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Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by tr8theta, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Tr8theta, on August 11th, you wrote:

    Please see, particularly, the part I bolded.

    Today, August 16, on another thread you wrote:

    Tom, I realize this may be a lot to take in, but you've completely contradicted yourself. You came on ESMB stating you are aware these atrocities have happened and even continue to occur. Then just five days later, you stated - in bold - that you "honestly didn't know that."

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    Like Pheno, I had only known of it to treat Bipolar. Ya learn something new every day.

    So I did a bit of net research. Good sites, medical sites, and learned a lot. You are right, Roger, it's a supplement, with some good research to back up claims of better brain function when used in lower doses and in a different form. The nutritional supplement form is Lithium Orotate and it's perfectly safe. The Bipolar treatment form is Lithium as Eskalith or Lithobid (where Lithium is in the form of Lithium Carbonate), which can have some serious side-effects.

    As the nutritional supplement, Lithium Orotate, it's perfectly safe. It's a type of salt, basically. Thanks, Roger. That was very useful.

    Added: Apparently it takes about three weeks of regular use for it to start having an effect.
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    You're absolutely right. I did contradict myself as you have correctly pointed out...and to avoid further embarrassment and out of sincere respect for your astuteness and everyone here as well I would not even attempt to wiggle my way out of this one. Because of you putting things in proper perspective for me in your most recent PM's to me about why some folks here continue to vent and that it's duly warranted because of present day ongoing abuses they continue to endure, my awareness and recognition level of the severity of what you said became heightened. Thank you for bringing my contradiction to my attention (and everybody's elses) I certainly have my flaws and shortcomings and have no problem openly admitting I made a mistake when I have. It's pretty embarrassing however to have this incident of quirkiness of mine put into the spotlight in the open forum for all to read. Geez I now feel that to continue participating here I must be extremely careful of every single thing I say (which of course one should) because I already have been since day one and will continue to be scrutinized like a glass plate of germs is under a microscope and Lord help me if I err in anyway shape or form going forward...I may just get flogged in the ESMB town square. LOL
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    Nah, not gonna happen. Be who you are, say what you say and if someone has a problem with it, it's their problem. :biggrin:
    I replied to you on the other thread.
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    Arnie Lerma mentioned a few times about taking Lithium Orotate.
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    Nah ... you're through the worst of the ESMB wall of fire now, you'll be OK, although we all still seem to fall flat on our faces now and again. The trick is to get up, gather what remains of your dignity and stagger off for a while (while pretending it didn't hurt, just like Tom Bruise recently did).

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    Don't you worry 'bout a thing!

    We've all had similar moments.

    And if you just stop answering in this thread and just hope for other people to do exactly the same, that might wel happen, with the result that it will go under in the deep ESMB-ocean never to be seen again (only to be found by guys like me, :lol: ).
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    Of course you are.



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    Thanks Sheila. But actually, it was a hospice that my father was in (a place to die, basically), and I do know the difference between that and a nursing home. You are right, of course, the emphasis in the two is different, but both can be eye opening places to have to visit as a child. Not having visited a nursing home, I imagine that hospices, by their very nature, are more depressing places than nursing homes, since, as you say, there is no expectation that the people there will get better.

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    No, you're mistaken. He never had a second wife. (Only a first and third.)
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    Thanks for clarifying that, Wilbur.

    I agree, either place would be shocking to a child. Death is difficult for anyone, but especially children.
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    It's cool.

    As Free To Shine said, just be yourself.
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    Ya . . . As I just noted in answer to Phenom . . . lithium orotate.

    It is a winner . . . for all folks, but particularly for we oldies who might be getting a little deficient in it because of the daily diet most are forced to suffer :grouch:

    To be honest, I am seeing more and more gross symptoms of major deficiencies of these little known essentials . . . it is interesting to me to be among the health nuts at the organic farmers market V and I frequent as compared to what I see of the physical condition of other regular folks eating what is now essentially polluted GMO fare . . . :grouch::grouch:

    And I restrain myself from posting on the crimes and why behind that shit . . . but you can google the point that what the alteration in the gene structure of that crap is, is done to induce sterility in the living organisms (insects originally) that eat the crop . . .

    What's not been researched is what relationship has our human evolved genome to that of the lower life forms in respect to that reproduction gene.

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