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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Leland, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    I knew when this Cult TV thing started, there would be lots of new threads....

    So, I wanted to start one about the technology aspect of what this new "TV Org?".....called Scientology Media saying about this delivery method.

    Please if you have more info on this being an actual new "org" away.

    Anyway....I want to say a few things about this "TV."

    I just watched a bit of the Cult web page about the launch of this thing, Scientology Media Productions...and the announcer mentions "Broadcasting."

    So I want to clarify this and say....Scientology TV is NOT Broadcasted!

    Also on another Cult Web page they say in big letters...."Network."

    So I want to clarify this and say....Scientology TV is NOT a "network..."

    As usual, the Cult is playing fast and loose with what words mean.

    I guess there are close to 300 million people in the USA about now...all 300 million of them could pick up a Broadcasted TV show, ( for free ) with a modern TV and an antenna. The Federal Government requires TV Network Broadcasters to BROADCAST an over the air, signal.....for free. These are modern digital signals.

    Scientology TV, ( no matter what they say in their info ) is not distributed this way.

    Scientology TV is a signal fed to Direct TV and they beam it down to satellite dishes on a pay as you go, subscription basis..

    Direct TV has only 21 million subscribers.

    There is a HUGE difference in potential audience sizes. 300 million compared 20 Million....

    Network Broadcast TV and Direct TV are two entirely different things...

    Yes, it is true, unfortunately, Satellite TV is called "Satellite Broadcasted," but that is entirely different from the tradition concept of Broadcasted TV.

    Well....that will do for starters.

    I guess next up is Internet video streams. I'm not much up on that....Web Streaming. But again, one has to pay for it, via Cable subscription....or ones Data Rate on their cell phone.
  2. Churchill

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    “My name is Len Zinberg, and I’m an ex-Scientologist” Is a straightforward and simple declarative statement of fact.
    The reader is free to test the veracity of claim contained in that statement.
    I expected Scientology TV to be filled with inspirational anecdotes under the guise of “data.” I was prepared for that, but what actually is broadcast is one or two steps removed. It’s actually fiction being marketed as fact.
    Visiting Scientology TV, I watched and listened as one actor after another did these little vignettes designed to explain Scientology.
    The actors told me about how Scientology helped them communicate better, and solve various problems. They make Scientology sound wonderful and helpful. If I forgot for a moment that theses were actors, I could feel myself being drawn in.
    Alas, there was one small problem; none of it was real. Don’t get me wrong. The acting was good...well, it was passable. But after watching, I realized I’d been exposed to a variety of claims being made by actors pretending to be people with problems that other actors pretending to be Scientologists had helped resolve. Scientology is selling fantasy as fact, and that’s even BEFORE you learn about Xenu! It’s impossible to test claims made by actors, I’m sorry to say.

    Remember when they used to put a lab coat on an actor and he’d say something like, “4 out of 5 doctors prefer Lucky Strike cigarettes.”
    Well, they’re baaaack!
  3. guRl

    guRl Patron with Honors

    Hold the phone... Scientology is NOT for free???

    Sorry, had to :roflmao:

    Thank you Leland, this information is important to put this "channel" in the correct proportions :clap:
  4. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Direct TV (from what I’ve been told) has many religious channels, and lots of infomercials...

    I always figured they got most of their business from immigrants.... Vietnamese watching Vietnam TV, Taiwanese watching taiwan tv, etc....and foreign soccer and rugby games....
  5. triumph

    triumph Patron Meritorious

    they have so much talent to draw from

    Stacy Francis Is a celebrity Ambulance chaser...awhile back a very preggers Stacy appeared on a Cable reality show Beverly hills Fabulous,and sobbed to the hairdresser... that the child she was carrying was not her husbands...and that she had an affair...

    that affair was with LA Mega Church pastor Noel Jones...singer Grace Jones brother...and produced a daughter Anastasia Noel Jones

    then her breakdown "sobbing" act I'm a struggling single mother act for Simon Cowell

    a short time later there was Variety Story...with Grant Cardone... where he was pitching the Whitney Houston Story in it he suggested Stacy Francis would play the title role...

    short time later Stacy was stalking Whitney..

    the only singing gigs she could get were singing for Louis Farrakhan...and an occasional Org tour...

    these days the only gigs she gets are Reality Show Crazy Woman..

    she hit up her facebook followers with a Watch Scientology TV shtick
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