Scientology tries to acquire young athletes for Clearwater Academy in the US

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    Scientology tries to acquire young athletes for Clearwater Academy in the US.

    HT - Michael on Tony Oretega's blog:

    Google translation follows.

    Hamburg DE: Scientology tries to acquire young athletes for academy in the USA

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    18-year-old should receive "football scholarship"

    Scientology tries to acquire young athletes for academy in the USA

    According to the findings of the Hamburg constitution, the extremist Scientology organization (SO) is trying to attract young athletes from Germany for its organization in the USA. In the Hansestadt, an 18-year-old, who has been playing American Football for several years successfully, was offered a six-month language scholarship at the "Clearwater Academy International" in Florida, USA.

    The school is run by Scientology, but the user first searches for the name of the organization in vain.

    According to the Academy website, the school has licenses to use educational materials and services of the so-called "Applied Scholastics". Applied Scholastic is a sub-organization of Scientology, active in the field of education worldwide, to spread the technology of Scientologists and conceal new members. In addition, the city of Clearwater is the world's largest fortress and power center of the SO. Contacting and addressing the Hamburg sportsman took place via a headhunter, who is active on an international sports platform for the Football Premier League. About Facebook, the headhunter, who is himself a scientologist, has come to the Hamburger Sporttalent. At the same time he addressed three other young athletes from Hesse. During their stay in the US, the young men of the academy's football team should promote their sports career and be placed in Clearwater in a supposed Scientology host family. In a Facebook group, the men exchanged on the forthcoming foreign stay.

    Scientology has been trying for years on the Internet as well as on social networks , to strengthen new supporters to advertise. Due to the bad reputation, the SO is often concealed and conceived with camouflage organizations and tries to get in touch with potentially interested people through socially broadly accepted topics. In the case of the young man from Hamburg Scientology used the dream for a sports career in the USA. The young man's parents wanted to allow their son to stay in Clearwater - without knowing the connection to Scientology. The visa was applied for, the first payments were made and the discussions with the headhunter were intensified. The Hamburg family even burdened their house in order to pay the scholarship. After a television documentary about the city of Clearwater, where the city's connection to Scientology was discussed, the young Hamburgers became suspicious and confronted his headhunters on the phone openly with his suspicion. The headhunter said that he was himself a Scientologist and the school was based on the technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology Founder). The athlete then broke off the contact and the family turned to the Scientology Advisory Board of the State Office for Constitutional Protection Hamburg.

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