Scientology - To criticize and discriminate

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by tr8theta, Aug 10, 2017.

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    There's gonna be a flogging? Yay!:party:
  3. tr8theta

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    Yes and there will be food and drinks and rides for the kiddies afterwards!

  4. JustSheila

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    Actually, Trate* and I had a great discussion about this by PM. He ALMOST posted his PM to me on the board - it was really good and I wanted him to share it, but then he got shy or something. Oh well.

    He's alright and he's doing JUST FINE here. :yes:

    * Trate is my nickname for you, Tom. I know what the eight means. :coolwink:
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    Flogging, Did I hear Flogging !,Can i come , can bring Rocks.
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    Some possible scenarios for newbies:

    :newhere: :welcome:

    or .........

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    Yes, I know that you have adopted the nickname "Trate" for me. It's very fine.
    It isn't that I feel shy about posting my PM reply to you JS...I just didn't want to make it seem like I was tooting my own horn or "Hey guys and gals Just Shiela really liked my I must be an okay person afterall so please read it" but again thank you JS for the very nice compliment. I'm finding my way around in here, learning the ESMB "how to not keep getting tossed about" techniques" LOL ...and to just continue to be my honest self - flaws and all.
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    Sure...bring rocks (but remember "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" JC) or even tomatoes, eggs, some pies (lemon merengue please)
    Flogging* begins Monday 8-21-17 right after the Solar Exclipse (so don't be late!) Rain date: Tuesday 8-22. Some tickets are still available at Ticketron...but act quickly while they last. YOUR PHOTO with the "Flogee" only $5.00
    *Flogging whip courtesy of "Gina'sS&"

    Trate (TR8)
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    The point you're missing there is that lack of moral responsibility is at the core of Christian doctrine (salvation through belief in Jesus Christ, who was crucified for our sins, thus erasing our moral responsibility by proxy, a concept which goes against all justice and is morally repugnant). The initial wrongdoing (the rape) is not supported by the doctrine, but the shielding of the wrongdoing is. That is why the Catholic Church is evil. Not because they had pedophiles in their ranks, which is not exactly something that could be predicted or screened for easily.

    But here we come to a knotty problem: what DO you consider to be the "basic principles" of Scientology? The Axioms? KSW? What?
  10. guanoloco

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    Back in the day here at ESMB a few of us related how Divs 4 and 5 and 6 were the "good" while the other Divs were horrible.

    This got reduced to any good coming from the Red vols, most assuredly a collaborative effort which Hu666ard slapped his name onto after thoroughly squirreling anything and everything so that his total Cause control put thee and me at total Effect to Ron, and all the horrible coming from the green vols, most assuredly all Ron's creation which totally places thee and me into Effect bondage of Ron's "tech", org(s), ethics and finances...of which Ron is total Cause over...being OT and all...
  11. Gizmo

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    I didn't get past you bringing up you beliefs of are flawed if you don't all & therefore a generality ( or horseshit to that effect ).

    When you stop being dead center in scntoxicness we might have a conversation one day.

    I guess the best thing I could say to you is no thanks to your entheta.

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