexed to the other thread.

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    It's not finished. It looks like the Council is getting better at holding it's ground in the big picture.
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    Tampa Bay Times
    Tom Cruise moving to Clearwater? The rumor’s back again
    by Tracey McManus
    ublished: August 1, 2018
    Updated: August 1, 2018 at 07:09 AM

    CLEARWATER — Like clockwork, the forever-resurrected scoop that Tom Cruise has finally moved to downtown for good resurfaced in national tabloids last week, with People magazine proclaiming the actor and devout Scientologist has once and for all, and truly, for real this time, settled into his multi-million dollar penthouse near his religion’s mecca.
    The Aug. 6 (EXCLUSIVE!) cover story, posted online July 25, cites "sources" who say Cruise has been busy renovating the pad and has been spotted out and about downtown with Scientology staffers.
    The story, which has exactly zero new details from headlines printed ad-nauseam over the years that were just as thinly sourced, opened the flood gates.
    Blogs, newspapers, TV stations, tabloids and social media feeds across the world lit up.
    For anybody who cares about facts, here is what we know for sure. Spoiler alert: It’s not much.


    In March 2017, the Tampa Bay Times broke a story that Scientology leader David Miscavige had purchased six key downtown properties under anonymous LLCs in early 2017 totaling almost $30 million.
    Turns out, Miscavige was preparing a retail overhaul for the city’s long struggling downtown. He offered to bankroll a total overhaul of Cleveland Street facades, have his hired consultants recruit luxury retail to empty storefronts and build an entertainment complex in partnership with Tom Cruise.


    According to Clearwater senior planner Mark Parry, the Skyview’s 2016 penthouse renovation permit is still active, meaning "they’re still doing work."
    So is Cruise really moving to Clearwater?
    Not to start another international tabloid rumor, but word on the street here is mixed.
    "The latest thing I heard is his unit might be for sale because he’s not coming here anymore," Council member Hoyt Hamilton said of Cruise. "Life is too short for me to even worry about that."

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    Can we assume this means they must all become members of WISE and report stats up to CoS? That many businesses, all WISE members, failing all in one place would be quite a scene. Can't wait. :clapping::laugh:
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    Exactly. What could go wrong? In a word everything.... eventually.

    Should be an eye opener for the still-innie's, the smarter one's anyway, no more pretense that the $cientology cult is anything more than a real estate operation with a slave labor force.
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    And the actual State of Clear means that now that you don't have your own Reactive Mind, you have the Reactive Minds of Body Thetans and Clusters.

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    Oh, joy. Being a member of WISE means that you are subject, on zero notice, to getting a WISE mission shot into your business to evaluate whether you are "applying the Tech standardly". With you being billed for the mission.
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